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5 Bad Things About Ragdolls: Think Before You Buy!

bad things about ragdolls

The Ragdoll, a large cat species, is calm-mannered and has pointed coloration and dazzling blue eyes. It is impossible to avoid them due to their dense and fluffy coat. These felines are not only relaxed but also quite brilliant. They make lovely household pets in every manner. But there are many bad things about ragdolls you should know before buying them.

Ragdoll cats seem so perfect, but is it the whole story? Well, adopting a pet does not mean just playing around with your pet and pampering it. Adopting a pet comes with considerable responsibility, and the same goes with adopting a ragdoll cat. Although ragdoll cats are among the cat species requiring minimum maintenance, they are a huge responsibility.

Therefore, we think it is essential to warn you about all the bad things about ragdolls. They are expensive, shed their hair, require extra grooming, and health check-ups are among the bad things about ragdolls. Today’s post will discuss the cons of having a ragdoll cat as a pet.

5 Bad Things About Ragdolls:

5 Bad Things About Ragdolls

Generally speaking, ragdolls make lovely pets. They are well-known and adored for their distinctive features, which include their big blue eyes, smooth, lustrous fur, and agile, muscular physique. They also enjoy socializing, getting along with people and other animals, and being peaceful and relaxed.

However, like any other animal, they also have some undesirable characteristics. There are very few bad things about ragdolls, but some do exist.


A costly breed of cat is the Ragdoll. Getting one usually costs between $800 and $2500. Ragdolls are expensive. It applies not only to the adopting process and associated procedures but also to what follows next—the cost of the pet’s food, shots, cleaning, and constant care.

The best course of action if you want a Ragdoll cat is to spend a good fortune and make sure it comes from a respected breeder. However, costs may differ from one breeder to the next. The Ragdoll’s maturity, height, and the valuation of your nation’s currency may also impact the actual worth.


One of the most difficult bad things about ragdolls is hair shedding. Due to their long hair, ragdoll cats are simpler to detect when they are shedding. While not a concern for individuals living in milder climates, this can be problematic for those living in warmer parts.

Unnecessary shedding can be reduced with regular grooming and gentle brushing. Additionally, the shedding will only occur within the house, which is a better option. In some instances, owners would shave their ragdoll cats in the hopes that it will make them stop shedding, but shaving does not affect shedding.

Not Hypoallergenic:

While this may sound good, this is one of the bad things about ragdolls. The Fel d 1 protein, which causes cat allergies in humans, is produced in smaller amounts by hypoallergenic cats. This salivary protein that cats make causes allergic reactions in humans.

During grooming, the protein is distributed throughout the cat’s fur and, once dried, becomes airborne. They are frequently produced by ragdoll cats, which regrettably prevents those with allergies from choosing them.

Health Issues:

bad things about ragdolls and health issue

Health issues are one of the major bad things about ragdolls. They are exposed to the risk of many diseases. The condition is HCM, or Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy, which causes the heart’s tissues to grow. HCM can result in premature mortality and forces the heart’s left ventricle to thicken gradually. If the illness is caught early, the medication can extend the sick cat’s life even though it cannot be cured.

UTIs in cats may include obstructions, crystals, and other issues. Ragdolls’ faulty genetics cause an illness called polycystic kidney disease. A kitten delivered with this abnormality will occasionally acquire tumors in the liver and the kidneys.


One of the few bad things about ragdolls is that even though they are pretty relaxed and easygoing, they need attention and pampering. Most cats don’t mind being left alone for an extended period. Despite being a relatively solitary and low-maintenance cat, the Ragdoll cat is not a wise option for someone who will be outdoors for an extended period.

Ragdolls are accustomed to unceasing companionship and love. It most likely won’t thrive if you leave it alone for an extended period. They can maintain their level of temperament for only a short time at work. You might find a cat in distress when you get home any longer than that. Needlessly, the ragdoll cat will stalk you all around the apartment. They have abandonment issues and frequently show it by loudly meowing, marking, and causing damage around the apartment.

FAQs On Bad Things About Ragdolls:

Are Ragdoll cats cruel?

No, not at all. Ragdolls are the sweetest and the friendliest cats you will ever come across. They are considered dogs of the cat community for their compassion and loyalty. Therefore, ragdolls are anything but cruel.

Is it cruel to keep Ragdoll cats indoors?

Ragdoll cats are more than happy to stay indoors. However, this depends upon the personality of your cat. Your cat might like to be outdoors and play. In that case, keeping your cat indoors would not be kind.

Why do Ragdoll cats bite?

Ragdoll cats might bite for many reasons. Mostly, the reason behind your cats grinding you is that they need your attention. They might bite when you are not much around to gain your attention. Sometimes they bite because they have been habituated since they were a kitten.

What are some good things about ragdoll cats?

There are so many good things about ragdolls. The good stuff about ragdolls is their blue eyes, smooth coat, social personality, loyalty, and relaxed attitude.

Final Thoughts:

This is what we have to say about bad things about ragdolls. Ragdoll cats are beautiful and loyal cat species. They have a lot many good things compared to bad things. They are the perfect pets for households, and if you are willing to accept all the bad stuff about ragdolls, this may be the best decision.