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How To Identify A Ragdoll Cat? Know 4 Ways!

how to identify a ragdoll cat

There are so many cat species out there to adopt. One of them is the ragdoll cat species. They are fluffy, long-haired cats. Nevertheless, ragdoll cats are not the only species with such characteristics. Persian, Maine Coon, and Birman also have the same features. So how to identify a ragdoll cat?

The best answer to how to identify a ragdoll cat is its phenotype, that is, examining its physical features. But like said, the physical attributes of a ragdoll cat are similar to many other cat species. Therefore, just the physical features might not be enough to know whether your cat is a ragdoll or not. The surest way how to identify a ragdoll cat is a DNA test. One can also observe the personality and temperament of their cats and assume whether the breed is a ragdoll or not. In this post today, we will learn how to identify a ragdoll cat.

How To Identify A Ragdoll Cat: 4 Ways

How To Identify A Ragdoll Cat: 4 Ways

Charming ragdoll cats make lovely pets. They have remarkable features, a smooth coat, sparkling blue eyes, and their peaceful demeanor makes them outstanding household members. A few methods could help you answer your question about how to identify a ragdoll cat. 

Physical Traits

The best way to answer the question “how to identify a ragdoll cat” is to look into their eyes. Ragdolls have blue eyes. Some ragdolls do not have blue eyes, so whether they are a part of the ragdoll community is always questioned. According to the established ragdoll cat description, Ragdoll cats must display color points.

As a result, the cat’s body will be a softer shade of color than its color points, which include its mouth, ear, tails, and paws. They come in various colors, which include blue, flame, seal, chocolate, lilac, cream, tortie, and mink. They can be bi-color, mitted, or colorpoint patterns in coat designs. Their coat hair should be of medium to long length.

Their coat hair will also be soft and shed only during the shedding season. The shedding is also less compared to every other cat. When contrasted to other species, ragdoll cats are often rather large. While they frequently overeat and develop a larger tummy, these cats aren’t always obese. Adult males usually weigh 12 to 21 lbs, while adult females typically weigh 8 to 15 lbs.

Personality Traits

Not only are ragdoll cats renowned for their exceptional hair and stunning blue eyes. They are arguably the most well-liked cats because of their charming personalities. They get along well with others, are laid back, and are deliciously droopy. They are calm, comfortable, and animated cats.

They prefer to socialize with their owners through games like fetch and follow them around the house. Still, they typically refrain from the chaotic, dangerous behavior that other species are known for. They get along well with children and other pets. Children frequently drag their Ragdoll companion around the home. Ragdoll cats can handle such behavior. 

Breeder And Documentation

Find a way to contact reliable breeders backed by the Ragdoll cat society if you want to be confident and know how to identify a ragdoll cat. Agencies like Ragdoll Fancier Clubs, International Ragdoll Cat Association, and Ragdoll Cattery will help you identify your ragdoll cat. If your cat has any records, having them could be very helpful in determining whether it is a Ragdoll.

The cat should have a history that identifies its species and lineage if it satisfies all the category requirements. You should seek the cat’s health files if you don’t have those. Most respectable Ragdoll breeders will have proof that they are affiliated with reputable breeder organizations. These documents permit them to produce and sell recognized Ragdoll kittens and felines.

DNA Tests

The best way to identify a ragdoll cat is to take your pet for a DNA test. One could quickly contact a professional vet and organize a DNA test to know the species their cats belong to. Some cat associations provide DNA tests of their cat species online these days.

One has to register for a DNA test online. A kit will appear in their homes, and one will have to take a swap of their cat’s saliva and courier them to perform the test, and one will receive the information about their cat species online.

A vet, above all, has more experience and will be able to say more about your cat’s species and health condition than anyone else. Hence if you want to be sure and not make any assumptions merely on physical traits and personality observation, you can always contact a vet.

How To Identify A Ragdoll Cat: FAQs

Is my cat a Ragdoll or Siamese?

Siamese cats have shorter coat hair, whereas ragdoll cats have long coats. A Ragdoll’s hair is very different from a Siamese’s, even though they both have beautiful, smooth fur. Ragdolls are known for their long coats, which have a silky feel reminiscent of rabbit fur.

Do all Ragdoll cats have blue eyes?

The best way how to identify a ragdoll cat is to look at its eyes. A ragdoll cat breed definition is a bi-color, color-pointed, blue-eyed cat. Hence, blue eyes are a necessity for a ragdoll cat. There are ragdoll cats without blue eyes, but being a part of the ragdoll community is always controversial.

How do I know if my cat is a Ragdoll or Himalayan?

A Ragdoll features an elliptical face, trapezoidal ears, and a standard size skull. The mouth and eyes of the Himalayan are more rounded. A Himalayan Cat will have kind of a flat face. The Himalayan has small, fat limbs and heavy bones.

How to tell if a ragdoll cat is pregnant?

A few common signs of a pregnant ragdoll are:
– Sudden weight gain.
– Swollen nipples
– Extended belly

How to find a missing ragdoll cat?

To find a missing ragdoll cat, spread the word on social media and locality. Look for potential places your act can go. If you find an abandoned cat look for signs as in points, color, etc., to confirm whether it is your ragdoll.

How to tell if ragdoll cat is overweight?

In order to know how to identify a ragdoll cat being overweight, check your cat’s weight; it is overweight if it’s over 20 pounds. You can try feeling its ribs; if you do not feel any, your cat is obese.

How to register a ragdoll cat kitten?

The easiest way to register a ragdoll cat kitten is to contact a breeder or a rescue shelter.

Final Thoughts:

With this, we come to the end of our post on how to identify a ragdoll cat. The best way to identify a ragdoll cat is to go for a DNA test if official papers on the specific cat are unavailable. One could quickly look at their physical features and personality and make a particular assumption about their cat breed.