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Does A Black And White Ragdoll Cat Exist?

black and white ragdoll cat

The Ragdoll cat’s official definition is a pointed color breed with shiny blue eyes. They are affectionate, friendly, and loyal to their owners. They generally have a light-colored body with dark points on their body. However, breeders claim they sell solid color ragdolls as in a black and white ragdoll cat. Do they even exist?

Black and white ragdoll cat are not officially considered a part of the ragdoll community because the formal definition includes them to be color pointed. Nevertheless, they are a progeny of a ragdoll species with a defect in genetic mutation. A Black and white ragdoll cat, including any other solid color ragdoll, depicts the same as a pointed standard ragdoll.

The only difference is in appearance. A black and white ragdoll cat will not necessarily have blue eyes or color points but will have all the other innate characteristics of a ragdoll, like being docile yet playful, relaxed yet compassionate, independent yet loyal. A black and white ragdoll cat is a tuxedo ragdoll cat. Today we are going to discuss more tuxedo ragdoll cats.

What Is A Black And White Ragdoll Cat?

What Is A Black And White Ragdoll Cat?


A solid black ragdoll cat is mated with a solid white ragdoll cat. We get a black and white ragdoll cat, also known as a tuxedo ragdoll. This implies that a tuxedo ragdoll cat looks different. Most ragdolls have a color point coat ranging from light to dark points near the ears, lips, paws, and other body parts.

A black and white ragdoll cat is a more refined variety. It has white spots close to its mouth, throat, and paws and is otherwise all-black. You may anticipate the coat to be rich, velvety, and furry, just like a traditional ragdoll. They are black and white long-haired cats. Due to the lack of an undercoat, they have a fluffy surface. Additionally, they have a distinctive hair fringe around their neck.

Their eyes are also different from ragdolls in color. Their eyes are typically green or golden. This is quite an evident feature due to their parents. They’re relatively rare, but if you’re looking for your own, you’ll have a better chance of finding one at a nearby rescue. You may need to invest time and money in breeding them to get them. They have a history of being embraced by famous actors and politicians.


Ragdoll cats are well known for having friendly, easygoing attitudes. They are quick learners and bright cats naturally trained to perform tricks with much energy. Similarly, a black and white ragdoll cat’s situation. Despite their differences in appearance, they share the same inherent intelligence as a typical Ragdoll.

However, there is a reason why the majority of celebs favor these felines. They exude the inherent grace and refinement that accompany their name and appearance. These cats are lovely to other people and have a strong bond with their owners.

Along with having a refined mindset, they may learn skills more quickly. They are brilliant and surpass other cats in developmental milestones, making them excellent companions.


Ragdoll cats can live up to 20 years, a very long lifespan. This may also vary on how well you take care of your black and white ragdoll cat and the cat’s clinical and hereditary background. If you want your ragdoll to have a happy and prosperous life, we advise that you give them the primary care they need.

To keep it tidy, brush your cat at least once or twice weekly. Shower your cat regularly, every month, or whenever you notice it’s getting dirty. We also ask that the ragdoll be taken for regular medical examinations. Your tuxedo ragdoll cat should consume nutritious, high-protein food.

Use canned food since it is considered superior to other dry foods. Ragdoll cats are often exposed to the risk of being obese, which could seriously impact their lifespan. Therefore, do not overfeed them.

Is Black And White Ragdoll Cat Rare?

Is Black And White Ragdoll Cat Rare?
Credits: Cattitude Daily

Black and white ragdoll cats are ordinary. The tuxedo gene predominates. As a result, there is a good chance that you may locate one in a local pet shop or sanctuary close by. However, a black and white ragdoll cat can be regarded as rare because solid ragdolls are not ragdolls. You might think of them as special because they are uncommon, and it is essential to emphasize how extensive their pedigree is.

What Is The Price Of Black And White Ragdoll Cat?

The affluent strata of society typically purchase a black and white ragdoll cat. However, due to how popular they are and how easily accessible they are, they are not that expensive. You can anticipate them to cost between 500 USD and 1800 USD, which is the typical price range for a ragdoll cat. But a lot depends on the location, the area, the breeder, and many other things.

Black And White Ragdoll Cat Vs. Standard Ragdoll Cat:

Black And White Ragdoll Cat Vs. Standard Ragdoll Cat
BasisBlack And White Ragdoll CatStandard Ragdoll Cat
Coat colorThey have a black coat and white points on them.They generally have a light-colored body and dark color points.
Eye ColorIt can be blue, green or golden.Their eyes are solely blue.
ParentsTwo solid-colored ragdoll cats.Color-pointed ragdoll cats.
CommunityThey are not considered a part of the ragdoll species officially. They are a part of the ragdoll species.

FAQs on Black and White Ragdoll Cat

Can a Ragdoll cat be black and white?

Officially, ragdoll cats cannot be of solid colors. They are supposed to be bi-colored with points. Nevertheless, they can be bred into solid colors, as in the case of black and white ragdoll cat.

How much is a black and white Ragdoll cat?

Since it is not considered a part of the ragdoll species, a black and white ragdoll cat could cost on the lower scale of the ragdoll price range. Hence you can expect them to be around 1000 USD to 1800 USD.

What is the rarest Ragdoll color?

The rarest ragdoll colors are the fawn, cinnamon, and lilac color point patterns. They have a very low genetic probability.

Are black and white cats aggressive?

Ragdolls are anything but aggressive cats. Above all, the coat color or pattern does not determine whether your cat will be aggressive.

Final Thoughts:

A black and white ragdoll cat, or a tuxedo ragdoll cat, replicates the natural characteristics of a ragdoll cat. Nevertheless, they are not considered a part of the ragdoll species due to their formal definition. A black and white ragdoll cat is a safe and excellent pet for a household with toddlers.