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How Long Do Ragdoll Cats Live? Answered!

how long do ragdoll cats live

Ragdoll cats are a pretty new cat species and are still in their experimental phase. There is much to discover about ragdoll cats yet. Some owners are still confused as to how long do ragdoll cats live. With their unique personality and beautiful, snuggly coat, every owner wants them to stick around for a long time.

Ragdoll cats generally live for a range of 15 to 25 years. This entirely depends on factors like age, health conditions, breeders, heredity, habitat, nutrition, and even the age at which you adopted the cat. Although their size and striking coloration and patterns initially draw people to this species, their easygoing nature makes them a fantastic companion for a wide range of people.

When estimating how long your cat will live, there are a few factors to consider. Knowing how long do ragdoll cats live can help you ensure that you give them the nutrition and care it needs for at least 15 years. Because you will need to prepare emotionally if your cat passes away, you should be aware of their typical lifespan. Hence we have dedicated this article to the lifespan of your ragdoll cat.

How Long Do Ragdoll Cats Live?

A Ragdoll Cat’s median lifespan is reasonably long for a cat breed, significantly increasing its appeal. Ragdoll cats live more than the typical indoor household cat. Cats typically live between 12 and 15 years, according to the ASPCA and other well-known cat groups. However, ragdolls typically live for 15+ years, and 20 isn’t unprecedented.

Ragdolls have a life expectancy of 15 to 25 years. But anticipate that they will reside at the upper end of this spectrum. Various variables can influence a cat’s longevity, and ragdolls are no exception. A ragdoll cat’s lifespan can significantly impact its nutrition and medical care.

With proper care and nutrition, some cats have lived more than just 25 years. Hence, if you provide a healthy lifestyle to your cat, you will just be promising it a prosperous, long life.

Factors Affecting How Long Do Ragdoll Cats Live

Factors Affecting How Long Do Ragdoll Cats Live

There is a lot of research on how many factors could affect your answer to how long do ragdoll cats live. Therefore, we cannot just say that your ragdoll will live up to 15 years. Various things could increase it or decrease it.


The type of food a cat consumes will significantly affect how much it survives. An unbalanced diet based on unsuitable or scant food will shorten the cat’s life span, but a correct diet provides the cat the best chance to live as long as possible.

A ragdoll cat is a predatory animal and therefore requires a protein-rich diet with a combination of both wet and dry food. Especially in their growing phase, they need more than just sufficient food. But you must be careful not to overfeed it. Overfeeding might cause obesity and health issues related to it. This will reduce your answer to how long do ragdoll cats live.


Ragdoll Lifestyle
Credits: Bowie The Ragdoll Cat

Your cat will live longer if it leads an active lifestyle and gives lots of exercise because doing so will maintain its well-being. A cat requires training and physical activity to keep it away from obesity. Ragdoll cat being a fluffy cat, is exposed to the risk of being obese much more than other cats.

Therefore it is always suggested to provide your cat with at least two sessions of 30 minutes each daily to maintain its overall health. This will only prolong their lifespan. On the other side, a sedentary existence devoid of exercise will put it at risk for significant health problems and, ultimately, shorten its life span.


Stress is a significant factor affecting the lifespan of all your pets. Similar to humans, stress is detrimental to your pet’s life so much so that it could reduce the answer to how long do ragdoll cats live. If your cat is living in a stressful environment, for instance, in the presence of another dominant pet or where it is not provided enough care and compassion as it requires, it might reduce how long ragdoll cats live.

Hence we suggest not compromising on providing your ragdoll cat with a friendly, care-giving, and compassionate environment. Your ragdoll cat will love it and trust you. They require love. Now and then, pat them, let them sleep on your lap, snuggle them, and show them your passion for increasing your answer to how long do ragdoll cats live.

Grooming And Health Check-Ups

Grooming And Health Check-Ups for ragdoll cat

Your ragdoll cat requires regular proper grooming and regular appointments with the vet. Grooming includes brushing their coat twice weekly, clipping their toenails, cleaning their ears and eyes, bathing them once every month, and checking for any symptoms of potential disease in your ragdoll cat.

While grooming is an essential part of a quick health check-up of your ragdoll cat, if you want the answer to how long do ragdoll cats live to be more than 15 years, you need to visit the doctor regularly.

FAQs on How Long Do Ragdoll Cats Live

Is 10 old for a Ragdoll cat?

Mostly ragdoll cats live up to 20 years. Therefore, 10 years is not old for a ragdoll cat, but it depends on how much care you have taken. It will also depend on the age you have adopted your ragdoll cat. In that case, the answer to how long do ragdoll cats live could differ.

How long do indoor Ragdoll cats live?

The answer to how long do ragdoll cats live does not matter on whether your cat is an indoor or outdoor cat until or unless mishaps like accidents are taken into consideration. Your indoor and outdoor ragdoll cat will live for an average of 18 years.

How long do female ragdoll cats live?

They live up to 15 years of age on average. Again gender does not influence the lifespan. A male ragdoll also lives up to 15 years of age.

Final Thoughts:

With this, we have answered the question of how long do ragdoll cats live. If given a proper, protein-rich diet with a stressful habitat, Ragdoll cats could live up to 25 years or more. Hence, we recommend taking your ragdoll cat to regular check-ups and grooming it well if you want it to live a long life.