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Ragdoll Vs Siberian: 101 Facts Set Straight!

ragdoll vs siberian

Poofy kittens have a certain charm that renders them more appealing than average cats. Most cat enthusiasts probably know of or observed Ragdoll vs Siberian cats for their fluffy exterior. Notwithstanding their varied origin tales, they possess the same characteristics, making it challenging for many folks to identify the difference.

Hence it is crucial to know the difference between Ragdoll vs Siberian to adopt precisely what you need. These large and tall creatures have long hair and are beloved pets not only because of their attractive appearances but also because of their charming personality. The choice of Ragdoll vs Siberian breeds is prevalent among cat enthusiasts, making it even more challenging to select between them.

Though they’re not that alike, against the popular opinion, a family that favors the relaxed personality of Ragdoll may be too conservative to maintain the exuberant nature of a Siberian. Therefore we have drawn a comparison of Ragdoll vs Siberian cat in this post.

Ragdoll Vs Siberian: Differences

Ragdoll Cat Here

Although the Ragdoll vs Siberian cats share many resemblances and appear nearly identical, distinct differences can be utilized to distinguish the two breeds. A few have been mentioned.


Ragdoll cats are one of the more recent species to hit the sale. In fact, until the 1960s, this species did not exist. Around this period, Ann Baker, a California-based American cat breeder, founded the breed. The goal was to make a kitty that was both gorgeous and loving. Unlike ragdolls, Siberian cats are more of an ancient breed.

The original Siberian cats are thought to have been developed when indoor cats crossed with Siberian wildcats around a century or even a millennium back. According to folklore, they may also be the forefather of all native long-haired species. These cats spontaneously grew and originated in Siberia’s wilderness, which is why they are known as Siberian cats.


The Ragdoll has a pleasing appearance. It has a large, muscular body covered in silky, soft, medium to long hair. Ragdolls come in various colors, including red, brown, and white, and their dilutions. The exterior of this cat is smoother in color than the paws, ear, mouth, and ears, as it is a pointed color breed.

Ragdoll cats get their moniker from their laid-back demeanor. They’re so calm that when you take them up, they’ll go slack and settle into your grasp with no complaint or urge to escape. They’re one of the most massive domesticated cat breeds, with males weighing 15–20 pounds and females weighing 10–15 pounds.

Families with or without toddlers will find Ragdolls and Siberians to be gregarious and friendly partners. The Siberian cats have retained their predecessors’ thick, water-resistant three-layer fur in a variety of bold, rich hues ranging from tortoiseshell to tabby to clean white and patterning. In a comparison of Ragdoll vs Siberian size, Ragdoll wins it by a slight margin since it grows slightly bigger than Siberian cats.

While it’s relatively not that thick in the summer, it needs to be groomed every week to avoid clumping. Because of their large, robust, and muscular body, they are incredibly agile and effective predators. They are highly hardy due to their rugged Siberian roots.


Siberian Cat here

Ragdoll cats are well-known for their friendly and lively nature. They are silent but have a sensitive place for people and animals. In reality, the name “Ragdoll” comes from the belief that the cats are so enamored of human affection that when carried, they fall limp. They are friendly, gentle cats who are also quite intelligent.

Some Ragdolls have figured out how to collect the balls, answer their nicknames, and pay attention to their guardians. Because ragdolls do not extend their nails, they are safe to play with, particularly if you have youngsters. The Ragdoll, unlike other breeds, likes to be on the surface rather than in elevated locations. As a result, you and your children will be even safer.

Here is yet another comparison of Ragdoll vs Siberian cats. Siberian cats are more protective than other cats. Siberian cats are also noted for their challenge accepting abilities and ability to be trained. They’re a born predator with a stern demeanor that suits their environment. Many Siberian cats are currently living comfortably in the forest.

Siberian cats have been used in various ways since they were initially tamed. The governors of the churches and estates where they took shelter admired their hunting prowess. Despite their size, toughness, and capability, they are exceedingly sympathetic. Some instances in the wilderness showcased how Siberian cats, much like Ragdoll, liked cuddling. 

Ragdoll Vs Siberian: Whom To Adopt?

Ragdoll Vs Siberian whom to adopt

The comparison of Ragdoll vs Siberian was drawn to make your choice clear. Since there is not much difference between the two, the best option for you would be the cat that suits your lifestyle. Siberian cats excel at sports. With scarcely a moment’s hesitation, they’ll fling themselves after a potential target and to the highest level of your cupboard.

They’re the type of cat that will cuddle up close to you, but they’re also the type who are restless. The Ragdoll is a terrific buddy if you spend a lot of time alone and are always ready to snuggle. When infections are an issue, Ragdoll vs Siberian comparison holds no point since they are both hypoallergenic cats, the former due to their coat and the latter due to their saliva.

Along with that, one must be informed that Siberian wins the war of Ragdoll vs Siberian shedding. It sheds much more than a ragdoll, and hence if you want to avoid such a thing, you might want to choose a ragdoll.

Ragdoll Vs Siberian Cats:

BasisRagdoll CatsSiberian Cats
PriceRagdoll cats are relatively less expensive, from 1200 to 2500 USD. They range from 1800 to 4000 USD depending on the region, preferences, health, etc.
HistoryA very recent breed was produced in the 1960s. They have been in existence for more than 1000 years now.
Energy levelsRagdolls prefer to rest and sleep than play. Their territorial nature makes them more active and enthusiastic compared to ragdoll cats.
Climate enduranceCannot endure much harsh weather due to lack of an undercoat. They are built to sustain more harsh weather.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Is a Ragdoll cat a Siberian?

Ragdoll vs Siberian cats is different in origin and some of their characteristics. It is pretty evident from the post where is the difference between the two breeds.

Do Siberian cats get along with Ragdoll cats?

Yes, they do. As said earlier, they both have calm and friendly behavior. Hence there will be no trouble in residing them in one place.

Is the Ragdoll cat the same as the Himalayan?

No ragdoll cats and Himalayan cats are not the same. They are different from each other in characteristics as well as appearances.

Final Thoughts:

With this, we come to the end of our post on Ragdoll vs Siberian cats. We have pointed out the differences between the two. However, it is ultimately your decision, whichever you want to pet. We advise you to take equal care of either for a healthy and prosperous life.