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Birman Vs Ragdoll Cats: Are They Different?

birman vs ragdoll

When looked at separately, the Birman cat and ragdoll cat seem similar. Nevertheless, for cat lovers, the choice of Birman vs ragdoll cats has been difficult for centuries. Some people might mistake Birman cats for Ragdoll cats or vice versa, but it is an honest mistake to do so at first glance.

Both these species have long hairy, bicolored, pointed coats and blue eyes. Birman and Ragdoll cats are, in fact, more comparable than different, both in terms of looks and temperament. This often reduces your decision between Birman vs Ragdoll cats to a matter of basic taste. To choose which species of cat is a superior choice for you as a pet, you need to be aware of the critical distinctions and commonalities between these two beautiful cat breeds. However, there are some noticeable distinctions between them. Therefore this post today aims to provide you with the differences between Birman vs Ragdoll cats.

Birman Vs Ragdoll Cats: Differences

Birman vs Ragdoll cats’ most considerable distinctions are their personality, grooming needs, and outward appearance. It can be challenging to decide between a Birman cat and a Ragdoll cat because both breeds are adorable and make excellent companions.

In contrast to the Birman’s intermediate length, ragdolls are enormous. The Birman needs less maintenance and sheds less. Although the Ragdoll is frequently delighted to be patted and coddled for a longer period of time, they are both calm and loving.

Here is a clear distinction between Birman vs Ragdoll cats.


birman cat
birman cat

Birmans and Ragdolls cats are born white, and as they age, around two to four years, they begin to grow their color patterns. Birman cats have various hues, including seal, blue, chocolate, lilac, cream, and red, and have a pointed pattern on their coat. The same colors as Birmans are also available for the pointed jackets of ragdolls.

When you compare an aged Birman vs Ragdoll cat, you’ll see that the Ragdoll has a white chin and the Birman does not. Consequently, the Birman will have a colorful chin. Ragdolls’ four distinct marking designs are colorpoint, mitted, lynx, and bicolor. Birman, meanwhile, only has one pattern pointed.

Birman vs ragdoll cats differ excessively in their size as well. Ragdoll cats are one of the largest domestic cat species. Mature male Ragdolls weigh 15 to 20 pounds, compared to the 8 to 15 pounds of adult female Ragdolls. These cats grow to their full height over four years and stand between 17 and 21 inches tall. Ragdolls have more muscular bodies than Birmans, too.


Both cats have a strong fondness for people. Nevertheless, the personalities of Briman vs ragdoll cats have specific differences.

One of their favorite pastimes is randomly chasing their owners from room to room across the house. They enjoy being close to people and are pleased to purr when lying on a lap or close to someone’s feet. Birmans are great for single people, couples, and households with young children because of their consistently kind, easygoing, and even dispositions. These cats are calm house cats, yet they are still relatively active.

The name of this cat breed refers to how it tends to flop around when picked up. It should be evident that these kitties adore cuddling! Ragdoll cats, compared to birman cats, are docile. When someone lifts them, they fall like a rag dolls. Although unsurprisingly, these beautiful cats also like their owners and other cats. Their favorite activity is relaxation. Ragdoll cats adore both people and, strangely enough, other cats. They make a terrific choice for families with kids because they are patient with small toddlers.


Both cats require grooming, although contrary to popular belief, these breeds require only minimal maintenance. Even though Birman vs Ragdoll are hairy cats, their absence of an undercoat means that their coats are less prone to tangle and mat. You will still need to comb these cats twice a week to remove extra loose fur. During the shedding seasons, increase your combing.

Birmans are simpler to brush than Ragdolls in terms of cat grooming in the battle of Birman vs ragdoll cats because they are shorter and have a lighter coat. The Ragdoll cat can lose a lot, and because of its lengthy, wavy curls, shedding may seem worse than it is.

Other than brushing, maintaining both the cats require the same nutrition, space, check-ups, etc.

Should I Get A Birman Or Ragdoll?

Should I Get A Birman Or Ragdoll?
Should I Get A Birman Or Ragdoll?

The extent of your living area, the other pets you share it with, or some other important element may determine which cat is best for you. Whether a cat would make a fantastic pet for your lifestyle depends entirely on your unique preferences.

The Ragdoll requires more maintenance in terms of cleaning and picking up shed fur because it is a giant cat. Both cats get along well with people, but the ultra-friendly Ragdoll is more well-liked by other animals. If you’re having trouble deciding between adopting a Ragdoll or Birman, think about acquiring one. These cats enjoy each other’s company.

Birman Vs Ragdoll:

Birman Vs Ragdoll who is better
Credits: 랙돌열한스푼
PatternAvailable only in the pointed pattern.Have four distinct patterns: pointed, bi-colored, mitted, and lynx.
ChinColorful chin.Purely white chin.
SizeRelatively smaller in size.Ragdoll cats are larger than Birman.
SheddingShed slightly less than ragdolls.Shed heavily.

FAQs on Birman vs Ragdoll

Which is better, Birman or Ragdoll?

Birman vs Ragdoll cats, on the ground of which is better depends upon your lifestyle, needs, budget, and everything else. Both the cats are friendly, jolly, and equally easy to maintain. Ragdoll might shed slightly more than Birman.

What is the Birman vs Ragdoll price difference?

Birman and ragdoll cats’ prices might vary according to your needs and the region you live in, along with the cat’s age and health conditions. Generally, Birman cats cost in the range of 1000-1700 USD. Ragdolls cost between the coverage of 1000-2500 USD.

Is a Ragdoll bigger than a Birman?

Yes, based on size, Birman vs ragdoll cat, Ragdoll will win. Ragdoll cats are larger than Birman on average.

Final Thoughts:

The choice of Birman vs ragdoll cats has been difficult for many cat lovers. They have many similarities, but there are many differences between the two species. Birman vs Ragdoll, who is better for you is up to you to decide whether it will be feasible for you to manage your lifestyle and a pet together.