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5 Cutest Ragdoll Features Every Cat Lover Should Know!

cutest ragdoll

Ragdoll cats are one of the cutest living creatures on this planet. They came into existence in the 1960s by none other than Ann Baker. They are available in 6 colors: blue, lilac, red, seal, chocolate, and cream. There is no competition among these ragdoll colors in being the cutest ragdoll cat. They are all cute.

Ragdoll cat is different from other cats like Maine Coon, Persian, and Birman in terms of features, cuteness, and personality traits. In our opinion, ragdoll cats are synonymous with the cutest ragdoll cats. All their features point them to be declared the cutest ragdoll cat species. Ragdoll cats have beautiful, shimmering eyes with fluffy coats. The giant size and the smooth, thick, long-haired coat make them the cutest ragdoll cat species. Today, we will learn some of the cutest ragdoll features in this post.

What Are The Cutest Ragdoll Features?

What Are The Cutest Ragdoll Features?

Ragdoll cats are the epitome of the word cutest. There are many ragdoll cat attributes that make them entitled to this title. Their physical feature, habits, and affection add to the bucket of cuteness this species carries.


Ragdoll cats are characterized by round and dazzling blue eyes. Their eyes are always blue by the official definition of ragdoll species. However, some ragdoll cats, pure and mixed breeds, lack this trait. Some solid color ragdolls, like black ragdolls, generally have green eyes. While having blue eyes is one of the cutest ragdoll features, green or grey eyes do not make them any less cute. Their eyes are oval-shaped, which makes their eyes the cutest ragdoll feature.


A healthy, mature ragdoll weighs around 10 to 20 pounds and has a length ranging from 17 to 21 inches. Their size makes them the cutest ragdoll cat species. Their large, fluffy size is nothing to be intimidated about. They are incredibly snuggly and have a unique warmth. They are as large as Maine Coon and Persian cats.

With this giant size, one would not expect any pet to be as affectionate as ragdoll cats. They demand affection and give compassion. They are named ragdolls because they go floppy or limp like a rag doll when picked up. This attribute of going limp is also one of the cutest ragdoll features one would come across.


Ragdoll Kitten Personality
Credits: Adorable Animals

The personality of a ragdoll cat is probably the cutest ragdoll feature. Ragdolls adore being held around and are incredibly friendly, snuggly, and lively. At home, they get along well with young children and can put up with some rough treatment that kids might give, adding to the bucket of cuteness. They are dependable and get along well with visitors and family members. They enjoy playing fetch with their owners, which is why they are known as the dogs of the cat world.

They frequently spend the entire day following their owners, which seems a sweet way to show love. As previously stated, they yearn for attention. Therefore, if you leave them alone for an extended period, they may become irritated. They’ll also stop sitting on your lap or following you like they usually do to express their anger. The cutest ragdoll feature is due to these subtle personality qualities.

Fast Learner

They have the innate ability to learn fast and are extremely intelligent. This quality makes them the cutest ragdoll cat species. The way they try to learn and train is adorable to look at. We suggest you buy some ragdoll cat toys or training kits to help enhance the innate ragdoll predatory instincts and to keep their physical health in check.

You can teach them to jump, sit, stand, or answer to their name on command. Their failures and excitement when successful are adorable to look at. They love to play with the toys and catnips you provide them. These are one of the cutest ragdoll features.


Ragdoll Cute Coat

What makes these cats the cutest ragdoll cat species is their coat. They have a color-pointed or bi-colored coat. Their coat is characterized by long to medium-length coat hair. Their coat is incredibly soft, like silk, and thick. While this does imply extra maintenance, that is the cutest part. They do not shed much, so they require minimal maintenance.

The Ragdoll cat’s coat is the key feature that makes it the cutest ragdoll of all other cat species. They like being brushed and pampered. You need not wash it daily; brushing twice a week and bathing once a month is enough. We suggest taking good care of your coat’s cutest ragdoll cat feature.

FAQs on Cutest Ragdoll Cat

What are some cutest ragdoll cat names?

Some of the cutest ragdoll cat names are:
– Coco
– Cheddar
– Fido
– Dally
– Nate
– Daisy

Why are ragdoll cats so cute?

Ragdoll cats are cute because of their personality and physical traits. Their bright, blue, oval-shaped eyes, fluffy coats, caring attitude, compassion, and cheerful nature make them the cutest ragdoll cat species.

Are ragdoll kittens cute?

Ragdoll kittens are even cuter than ragdoll cats. It is a known fact that babies are the cutest creatures of all. They are white, with blue eyes, fluffy coats, and adorable innocence on their faces, which is why they are equally cute.

Final Thoughts:

With this, we end our post on the cutest ragdoll cat features. Irrespective of what breed or species they belong to, animals are always cute and must be protected at all costs. If you have a Ragdoll cat as a pet, we suggest taking care of those delicate ragdolls and cherishing every moment of cuteness they offer.