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Ragamuffin Vs Ragdoll: Which Is Better?

ragamuffin vs ragdoll

Ragamuffin Vs Ragdoll has created a great deal of confusion in the cat community since both these breeds came into existence in the 1960s. The confusion is quite apparent because of the similarities both these breeds possess. However, a few unique traits about Ragamuffin and Ragdoll cats make them different from each other.

The main point of difference between Ragamuffin vs ragdoll cats is their appearance. They do not differ from each other regarding innate qualities and personality traits. They differ in coat colors, patterns, eye colors, eye shapes, and their eagerness toward training and physical exercise. They are similar in being giant, fluffy, beautiful, social, and indoor cats. In this post today, we will learn more about the differences between Ragamuffin vs Ragdoll cats.

Ragamuffin Vs Ragdoll: Differences

Ragamuffin Vs Ragdoll Differences


Ragamuffins are believed to be descendants of ragdoll cats. In 1960 Ann Baker originated the ragdoll species with her cat Josephine, a Persian. This is how ragdoll cats came into existence. Whereas ragdoll cats were officially defined as blue-eyed, color-pointed, bi-colored, and social cats, this definition was not precise enough for many other cats with the same personality as ragdoll cats.

Hence, many other breeders around the 1960s started developing their ragdoll cats, hoping that their cats would be a part of the ragdoll species. Nevertheless, mating with other breeds did not satisfy the original definition of ragdoll cats. Ragamuffins were created by breeding ragdoll cats with other breeds like Turkish, Himalayans, etc. Hence, the ragamuffin species came into existence due to ragdoll cats.

Coat Colors And Patterns:

Six colors—seal, blue, chocolate, lilac, flame, and cream—are available for ragdoll cats. They also feature “points” that resemble the patterns on Siamese cats. Point coloration describes a Ragdoll’s darker-colored feet, claws, temples, mouth, and tail than the base of its body. They can only have bicolor, colorpoint, or mitted coats, with certain varieties of lynx and tortie.

Despite sharing the same long-haired coat and frilled tail as the other breeds, Ragamuffin vs ragdoll cats shares a difference in tangles’ intensity. Ragamuffins tend to tangle less. Their coats come in a wide range of standard and patterned colors. They include colors like chestnut, lavender, red, brown, black, and silver, tabby, smoke, and tuxedo, along with colors and patterns of a ragdoll cat.

Eye Color And Shape:

Both species are renowned for their large, beautiful eyes. However, there are some distinctions between Ragamuffin vs ragdoll cats in terms of eye color and shape. The eyes of a Ragamuffin can be any hue, unlike the blue eyes of a regular Ragdoll cat. Ragamuffin cats can have a wide range of eye colors, including unusual ones and a rounder shape similar to walnuts.

Sometimes they have two different colors in both eyes. For a long time, people believed them to be Ragdolls. In 1994, these kitties were designated as a distinct species. As opposed to the Ragdoll cat’s ellipsed eyes, the Ragamuffin has rounder, walnut-shaped eyes.


If you wish to acquire one as a pet, you can’t go wrong because both species are renowned for being exceedingly calm and friendly. The Ragdoll cat breed got its moniker because one of its most recognizable traits is that it goes limp when lifted. Even though the Ragamuffin is comparable to the Ragdoll cat, it lacks this trait. The difference between Ragamuffin vs ragdoll cats is this.

In addition to its endearing characteristics, the Ragamuffin is unique among felines since it is adaptable to changes in its habit and way of life. A significant difference between Ragamuffin vs ragdoll temperaments is that ragdoll cats are slightly more independent. Ragamuffin cats require lots of pampering and affection. In contrast, a common characteristic is that you cannot leave either of them at home alone for long hours.

Ragamuffin Vs Ragdoll Cats: Which Is Best For Me?

Ragamuffin Vs Ragdoll Cats: Which Is Best For Me?

This is something that is entirely up to you to decide. While Ragamuffin vs ragdoll cat primarily differs in appearance, there is particular grooming and maintenance difference that could make your choice easier. Since ragamuffins are less prone to tangles and knots in their hair, they require slightly less grooming.

Nevertheless, it is not like ragdoll cats are high maintenance. Every cat requires basic grooming needs. Ragdoll cats do not ask for more than that. While a ragdoll requires brushing twice a week, a ragamuffin can do fine with once-a-week brushing. This is a significant grooming difference between Ragamuffin vs ragdoll cats.

Ultimately it is up to you to decide which breed you want, what color you want, the coat pattern you want, and the time you can give to your cat.

Ragamuffin Vs Ragdoll Cats:

Ragamuffin Vs Ragdoll Cats comparison table
BasisRagamuffin CatRagdoll Cat
Coat ColorsAvailable in a variety of unlimited coat colors. Available in 6 coat colors: blue, seal, lilac, cream, red, and chocolate.
Coat PatternsNo limit to patterns available. It can take tabby, lynx, tortoiseshell any pattern. There exist three patterns officially: color points, bi-colored and mitted.
Eye ColorNo restriction on eye colors.Blue eyes
Eye shapeWalnut shapedOval shaped

FAQs on Ragamuffin Vs Ragdoll

What two breeds make a Ragamuffin?

When ragdoll cats are mated with Turkish Angoras, Himalayan Cats, Persian cats, and other long-haired cats, a ragamuffin cat is reproduced.

Do all ragamuffins have blue eyes?

Ragamuffins can have blue eyes, but like ragdoll cats, they are not restricted to blue-colored eyes. They can take a wide variety of eye colors.

What is the difference between Ragamuffin vs ragdoll price?

Ragdoll cats are more expensive than ragamuffin cats. Ragdoll cats’ price range from 600 USD to 2500 USD. While Ragamuffin is slightly cheaper in the range of 500 USD to 1500 USD, depending on various factors.

Final Thoughts:

Ragamuffin vs ragdoll cats might have slight differences physically in appearance. Nevertheless, having either of them will not make you less happy. They are both adorable cats with dazzling personalities. They are family perfect and loyal to their owners. They want compassion and will give you nothing but love.