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The Ideal Average Weight Of A Ragdoll Cat!

average weight of a ragdoll cat

In addition to being one of the largest cat species, ragdoll cats are recognized for their laid-back nature and friendliness. Size is possibly this breed’s second most alluring and adored quality, behind its good disposition. But what is the average weight of a ragdoll cat?

Ragdoll cats are usually anywhere between giant and medium-sized cats. A ragdoll cat’s average weight is 10 to 20 pounds. While females should weigh between 10 and 15 pounds, the average weight of a ragdoll cat male can go up to 20 pounds. They are large, longhaired cats with subdued dispositions. Like other cats, they like spending time in the sun. They complete their real growth and development in 4 years. With their lazy characteristic and vulnerable eating habits, they could be subjected to overeating hence being overweight. Therefore, keeping the average weight of a ragdoll cat in check is necessary. Today’s post will lighten the average weight of a ragdoll cat.

What Is The Average Weight Of A Ragdoll Cat?

What Is The Average Weight Of A Ragdoll Cat?

The most stunning and attractive cats with dazzling blue eyes are ragdolls. Its size causes its cuddly characteristics. The average weight of a ragdoll cat could be influenced by various factors, including what you feed them, their genetics, underlying medical issues, and many others.

A well-grown cat with a well-balanced diet typically measures 17 to 21 inches in total length, weighs 8 to 20 pounds, and lives 15 to 17 years or longer. The size of the ragdoll kitten begins to vary after a year and a half. The ragdoll kitten’s height and weight begin to differ dramatically as soon as it reaches the threshold.

At 9 weeks old, a Ragdoll kitten’s weight will likely range from 1 pound, 10 ounces to 2 pounds, 5 ounces. This increased to somewhere between 3 and 4 pounds by the 12-week mark. Remember that not all ragdoll cats are the same. They all have unique genetic mutations. As a result, while some kittens may grow adequately, it may take some time for some of them to fully mature.

The average weight of a ragdoll cat may also vary depending on these factors. Some cats may weigh more than the typical ragdoll cat. These cats are obese or overweight. Heart conditions like HCM, which are frequent in ragdoll cats, are more likely to affect these cats.

Being overweight is the worst thing that could happen to your ragdoll cat. While some owners want their cats to grow healthy and fluffy, food intake is always limited. Do not feed more than 4 times daily in small quantities of dry and wet foods rich in protein. Let us take a look into what can make your cat being obese.

Average Weight Of A Ragdoll Cat: Being Overweight

Ragdoll Cat Being Overweight

Ragdoll cats are at more risk of being overweight, having weight more than the desired average weight of a ragdoll cat. Here are a few factors that could lead to your ragdoll cat being fat.


If the diet of a ragdoll cat is filled with dry food of their choice, consisting of more carbs and fats than required by a ragdoll, your cat is bound to be overweight. It might be hard to resist those innocent blue eyes of your ragdoll and deny it the food it wants, but it is a necessary step to take for their well-being.


Some ragdoll cats tend to be overweight naturally due to their genetics. This implies the parents of a ragdoll cat could be the reason they are overweight. If one parent tends to have a snuggly and fluffy physique, chances are that your ragdoll will have that too, leading to being overweight due to hereditary.


Your cat might be too lazy and lacks physical exercise and training in its daily routine. Adopting a ragdoll cat is responsible for providing them with daily exercise. It is suggested that an owner should give their ragdoll cats a 30 minutes session twice every day to keep their cats physical and mental well-being in check.

Carb Addiction

Like humans, your cat can be easily addicted to carbohydrates too. Giving your cat dry kibble is the reason behind this addiction. While dry kibble is an essential source of protein, feeding everything in moderation is the key. Do not feed your cat too much dry food.

Average Weight Of A Ragdoll Cat: Being Underweight

Being Underweighted Ragdoll cat

While having an underweight ragdoll cat that is a cat whose weight is significantly below the average weight of a ragdoll cat is a statistical improbability, they can still exist. The main reason behind the underweight cat is ragdoll health issues.

Your cat might have developed a disease like HCM or PKD, or they might have an inherent illness. They can also develop infections or allergies that might reduce their appetite and weight at the same time. Therefore, if you observe your cat losing weight abruptly, we recommend seeking the advice of a professional vet.

FAQs on Average Weight of a Ragdoll Cat

What is the average weight of a 1-year-old ragdoll cat?

It is between 4.5 kgs to 9 kgs, depending on the health conditions, diet, genetics, physical activity, and age of your ragdoll cat.

What is the average weight of a ragdoll cat kg?

The average weight of a ragdoll cat in kg for a female is 6 kgs and for a male ragdoll cat is approximately 9 kgs.

How to control your ragdoll cat’s weight?

You can control your ragdoll cat’s weight by keeping a check on its diet, providing it with its daily physical exercise, taking it to regular check-ups, and loving it unconditionally.

How much should a 3-month-old ragdoll kitten weigh?

As said earlier, a 12-week-old or 3-month-old ragdoll kitten should weigh around 3 to 5 pounds.

Final Thoughts:

The average weight of a ragdoll cat should be between 10 to 20 pounds and not more tha that. The ragdoll cats tend to be overweight due to an unbalanced diet and lack of exercise. Hence if you want your ragdoll cat to live a long healthy life, you should keep the average weight of your ragdoll cat in check.