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The Cream Point Ragdoll: Is It Rare?

cream point ragdoll

Ragdoll cats are recognized to come in 6 colors, officially. They are blue, seal, lilac, flame, cream, and chocolate. Among these colors, the most common ragdoll colors are seal and blue. The most uncommon being lilac and cream point ragdoll.

Ragdoll cat has four officially recognized patterns, too, namely, pointed, bi-colored, mitted, and lynx. A cream color ragdoll comes in all 4 designs. However, the most common among them is the cream point ragdoll. A cream point ragdoll cat has a milky white body, with shades of light ivory or pinkish-cream color points in the regions of ears, mouth, head, and paws. They are similar to a flame point ragdoll but in a lighter shade. The cream point ragdoll is characterized by all the other traits innate to ragdoll cats; they have blue eyes and pointed patterns and are highly social and somewhat docile. Today in this post, we will look deep into the cream point ragdoll cat.

What Is A Cream Point Ragdoll?

What Is A Cream Point Ragdoll?
Credits: Pearl’s Ragdolls

The Flame or Red Ragdoll is diluted to create the Cream Point Ragdoll. This Ragdoll’s color points range from a bright buffy beige to a faint reddish creamy. Milky white makes up its body, and any coloring will appear in the same shade as the points. The foot padding and nose leather will be a fleshy coastal pink color.

The cat’s endpoints are referred to as its “points.” A cream color-pointed Ragdoll’s cheeks, ears, toes, and tail will all be light ivory or cream color. The eyes of a cream point Ragdoll cat will always remain blue. All these features officially make a cream point Ragdoll a standard ragdoll breed.

Because the cream is a diluted version of red, breeders who desire a tint of cream point Ragdoll kitties must be pickier about the cats they mate. A Ragdoll kitten is born white, although these ragdolls have reddish cream color points.

After about 10 weeks, the color will begin to grow; however, it may not be fully mature until a cat is around 4 to 5 years old. The color starts to emerge in the points of cream point Ragdolls, who retain their white coat. Depending on its pattern, a cream point Ragdoll cat may display as a colorpoint, bicolor, or mitted cat.

There is not much difference between a cream point ragdoll with different patterns. A bi-colored cream color-point Ragdoll will show an inverted V mark on its forehead, while one will find a belly stripe on a mitted cream point ragdoll.

How To Take Care Of A Cream Point Ragdoll?

A cream point ragdoll being a part of the ragdoll community requires nothing more than essential ragdoll maintenance. Daily exercise, training, proper nutrition, and grooming are the primary requisites of adopting a ragdoll.


A cream point ragdoll will develop obesity if not given enough frequent activity, which is terrible. Cream point ragdolls are serene and don’t like to hop, exceptionally when high. These kittens stand apart from the rest of the cat population.

Unlike the majority of other cat breeds, they are vivacious. They have many traits in common with dogs. Like dogs, cream point ragdoll cats are faithful, but they also like to play about. They are quick to pick up techniques and possess high mental faculties.

Devote 30 minutes every day for your cream point ragdoll’s physical training to keep it from obesity and other health issues, like cardiovascular problems that come with it. These training techniques will not only build up the physical health of your cat but also sharpen the innate predatory instincts of your ragdoll cat.

Dietary Requisites:

During their growth period, your cream point ragdoll will require a diet of protein-rich meals. They need extra energy now because they are still blooming. Therefore, strive to provide a cream point ragdoll kitten with more than what a typical cat needs. Don’t overfeed the cream point ragdoll once it has grown sufficiently, though.

This adult ragdoll cat is more susceptible to obesity because of its breed. This is because they are primarily indoor cats with limited opportunities for exercise. Similar to how it damages humans, obesity is bad for your Ragdoll. They are more likely to have heart disease, gastrointestinal issues, and a curved spine. As a result, only provide your ragdoll cat with what it needs to stay healthy.

Provide your ragdolls with dry food, which is abundant in protein. Nevertheless, you don’t want your cat to depend on dry so much that it does not even like to eat wet food. Try to make your cat accustomed to both dry and wet food. Above all, consult a vet for a good nutrition guide for your ragdoll cat’s health conditions.

Grooming And Health Check-Ups:

Ragdolls have a velvet-like thick, velvety coat. To prevent knots, matting, and heavy shredding, groom your Ragdoll’s coat at least 2 times per week. A complete bath is unnecessary if the hair is combed twice weekly. You should also frequently trim their toenails and clean out their ears with a moist towel.

Another great way to look for sickness symptoms in your cat is to groom it routinely. Look for anything strange in the mouth, paws, teeth, and fangs, and check the eyes for any secretions.

Like any other pet, ragdoll cats need routine medical care. A developing or existing health problem can be detrimental to your cat’s health. Minor health issues, including digestive and gum disease, might affect ragdolls. Stay in contact with a respectable, knowledgeable veterinarian as a consequence.

Cream Point Vs. Flame Point Ragdoll:

BasisCream PointFlame point
BodyMilky WhiteCreamy White
CoatRed or light orangeCreamy or rosy pink
Nose and Paw padsCoral pinkBaby or light pink
Other referencesIt is a diluted version of flame point ragdoll catsRed ragdoll cat.

FAQs on Cream Point Ragdoll:

What is the cream point Ragdoll price?

Keeping in mind that a cream point ragdoll is a rare pure breed, it will cost more than the average ragdoll costs. You can expect it to cost around 2000 USD or more, depending on your location, breeder, or cat’s health conditions.

Is cream point Ragdoll rare?

A cream ragdoll is a rare breed. The statistical probability of reproduction resulting in this particular color type is significantly low.

Where to get cream point ragdoll kittens for sale?

You can contact your nearest breeder or go online on sites like gum tree and cats of Australia.

What is a lilac cream point ragdoll?

As the name suggests, when a lilac and cream point ragdoll is bred, we get a lilac cream point. Nevertheless, it is a rare occurrence to get these cats.

Final Thoughts:

Even though cream point ragdoll cats are uncommon, they are well worth the money to purchase one. They are gorgeous, cute, and amusing cats. You can watch them and be delighted. You only need to give them access to a nutritious lifestyle to ensure they live long and prosperous lives.