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Seal Bicolor Ragdoll: Should I Adopt Them?

seal bicolor ragdoll

Seal bicolor ragdoll cat is the most common ragdoll color one will find. However, they are available in all the patterns possible in a ragdoll cat breed. A seal bicolor ragdoll cat is not different from a standard ragdoll cat when it comes to personality. They are separate only in appearance.

A ragdoll cat is defined as a cat species with color points, a bi-color pattern, and blue eyes. They are known for their fluffy coat, giant size, and shimmering blue eyes, enough to melt people’s hearts at one look. Ragdoll cats have pleasant, friendly, compassionate, and trustworthy personalities. They can also be trusted in a house with toddlers. They are also low maintenance. Nevertheless, they can be emotionally demanding. You cannot leave them alone in a home. If you are going to leave your house for an extended period, then it is probably a bad idea to pet a ragdoll. A seal bicolor ragdoll cat has the same characteristics. In this article, we will learn more about seal bicolor ragdoll cats.

What Is A Seal Bicolor Ragdoll Cat?

Bicolor is just another pattern among color pointed, mitted, lynx, and tortoiseshell patterns of ragdoll cat coat color. The face of a Bicolor Ragdoll is marked with a reversed, symmetrical V mark. A Bicolor Ragdoll can only have color on its ears, tails, face, and back region. They weigh around 10 to 20 pounds.

As a result, a seal bicolor ragdoll color progression is dark brown seal coloring on its ears, tail, and half of its face. Its chin, chest, and underbelly region are entirely white, as are its legs and feet. The Seal Bicolor Ragdoll will typically have pink nose leather and foot pads. They have blue eyes and vibrant personalities.

The seal bicolor ragdoll cat has dark brown patches on its back and is not precisely seal-colored all over the body. The seal color is of varied shades. They are incredibly fluffy, snuggly, and compassionate. They demand equal love and care from their owners. They are born white no matter what they develop their colors into.

What Is The Seal Bicolor Ragdoll Cat Price?

What Is The Seal Bicolor Ragdoll Cat Price?
Credits: Ragdolls vom Werbellinsee

The seal bicolor ragdoll cat ranges from 500 USD to 2000 USD. The price of a seal bicolor ragdoll cat will depend on the region you were born in, the breeder you want, and the prevailing price in the locality. The price will also depend on the cat’s age, health conditions, and linage. The color pattern will also matter on their fur. For instance, a standard seal bicolor might have a different price than a seal bicolor mink ragdoll.

If your seal bicolor ragdoll cat has a history of being sick or is an abandoned cat, it might cost you relatively less. Many rescue shelters provide seal bicolor ragdoll cats for adoption at cheap rates. You can get a seal bicolor ragdoll for sale in a nearby pet store, online or local breeder.

Facts About Seal Bicolor Ragdoll Cat:


Ragdolls are giant, adorable cats that are extraordinarily kind and sensitive. These cats are serene and peaceful despite their intimidating size. They have a propensity to become floppy when picked up, hence the term “ragdoll.” These cats enjoy being cuddled and held, and they will unwind in your hands for however long you permit them to. They are regarded as the dogs of the ragdoll world since they are so playful. The ragdoll has an intelligent, kind, and incredibly loving demeanor.


Your seal bicolor cat requires training to polish its physical health and natural predatory instincts. They tend to become obese. They hence must have two half an hour sessions daily dedicated to exercise. These exercises could include playing enjoyable cat toy games or fetching in the park. These games will keep your cat from any heart disease and sharpen its hunting skills.


Grooming is the best way to keep your cat’s health in check. Grooming includes brushing your cat twice a week. You do not have to bathe them daily; they can clean themselves up. However, it would be best if you washed them once a month. Grooming also includes clipping cat nails and checking for mucus discharges, nose, teeth, jaw, and other body parts. Do not compromise on taking them to regular health check-ups.

Your seal bicolor ragdoll cat has a fragile health condition. It can develop health conditions like HCM, PKD, infections, or allergies. It might have a hereditary condition passed on by their parents. Hence, as a [art of grooming, keep a good vet on your radar.


They must be provided with a protein-rich diet. Since they are carnivores, they cannot survive on wet food alone. They need a sufficient amount of dry food rich in protein to give them the daily dose of energy they need. In their growing stage, they should be provided with more than sufficient protein in their diet.

They are often, in the quest of feeding them appropriately, overfed. This leads to obesity, which must be avoided at any cost. If your seal bicolor ragdoll cat has a health condition, we recommend consulting a professional for a proper diet chart.

FAQs on Seal Bicolor Ragdoll

What is a seal Lynx Ragdoll?

Seal lynx ragdoll cat will have brown points with lighter shade lynx stripes or lines. Over creamy or beige fur, their skins may also have milder brown patterns and patches. Their paws are the hue of seal brown, and their nose can occasionally be pink with brown seal margins.

Is seal color rare in Ragdoll cats?

No, they are not rare. If anything, they are the most common color ragdoll cats are found. The rarest color among ragdoll cats is flame and fawn. Blue color ragdoll is readily available, while a lilac ragdoll is rare too.

Where to find seal bicolor ragdoll cat on sale?

While you might find ragdoll cats of seal color pretty much at a pet store or any local breeder, if you are very specific about the pattern here, such as bicolor, you might have to roam a little bit. You can look online on websites like gumtree, east cost ragdolls, or ridge view ragdolls for a seal bicolor ragdoll cat.

What are some seal bicolor ragdoll kitten names?

– Dahlia
– Poppy
– Chuckles
– Cece

Final Thoughts:

A seal bicolor ragdoll cat is not distinct from any standard ragdoll cat. They just have their unique appearance and coat pattern. A seal bicolor ragdoll typically has a dark brown patch over its saddle in varied shades, and its body will be white on the rest. Ensure to groom them properly and provide a balanced diet for a better and healthy life.