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Blue Gem Ragdolls: Are They The Best?

blue gem ragdolls

Blue gem ragdolls are breeders of ragdoll cats based in Kentucky, Indiana, and Ohio. They focus their reproductive efforts on producing Ragdoll cats of the utmost elegance. They provide the best ragdoll cats progeny; hence, blue gem ragdolls are no doubt the no.1 among the breeders.

Blur Gem ragdolls breeder aims to provide Ragdoll kittens to devoted pet owners, breeders, and shows. They delight in knowing how precious your Ragdoll kitten or cat is to you at Blue-Gem Ragdolls breeder. They know that as a breeder, they are responsible for the health and welfare of ragdoll cats and their children. Since blue gem ragdolls, breeders are reputable. They do not leave your side after adoption and stick by to the end. In this post today, we will learn more about blue gem ragdolls and why you should choose them.

Blue Gem Ragdolls Breeders: About

Blue Gem Ragdolls Breeders: About

Blue gem ragdolls breeders carry an experience of more than 3 decades and are the longest living breeder to date. They have bred ragdoll cats who have won shows and training programs. The ragdoll cats by blue gem ragdolls breeders have excelled in all physical and mental training tests and competitions. They even train and guide ragdoll cats with some physical or mental disabilities.

They believe in spreading the love and joy ragdoll cats and dogs have to offer to households as pets or for therapy. They believe in ragdoll cats’ ability to apply compassion and have evidence showing that owners of ragdoll cats have nothing but happiness in their life.

Blue gem ragdolls breeders know that ragdoll cats are known as “puppy cats” for a reason. They are so known due to their temperament and their size. A full-grown ragdoll cat weighs around 10 to 20 pounds with a balanced diet. Their character is similar to that of a dog. Ragdoll cats are loyal, compassionate, and friendly. Even staunch dog supporters can’t resist the Ragdoll’s loving demeanor and bright blue eyes.

Blue gem ragdolls breeders consider ragdolls to be a fantastic alternative for dog enthusiasts who lack time or space because of this. Ragdolls adore their human families and are intelligent, curious, and eager to please. They can be trained to wear a leash, fetch toys, and even be clicker-trained to perform tasks. And despite most kitties, they appear to enjoy being in the water.

Above all, blue gem ragdolls provide a written guarantee on the health conditions of your cat. They provide a written promise that your cat is healthy and tested negative for HCM, PKD, and other potential cat diseases at birth.

Why Should You Choose Blue Gem Ragdolls Breeder?

Why Should You Choose Blue Gem Ragdolls Breeder?


Blue gem ragdolls breeders are known and trusted for their experience in this field. Ragdoll cats were reproduced in the 1960s by Ann Baker. Ever since then, ragdoll cats have been bred by many breeders. Blue gem ragdolls breeders have 30+ years of experience in breeding ragdolls.

With experience comes knowledge and guarantee. Therefore, blue gem ragdolls breeders are among the best ragdoll cat breeders. Ragdoll cat lovers can trust them anytime with breeding or training their cats. They give the appropriate guide in dealing with ragdoll cats with different personalities.

Champions Lineage

Blue gem ragdolls breeders are also known for reproducing cats that are considered the best in cat shows and championships. They train the cats to participate in cat competitions and win. They also train mentally or physically disabled cats and dogs. They breed new ragdoll cats with the help of these winners, and hence your Ragdoll from blue gem will have a winner gene.

Written Guarantee

Blue gem ragdolls breeders provide a written guarantee on the perfect health condition of the ragdoll cat you adopt. They clinically test the ragdoll cats they breed and guarantee that they are devoid of any potential ragdoll disease like HCM or PKD, which are common genetic health issues in ragdoll cats. With experience and science backing them, they are precise about their breeding process.


They are certified by Cat Fancier’s Association (CFA) and The International Cat Association (TICA) for breeding and training ragdoll cats. Hence, one can believe that they will never do anything to jeopardize and let their license get revoked.

Blue Gem Ragdolls Reviews:

The reviews for blue gem ragdolls are nothing but exemplary. There have been no blue gem ragdolls complaints. People go as far as to suggest saving the disappointment and trusting blue gem ragdolls and breeders entirely for their ragdoll cats. However, there is no such thing as a complimentary breakfast.

There were reviews stating that the breeder was unprofessional. Therefore we suggest you talk to a professional vet or people with first-hand experience in adopting or training ragdoll cats from blue gem ragdolls breeders.

FAQs on Blue Gem Ragdolls

Are Ragdoll cats high maintenance?

Well, ragdoll cats do require standard maintenance, which every cat requires. On top of that, they have long-haired coats. It requires brushing at least twice a week and a bath once a month. When compared to other ragdolls with long hair, they are low maintenance.

Do Ragdoll cats scratch furniture?

Whether or not the cat scratches the furniture depends on your cat’s personality. Ragdoll cats are relaxed cats and do not scratch your furniture. But sometimes, when upset or stressed about something, they might vent it out by scratching the furniture.

Do Ragdoll cats have problems?

Ragdoll cats have many health issues. The most prevalent health issue among ragdoll cats is hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, which can lead to heart failure. Under this condition, the walls of a cat’s heart thicken, which could lead to problems in pumping blood. Other diseases are infections, allergies, obesity, and polycystic kidney disease.

Final Thoughts:

Blue gem ragdolls breeders are one of the best breeders in Ohio. Nevertheless, it is always advisable to talk to first-hand customers and clients and proceed with the business. You do not want to end up with the pain caused by watching your fluffy feline wither die early or suffer through a disease. Above all, take good care of your ragdoll cat to live a long and healthy life.