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Tuxedo Ragdoll Cat: Are They A Good Pet?

tuxedo ragdoll cat

Ragdoll cats are available in innumerable varieties of categories. They are bred with other cat species to get the desired cat households, like munchkin ragdolls or a ragamuffin ragdoll tuxedo cat. People usually confuse the tuxedo ragdoll cat as a mixed breed, but it is not.

A tuxedo ragdoll cat is not a species, but it is a cat. This implies a tuxedo ragdoll cat differs in appearance. Most ragdolls have a color point coat and come in light shades with slightly dark points near ears, mouth, paws, etc. A tuxedo ragdoll cat is more of a classy ragdoll cat. It is black with patches of white near the mouth, the neck, and the paws.

A tuxedo ragdoll is obtained naturally and through breeding; breeders breed them for a particular color combo. While most features are the same between the typical ragdoll and a tuxedo ragdoll, there are specific distinctions. Let us take a look at this beautiful and adorable cat.

Tuxedo Ragdoll Cat: About

Tuxedo Ragdoll Cat: About

A tuxedo ragdoll cat does not officially exist. This implies that solid black or white ragdolls are not formally regarded as ragdolls because they do not have color points or eye color. But mating these solid ragdolls will give a tuxedo ragdoll cat.


As the name suggests, a tuxedo ragdoll cat has a black and white coat. Breeders obtain this pattern by mating a white and a black ragdoll. Breeders primarily breed solid white and black ragdolls to provide pet lovers with the classy cat they want.

Like a classic ragdoll, you can expect the coat to be furry, dense, and soft. The coat hair length ranges from medium to long. They have a puffy exterior due to the absence of an undercoat. They have a unique frill of hair around their neck as well. They differ from ragdolls in eye color too. They usually have green or golden eyes.

Tuxedo cats can inherit the gene from any member of their lineage. Due to the genotype, they have a dominant gene of particular colors and a secondary hue that is barely visible on their skin. The tuxedo cat’s black and white color points are caused by a potent ancestral gene that has spawned many ragdoll tuxedo cats.

They’re not uncommon, but you’ll have a greater possibility of getting one at a local rescue if you’re seeking your own.


Ragdoll cats are recognized for their amiable, laid-back personalities. They even get along with other cats. Even though these cats are lively, especially newborns, their playfulness is delicate since they do not expand their paws. They are intelligent cats naturally trained to execute tricks with great spirit.

A tuxedo ragdoll cat has a similar personality. Nonetheless, there is a reason why most celebrities prefer these cats. This is because of their natural elegance and refined demeanor. These cats have a close attachment with their owners and are also kind to others.

A tuxedo ragdoll cat is also more intelligent and quicker than a typical cat. Along with the classy attitude, they can pick up skills faster. They reach developmental milestones far sooner than other kitties and are exceptionally bright, making them excellent companions.

Size And Weight

Size And Weight tuxedo ragdoll cat

Ragdoll cats are one of the most popular indoor cat species. These magnificent creatures are noteworthy for their size. Ragdoll cats are enormous, strongly formed, and hefty felines, measuring up to 25 pounds. Ragdolls range in height from 18 to 24 inches.

Males measure 12-20 pounds, while females weigh 8-15 pounds. Some have been reported to consider much more. Because it is a descendant of the ragdoll species, you can expect your tuxedo ragdoll cat to weigh between 12 and 15 pounds.


Ragdoll cats have a long life expectancy, ranging from 15 to 20 years. This, too, may depend on how you care for your tuxedo ragdoll cat and its genetic and medical history. We recommend following the fundamental care required for ragdoll cats if you want your cat to have a long and healthy life.

Brush your cat at least once or twice a week to clean it. Bathe your cat regularly. We also request that they be taken to frequent medical checkups. While brushing your cat, you can always check on its essential health.

Provide a healthy, protein-rich diet to your tuxedo ragdoll cat. Use canned food, which is considered better than other dry foods. However, ragdolls are often subjected to overeating and obesity, leading to various health conditions.


The elegant class of society usually buys a tuxedo ragdoll cat. However, they are not that pricey because they are pretty readily available. You can expect them to cost above 500 USD. However, this is highly contingent upon the location, region, breeder, and many other factors.

How Rare Is A Tuxedo Ragdoll Cat?

How Rare Is A Tuxedo Ragdoll Cat?

The tuxedo cat is not rare. The tuxedo gene is indeed dominant. Therefore, there is a significant probability of finding one in your nearby pet store or shelter. However, a tuxedo ragdoll can be considered rare as solid ragdolls are not considered ragdolls. Ragdolls have blue eyes, but tuxedo ragdolls might not have blue eyes even if their parental breed is a ragdoll.

A tuxedo ragdoll cat is rare, and it is essential to highlight how rich their lineage is, so you might consider them unique.

A tuxedo ragdoll cat might be one of your favorite friends if you are receptive to the spiritual dimension. They are thought to be more than regular cats with supernatural abilities. Because so many Egyptian gods are represented as cats, the ragdoll tuxedo cat was adored in ancient Egypt and is believed to connect with the immortal dimensions. 

Celebrities, including President Bill Clinton, William Shakespeare, and Sir Isaac Newton, all adopted a tuxedo ragdoll cat because they are friendly and have the elegance that suits their personalities perfectly. Many people are tempted to believe that the breed is unusual.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Can ragdolls cat be tuxedos?

This is debatable as the solid colors that are purely black and white ragdolls are not considered ragdolls officially, but they have all the other personality and coat features.

Can ragdolls be black or white?

Ragdolls are solid colors and are rare. Even if they exist, they are not considered ragdolls because of their eyes and pigment.

Where to find a tuxedo ragdoll cat for sale?

You can look for tuxedo ragdoll cats online or at your nearest pet store or shelter.

Is tuxedo ragdoll cat short hair possible?

No, it is not possible. If your ragdoll has short hair, it is probably a mixed breed.

Are tuxedo ragdoll cats cuddly?

Yes, they are. Ragdolls are friendly cats, who get attached to their owners, and feel compassionate towards them hence they like to cuddle. Nevertheless, there might be a few exceptions.

Final Thoughts:

A tuxedo ragdoll cat is not as rare as it might seem. But since it is considered rare and has a unique heritage, you should properly take care of it and groom it if you ever acquire one. You will promise your tuxedo ragdoll cat a healthy and long life with proper care and grooming.