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Do White Ragdoll Cats Exist?

white ragdoll

A few things that are controversial about this adorable cat breed, Ragdoll, is its standard definition. According to the traditional definition, ragdoll cats must be color-pointed or bi-colored with blue eyes. This definition has ruled out the acceptance of many ragdoll cats, such as white ragdoll cats, into the particular cat community.

Ragdoll cats are often bred into solid colors, and their eye colors change, or they are no more bi-colored or color-pointed cats. The same is the case for white ragdoll cats. Since these cats are solid colors, their acceptance as ragdoll cats is conditional. They are accepted as a standard ragdoll cat if and only if they have blue eyes. If a white ragdoll cat is born with green or grey eyes, it might not be considered Ragdoll and might end up not getting into cat shows or competitions. In this post, we will learn about white ragdoll cats.

What Are White Ragdoll Cats?

The first thing to know about white ragdolls is that while with green or grey eyes, they may not be accepted, with blue eyes, they are considered royalty. It is rare to find a white ragdoll cat with blue eyes. This cat is purely milk white and has a long-haired coat, soft and dense coat.

What Are White Ragdoll Cats?

They differ in appearance only from the standard ragdoll cat. They have the same temperament as a typical ragdoll cat. They are friendly, compassionate, and relaxed cats. They are independent but do not like it when left alone at home for a long time. They need attention and pampering.

Ragdolls are undoubtedly adorable and naturally lovable, yet there is a price to pay for this cat, figuratively and metamorphically. The cat being rare, is very highly-priced. It is said that genetically breeding white ragdoll cats will lead to ragdoll cats which are usually deaf. There is a 65 to 85 percent chance that a white ragdoll cat will be deaf.

Nonetheless, with scientific progress, many breeders have been able to rule out such defects. Cats might become deaf due to the Dominant White genetics and white spotting factor. Although ragdoll cats are naturally colored, they also contain a genotype that results in a condition known as white masking. Their white coat conceals the hue of ragdolls which have blue eyes.

Furthermore, a DNA test will show the genetics of the cat’s actual coat color. This masking conceals all other colors and prohibits melanin from growing. Breeders will be aware of whether or not their cats contain the Dominant White genes that cause blindness and may be able to eliminate it if they undergo a test for the white spotting element.

Are White Ragdoll Cats Rare?

Are White Ragdoll Cats Rare?

Yes, white ragdoll cats are indeed rare. The reasons for the rareness of white ragdoll cats are two-fold. The first reason for their rarity is that there is a low genetic probability of getting a ragdoll cat with blue eyes and the dominant white genes, which prohibits melanin from taking any color. 

Another reason is that since they are rare genetic mutations, they are usually avoided by the breeders. Even if they breed white ragdoll cats, there is a chance that they might not be blue-eyed. Hence, they are rare genetically, as well as because the breeders do not often breed them.

Their rarity is the reason why they are expensive. Ragdoll cats typically cost around 500 USD to 1000 USD. But with the rarity factor attached to a white ragdoll cat with blue eyes, the price can go up to 2500 USD, too, depending upon the location, breeder, cat’s age, and health conditions.

White Ragdoll Cat Vs. Typical Ragdoll Cat

Ragdoll cats which are white, are the same as a standard ragdoll cat in most arenas. Any ragdoll cat is born white and develops color points naturally, as is the case of a white ragdoll cat.

BasisWhite Ragdoll CatStandard Ragdoll
Coat colorThis cat has a solid white coat color.Ragdoll cat comes in 6 distinct coat colors: seal, cream, chocolate, lilac, blue, and flame.
White masking prohibits melanin from growing.Melanin grows in color points.
EyesThis Ragdoll, a solid-colored cat, can have different eye colors.Eyes are always blue in a typical ragdoll cat.
Rare?They are scarce.Seal and blue ragdoll cats are pretty standard, while others are comparatively less rare than white ragdolls.

What are some white ragdoll kitten names?

  • Fluffy
  • Snowy
  • Diamond
  • Lily
  • Marshmellow


Where can you get pure white ragdoll cats?

You can always find a ragdoll cat for sale on gumtree, NY divine dolls, perfect pets, cats of Australia, or you can choose to contact a local breeder. You can also visit a local pet shop or rescue shelter.

Can Ragdolls be all white?

Yes, they can be. As we saw, ragdoll cats can be purely white and considered a part of the ragdoll community if they have blue eyes. A white ragdoll cat with blue eyes is given TICA approved pass as a ragdoll cat. Above all, all ragdoll cats are born white and naturally develop their color.

Are white Ragdoll cats deaf?

The ear closest to their blue eye is frequently deaf in these cats. It’s essential to be aware even though it doesn’t significantly affect their mental or physical capacities or interfere with their daily activities. This is because of the white masking mutation. But with progressive technologies, it is possible to identify these repercussions beforehand.

Why is my Ragdoll not white?

This is because ragdoll cats are naturally bi-colored or color-pointed. They will have dark points on their coat where the temperature of their body is low, and the rest of the body will have light shades like white or cream where the body temperature is high.

Final Thoughts:

A white ragdoll cat is a rare breed. Every cat requires essential maintenance, and so do white ragdolls. They are adorable, fun-loving, and friendly cat who loves their owner and demands their affection in return. Proper grooming, bathing, nutrition, physical training, and exercise are also essential requirements of a white ragdoll cat.