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Why Do All Ragdolls Have Blue Eyes? Know Why!

do all ragdolls have blue eyes

Ragdoll cats are renowned for having distinctive traits. Its gorgeous blue eyes are one of the most noticeable features! But occasionally, even when breeders or pet owners claim to have ragdoll cats, the eyes may not always be blue. So the question might come to your mind do all ragdolls have blue eyes?

Yes is the officially sanctioned response. The eyes of every ragdoll must be blue. Purebred or genuine Ragdolls’ eyes are blue at birth and will remain that color until they are fully grown. While other ragdoll varieties, like the Mink, Sepia, or Solid, have various eye hues.

Although not as blue as a conventional Ragdoll, Mink, Sepia, and Solid Ragdolls are also capable of developing blueish eyes. The International Cat Association (TICA) describes Ragdoll cats as bi-colored, pointed, blue eyes breed. Hence, any other eye color of a ragdoll cat might be a controversial topic. In this post today, we are going to discuss why all ragdolls have blue eyes.

Do All Ragdolls Have Blue Eyes?

Do All Ragdolls Have Blue Eyes asked
do all ragdolls have blue eyes

Although solid-colored ragdoll or sepia ragdoll cats might portray the same enthusiasm and friendliness as a ragdoll, they might not be considered a part of the ragdoll community because of their eye color.

According to The International Cat Association, or TICA, all original ragdoll cats must have blue eyes. They have large, oval-shaped eyes that are shades of blue, as you shall see. Therefore to answer your question, do all ragdolls have blue eyes? Yes, they do, but that range in brightness. It means that you can tell that some cats have light blue eyes and others have royal blue eyes.

Since the species was developed in the 1960s, its eyes have been utilized as a core element as being the most unique aspect of the breed. They have large, almond-shaped eyes with a round contour. Because of the hue of the iris, the eyes are also referred to as “sapphire” eyes. They are regarded as the most attractive species of cat.

You might not know that breeders like the most intense blue eyes. When ragdoll cats are three months old, their natural eye color develops. So yes, is the answer to your question do all ragdolls have blue eyes. They are distinctive and well-liked because of this.

The eyes of half-breed Ragdolls are a different color. These shades could include golden, emerald, and blue. Mink, Sepia, and Solid Ragdolls are the names of these varieties of Ragdolls. They belong to the same species and have the same personality, but the answer to do all ragdolls have blue eyes, in this case, might be no.

Why Do All Ragdolls Have Blue Eyes?

Genuine or typical Ragdolls’ eyes are blue at conception and will remain that color till they are fully grown. Although other ragdoll varieties, like the Mink, Sepia, or Plain, have various eye hues. Therefore do all ragdolls have blue eyes, true for a genuine ragdoll breed but might not be for solid, mink, or sepia ragdolls.

The melanin in the iris is to thank for it. You may be concerned when their eyes change color as a result. While some cats’ eyes continue to be this hue, you may notice that some of them shift due to shifting in melanin.

You can see turquoise in their eyes because of how light is refracted. It implies that it is not a consequence of melanin. As a result, even though humans perceive this cat’s eye color as blue, it is not a true hue. Instead, it is a refraction of photons combined with a color deficit.

Your ragdoll cat’s eyes change color at around 6 or 7 weeks old. The melanocytes in their iris begin to produce the melanin that gives the eye its ultimate color. The amount of melanin in the iris will determine the ultimate shade and brightness. As a result, you must observe at least 6 to 7 weeks before seeing any changes in the color of your ragdoll kitten’s eyes.

What Other Eye Colors Can Ragdoll Have?

What Other Eye Colors Can Ragdoll Have?
do all ragdolls have blue eyes

As we know by now that mink, sepia, and solid color ragdolls have different eye colors than blue. Let’s see the possible colors they can have. Golden, brown, emerald, and greyish are additional Ragdoll eye hues. In the case of these ragdolls, the answer to do all ragdolls have blue eyes might be no.

Mink Ragdolls:

The eyes of mink ragdolls can be any shade of blue. They have a fluffier coat and are more luscious than the usual ones. There are occasionally cats with greenish blue eyes or blueish green eyes. They additionally have dark aqua eyes.

Sepia Ragdolls:

As the cat ages, the coat on a sepia Ragdoll becomes darker. These cats also have different eye colors than Mink or conventional ragdoll cats. A Sepia ragdoll with emerald, golden, brown, hazelnut or turquoise eyes will be visible. If you have a Sepia ragdoll, its true eye color won’t be seen until it is nine weeks old.

Solid Ragdolls:

Solid Ragdolls:

The most striking feature about these ragdoll eye colors is that they can be born with two different eye colors. Usually, they are born with green, golden, blue, and grey colors. Therefore, in the case of a solid-colored ragdoll, the answer to do all ragdolls have blue eyes becomes a controversial topic.

FAQs on Do All Ragdolls Have Blue Eyes

Do black ragdolls have blue eyes?

Black ragdoll is a solid ragdoll. They might or might not have blue eyes. They usually have golden or green eyes.

How do I know if my Ragdoll is purebred?

The official definition of a pure breed ragdoll is that they must be bi-colored, pointed cats with blue eyes. If they match these three definitions, I think you can be assured that they are pure. Nevertheless, you can always take a DNA test.

Do all purebred Ragdolls have blue eyes?

Yes, if your cat is a pure breed ragdoll cat, it will have blue eyes. If your ragdoll is a mixed breed, the color may differ.

Why does my ragdoll not have blue eyes?

There could be many reasons for it. One could be that they are not pure breed ragdoll cats. They might be a solid ragdoll or mink. It could be so that your ragdoll is in its developing stage or a kitten, then slowly it will get its blue eye color.

What is the rarest ragdoll’s eye color?

Ragdoll cats could have only one eye color as per the definition of TICA, which is blue. Therefore, there does not exist any question of rare eye color.

Final Thoughts:

This is what we have to say about do all ragdolls have blue eyes. The answer is pretty much yes. When ragdolls do not have blue eyes, they are not considered a ragdoll at all, even though the parent breed may be pure ragdolls.