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Chocolate Mink Ragdoll: Are They Rare?

chocolate mink ragdoll

People’s most common confusion is distinguishing ragdolls from species like Siamese or Balinese Cats or a chocolate mink lynx ragdoll. In this confusion, they suspect the genetically true ragdolls as non-ragdoll species. A chocolate mink ragdoll is the purest form of the ragdoll species.

Chocolate mink ragdoll is a specific breed of Ragdoll cat that means a part of the ragdoll community. The name “Mink” does not denote a particular color or style specific to them. It’s also not even a unique group. It alludes to a lineage that dates back to the original Ragdoll cats bred by producers. The smoothness of this cat’s fur gives it the name “mink.”

In every way, the chocolate mink ragdoll is similar to a conventional ragdoll, except that its fur is considerably gentle and softer. The hue of a chocolate mink Ragdoll’s coat is also more intense than a traditional Ragdoll’s. And instead of being pure crystal blue, their eyes will be azure with a hint of gray or green. Let us learn more about chocolate mink ragdoll today.

What Is A Chocolate Mink Ragdoll?


What Is A Chocolate Mink Ragdoll?
Credits: AngelGirl Ragdolls

A Mink Ragdoll cat is descended from many of the most illustrious Ragdoll cat lineages. As SBT and TICA have established, a chocolate mink Ragdoll cat is still a genuine Ragdoll cat. Although most breeders utilize regular Ragdoll cats, a few others mix both Ragdolls and minks’ bloodlines. Particularly on a biological level, Burmese cats contributed a significant impact on the formation of the Ragdoll species.

Burmese cats are genetically predisposed to have a black coat, which gives the ragdoll species the chocolate body it has. The Mink lineage provided a blend of genetics, known as the Mink gene, which merges the pointed gene with the Burmese gene when mated to generate Ragdoll cats.


Differentiating between a standard ragdoll cat and a chocolate mink ragdoll can be difficult solely based on appearance. Nevertheless, one can always look at the coat and the texture of the coat to distinguish between the two.

While a typical ragdoll is available in many colors, like red, seal, chocolate, blue, grey, and cream, with dark points around the ears, paws, mouth, and nose, a chocolate mink ragdoll will have points that are edging towards a little dark chocolate brown and body of cream-ish ivory blend. Although it can be in any form, chocolate mink mitted ragdoll or chocolate mink colorpoint ragdoll.

It will be comparable to the original Ragdoll in height and outward impression. However, the fur on it can always be felt. Ragdolls with chocolate mink fur are softer than ordinary Ragdolls. The eyes of the chocolate mink ragdoll will be different as well, remaining blue but with a hint of green or grey.


The behavioral profile of a chocolate Mink Ragdoll is identical to that of some ordinary Ragdoll cat. Ragdoll cats are amiable, affectionate, and laid-back. They relish hanging out with their guardians and children and have a reputation for being loyal, especially when they are adequately socialized as kittens. This, along with their playful nature, earns them the title of being the dogs of the cat community. 

However, while we can offer you a sense of whatever the general temperament is like, keep in mind that all kittens are unique, and some may differ from this! Ragdolls are noted for their friendly personalities, so this might be an excellent option if you’re searching for a cat to cuddle with. They don’t do well in households isolated for lengthy periods because they thrive on human interaction.

Chocolate Mink Ragdoll Vs Traditional Ragdoll

BasisChocolate Mink RagdollTraditional Ragdoll
FurIt has a smoother coatRelative to chocolate mink, it has a hard coat
ColorBody-color is light brown, with more cream and chocolate brown points.Available in colors such as seal, cream, blue, and chocolate with dark points.
EyesBlue eyes with a touch of green or grey in them. Purely blue eyes.
VibrancyHave more vibrant and intense shades compared to traditional Ragdoll. In contrast to chocolate mink ragdoll, shades are more on the light edge.

Are Chocolate Mink Ragdoll Rare?

Are Chocolate Mink Ragdoll Rare?

Many breeders prefer not to mate Mink breeds. As a result, finding these kitties may be difficult. We cannot, however, say that they are rare. It is not impossible to have a chocolate mink ragdoll if breeders desire to breed them. We advise against believing breeders who market these cats under the guise of being exotic. No, they aren’t.

It’s only that they happen to be the breeders of that particular bloodline. These words are being used to inflate the value of their Mink cats. This could indicate that you’re dealing with a fraud breeder who prioritizes income over everything else, notably your cat’s fitness, pedigree, and disposition.

Do Chocolate Mink Ragdoll Shed?

Even though a chocolate mink ragdoll differs in the coat’s texture, they do shed like a typical ragdoll cat. Therefore they require regular grooming and brushing of the coat. It would help if you brushed the chocolate mink ragdoll cat’s fur twice a week.

If a long hair coat characterizes your cat, you can avoid frequent brushing. To keep the coat hair untangled and unknotted, one must brush them and bathe at least once a month. Ensure proper care of the coat to avoid any skin infections or diseases that could be detrimental to your cat’s health. We also advise visiting the vet regularly to get your cat inspected for any symptoms of a dangerous illness.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How much does a chocolate mink ragdoll cost?

While a ragdoll costs around 500 USD to 2000 USD, you can expect any price between this range or slightly more if you are looking specifically for this breed.

Where to buy chocolate mink ragdoll?

Online platforms like gumtree, perfect pets, and Adopting a pet can provide you with them. You can also look for online breeders near you or rescue centers.

Are minks a different breed?

Scientifically speaking, minks are purely Ragdoll in the breed. If you are looking for a difference in color or appearance, there is a slight difference between the two mentioned above.

Final Thoughts:

A chocolate mink ragdoll cat is not rare or considered some other species. It is a purely recognized part of the ragdoll species. They are chocolate in points and cream in body with slightly greenish-blue eyes, but with a ragdoll’s exact compassionate and social nature, making them a pet worthy of adoption.