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Do Ragdolls Shed? Answered!

do ragdolls shed

The most striking feature of the ragdoll cat species is its coat. The coat of a ragdoll cat is color pointed and has hair ranging from medium to long length. With such fluffy, soft, thick coats, owners worry about ragdoll cats shedding too much. But do ragdolls shed at all?

As a regular aspect of cat maintenance, all cats experience temporary hair shedding. However, every cat is different regarding how much fur it sheds. Some kitties shed more significant amounts than others; a cat’s habitat can also influence this. It’s a common misconception that the answer to do ragdolls shed is no. Since they have lengthy hair, it goes without saying that they will shed.

In light of their lack of an undercoat, do ragdolls shed is a big YES, albeit far less than a conventional cat. The cat’s undercoat is one of the most critical factors affecting shedding. You will notice ragdolls shedding in the spring due to thick hair growth in winter. Let us learn more about ragdoll cats shedding now.

Do Ragdolls Shed?

Do Ragdolls Shed Answered
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Although do ragdolls shed is a yes, the shedding is substantially less than that of a typical cat because of their absence of an undercoat. One of the most critical components in determining how much do ragdolls shed is the undercoat. A cat breed recognized for having little shedding is the ragdoll. However, irrespective of species, all cats will occasionally shed their fur.

Ragdolls shed about as much as any other medium- to the long-haired cat, including American Bobtails and triple-coated varieties like Siberians. The quantity of shedding varies from cat to cat and is affected by the season. Cats often shed more throughout the spring than during the cold season. The ragdoll’s body temperature, the time of year, and their diet will all affect how much they do ragdolls shed.

Remember that Ragdolls are distinguished by their thick, silky coats. To keep their coat in good condition, these cats require routine maintenance. You can reduce shedding by paying attention to your cat’s nutrition, maintaining them healthy, and combing them frequently. Still, it will also rely on their genetics and your residence temperature. To get rid of dead hair, lessen shedding, and retain the fur looking healthy, brush them regularly or once a week.

Do Ragdolls Shed A Lot: Causes?

Ragdoll cats shed comparatively less than other cats. Nevertheless, if you notice your ragdolls shedding more than usual, then you must take it to seek some professional advice. Here are some causes why do ragdolls shed excessively.


Ragdoll cats tend to shed more during the summer seasons. Due to the increase in temperature, most of the hair on the ragdoll cat fell along with that; the growth of hair in the prior winter season could also cause excessive shedding in your ragdoll cat. During winter, you might observe an opposite reaction. This is a way for the ragdoll cat’s body to protect itself from extreme temperatures. Hence if the answer to “do ragdolls shed excessively?” is a yes, seasonal change might be the answer you are looking for.

Allergies And Infections

If your cat has developed an allergy, your ragdoll cat might shed more than usual. Ragdolls are sensitive to their habitat. It would be best if you kept the ragdoll cat clean and the surroundings. Any dust or mud of any form might cause a trigger allergy in your ragdoll cat. Consult a doctor, and an antibiotic will be sufficient to eliminate any allergy or infection and excessive shedding.

Health Conditions

Ragdoll cats are this beautiful pet with dazzling blue eyes, which comes with a price more than just monetarily. They are exposed to various health issues. Health issues like HCM, kidney stones, skin cancer, and thyroid issues can cause shedding in your ragdoll cat, which is more than usual. Hence if you observe excessive shedding in your ragdoll cats, do connect to a vet to be on the safe side.


Humans tend to lose hair due to genetic components passed on by their ancestors. Likewise, your cat might shed excessively due to its genetic mutation. Sometimes, the parent breed of your ragdoll cat might shed overly, and due to DNA, your ragdoll might too.

Stress And Anxiety

Stress And Anxiety in Ragdoll

Stress is bad for any animal, including humans. Like humans, when ragdoll cats are exposed to too much pressure, they might get unwell and shed a lot. The only way to curb it is to make your cat feel safe at home. Gain your cat’s trust, and try to minimize stress by spending time with your ragdoll. Do not force your cat into feeding, jumping, or sitting on your lap. Just give it time and space.

Anxiety due to the presence of someone or some other animal or pet might also cause the answer to “do ragdolls shed excessively?” to be a yes. But remember that constant stress triggers shedding, not stress on a particular day or an evening.

FAQs on Do Ragdolls Shed

How do I stop my Ragdoll cat from shedding?

Providing your ragdoll cat with the necessities could change your answer to do ragdolls shed excessively to be a no. Provide your cat a balanced diet rich in protein, brush its hair twice to avoid tangling, minimize stress, and show love to your ragdoll cat.

Is Ragdoll cat hypoallergenic?

No, ragdoll cat are not hypoallergenic. Hypoallergenic refers to the ability not to cause an allergy, but due to the presence of the Fed D1 protein and dander, ragdoll cats can cause allergies in humans.

Do ragdolls shed more in winter?

No, ragdoll cats develop a more thick and dense coat during the winter. It is during the spring that they start shedding this coat. So if you wonder if ragdolls shed more in summers, then yes, they do.

Final Thoughts:

With this, we come to the end of our article on do ragdolls shed. It is pretty apparent that this fluffy, lively, teddy bear-like pet will shed, but you can control it with proper care. To minimize ragdoll cat shedding, ensure that it provides optimal nutrition and habitat.