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Male Vs Female Ragdoll Cat: A Comparison

male vs female ragdoll

The behavioral differences between the male and female genders of many species in the wildlife realm are usually apparent. It’s not unusual to observe the two acting in entirely different ways. The same distinctions exist between male vs female ragdoll cats.

Ragdolls are a beloved family pet for those looking for a devoted mate because of their amiable, caring, and active demeanor. However, the choice of gender is never in doubt. The distinctions are less noticeable in cats like Ragdolls in the case of genders. If you want to tell the two apart, you need to focus more on the behavior of the male and female ragdoll cats. There are noticeable physical differences between the two genders, along with behavioral differences. Today’s post will discuss the distinction between male vs female ragdoll cats. 

Male Vs Female Ragdoll Cats: Differences

Male Vs Female Ragdoll Cats: Differences

There are cute differences between the two genders of the ragdoll cat species. But the differences do not make any of the genders less desirable. For instance, male ragdoll cats are more attention seekers, ironically, compared to females. They would go to any lengths to get your attention, but that does not make females any less affectionate. They still crave attention. But it would not go too far for your attention.

Let us look into more points on male vs female ragdoll cats.

Physical Appearance

Since Ragdoll cats are typically maintained as indoor pets, male Ragdolls tend to be biologically larger than females. Therefore there comes the difference between space. Males will consequently need a larger space compared to females.

Cats with ragdoll coats grow slowly. Physical growth and maturation take time. They take, on average, 4 years to mature. The weight range for Ragdolls on a growth chart is 9 to 18 pounds. The distinction between male vs female ragdoll cats appears here. Males often weigh between 15 and 20 pounds, which is at the heavier end of the scale. Females are no more than 10 to 15 pounds.

There is not much height difference between the ragdoll male vs female size. They grow between 9 to 11 inches in height, irrespective of gender.


The popularity of this cat species is frequently fueled by its sociability. Nevertheless, there is a distinction between male vs female ragdoll cats. Ragdoll male cats are thought to be empathetic creatures.

The Ragdoll male has a tonne of spirit and enjoys playing and bouncing with family, friends, and other animals. Instead of expressing their love to many individuals, they are more inclined to develop connections with one person. Male Ragdolls tend to be more obstinate as they get older, so it’s crucial to instill positive habits in them at a young age.

In the comparison of male vs female ragdoll cats, the female Ragdoll is more self-sufficient and less reliant. Do not believe that female ragdoll are less affectionate and lovely than males. In this respect, they could be less demanding and prefer to play according to their own rules. In a comparison of male vs female ragdoll cats, she ties with the entire family more intimately than males, making her a better choice for a family pet.

There is still a close relationship between pets and owners, even though they won’t become as devoted to certain people as males. Females are more athletic than their men equivalents and frequently love climbing up to high places in the galley and exploring cabinets and beneath beds.

Taking Care

Taking Care of a Ragdoll

Ragdolls may be taught to perform various tricks to dazzle virtually anyone. But there are differences in attitude towards training between male vs female ragdoll cats. Males are highly energetic, so you may need to interact with them more than you thought. They don’t hold back and will speak up when they need anything from someone. Male Ragdolls are typically more friendly and receptive to compliments with no cat treats.

Although a female is more intelligent than her brother and less driven by applause, training her tricks may also be achievable. She may need your assistance to adjust to the training and exercise process and tolerate it. Begin training her early to become more tolerant of the grooming procedure.

Regarding grooming, there is not much difference between male vs female ragdoll cats. They both need essential grooming, like brushing twice a week, bathing once a month, regular vet check-ups, and a balanced diet. Females might need time and effort to get used to the grooming, but males love it.

Health Issues

Regarding health issues, the comparison of male vs female ragdoll cats is pointless. The health issues for ragdoll cats are shared between both genders and do not distinguish on a gender basis. Ragdolls are subjected to the risk of cardiac diseases due to obesity. They are also prone to kidney diseases, urinary system issues, and infections if not taken care of properly.

Male Vs Female Ragdoll Cats: Table

Male Vs Female Ragdoll Cats: Table
Credits: AnimalWised
BasisMale RagdollFemale
WeightIn the range of 15 to 20 pounds.In the range of 10-15 pounds.
AttentionThey need more attention than females.More independent cats and need comparatively less attention.
TrainingTraining-loving attitudeTraining-averse attitude.
Family cats?Males tend to get more attached to one person in the household than others. They are equally attached to all members of the family.

Male Vs Female Ragdoll Cats: FAQs

Is it better to get a female or male Ragdoll cat?

This entirely depends upon you. If you are looking for an active cat, attention-seeking and easy to train, male ragdoll cats are your answer. Whereas if you are looking for a less needy cat because you are out of your household often, then female ragdolls are your answer.

What is the male vs female ragdoll price?

There is usually no distinction between male vs female ragdoll cat prices. But female ragdolls tend to be expensive in certain localities. This is because they could reproduce. Apart from that, the prices also depend upon th cat’s age and health conditions.

Are female ragdolls more friendly than males?

Well, they are equally friendly, but yes, male ragdoll cats are more affectionate than females. At the same time, they crave more attention than females. Therefore, if you want affection, you must also give affection.

Can we pet both male and female ragdolls together?

It entirely depends on the individual temperament of your cats. Nevertheless, there is a high chance they will get along well.

Final Thoughts:

With this, we come to the end of our article on male vs female ragdoll cats. In the comparison, we saw that males are more attention-seeking and female cats are more independent. While male ragdoll cats are attached to one person more than another, female cats love everyone equally. But either way, they are both affectionate, loving, and friendly species worth adopting as a pet.