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Ragdoll Tortoiseshell Cat: 101 Interesting Facts!

ragdoll tortoiseshell cat

A ragdoll cat has no doubt varied color combinations coat available. One such color combination in the ragdoll family is the ragdoll tortoiseshell cat or tortie ragdoll cat. Her markings are similar to that of a tortoiseshell. Because the coat mimics the speckled shell of a tortoise, the word Tortie is an abbreviation of Tortoiseshell.

You’ll notice that we expressly used the pronoun “she” here. The reason for this is that ragdoll tortoiseshell cats are always female. They are rarely males. Even if a male ragdoll tortoiseshell cat is born, it is a genetic disorder, and therefore the male Ragdoll won’t last longer than 2 or 3 years. The Ragdoll cat is a giant subspecies of the cat family.

They have a delicate long to medium-sized hair that resembles rabbit fur, and they are newborns with a white coat that will only gain patterns and points as they grow older. Ragdolls should have their entire coat patterns when they mature entirely, around 2 or 3 years old. A Ragdoll Tortoiseshell cat has a coat of two colors other than white, which are either densely blended or occur in more prominent spots. In this post today, let us learn more about this friendly pet.

Ragdoll Tortoiseshell Cat: About

Ragdoll Tortoiseshell Cat About


The Ragdoll Tortoiseshell cat is pretty similar to the typical ragdoll cat in the form of appearance except for its coat pattern. It shows a tortoiseshell color, and designs could be pointed, lynx, or anything else, depending on the parent breed. They can be like a seal ragdoll tortoiseshell cat with a pale cream body and brownish-red points or blue cream ragdoll tortoise cat with a whitish-blue body and points in a mix of blue, grey, and cream.

They are always born white but develop their points eventually. They are large and weigh around 15 pounds on average. They have beautiful, shiny, and innocent blue eyes, a distinct feature of a ragdoll cat. The coat hair is medium to long in size and requires regular brushing.


Ragdolls are noted for their warmth, love, and softness. They are affectionate and entertaining, dedicated to their human guardians. It may, however, vary depending on a ragdoll tortoiseshell cat’s personality, health, and living situations. The Ragdoll is known for being incredibly affectionate to all people.

Besides getting along with humans and kids, she is known to play and enjoy the company well of other cats and other pets like dogs. The active and playful nature of ragdolls has earned them the title of dogs of the cat community. If you have just adopted a ragdoll tortoiseshell cat, you might notice some aloof behavior, but they will eventually get comfortable with time and patience.


A ragdoll kitten tortoiseshell will, at a minimum, cost you 800 USD. The lowest standard ragdoll cat cost is 500 USD. Generally, what patterns or point color your Ragdoll is not subjected to price. However, a tortie ragdoll will cost you slightly more because you want a specific pattern on your cat. Because their marks aren’t explicitly visible until the time they hit two years old, you’ll have to undertake a risk when purchasing one.


A ragdoll tortoiseshell cat’s sexuality is invariably female. An X chromosome is the one that bears the orange or black coat color gene. Males can only be tangerine or black, not mix since they solely have one X chromosome. Hence ragdoll tortoiseshell cats are female. There are extremely few occasions when this does not happen.

The odds of having a male ragdoll tortoise cat is 1 in 3000. 1 in every 3000  is conceived with two X genomes and one Y chromosome, meaning they are males. Male tortie ragdoll cats are not only uncommon, but they also have health problems.

Ragdoll Tortoiseshell Cat: How To Take Care?

Ragdoll Tortoiseshell Cat: How To Take Care?


You should offer them a quantity of nourishment adequate for their age and degree of exercise. Because they are naturally carnivores, you should feed them a high-protein diet. They will not sustain a vegetarian diet.

Some guardians choose wet diets because, even though they expire more quickly than canned products, they offer a lot of water and can prevent your cat from avoiding kidney infections and other ailments induced or aggravated by dehydration. Do not overfeed them, as this will lead to obesity. Aside from that, see a veterinarian and change your cat’s diet based on its health.

Physical Activity

They do demand some workouts to maintain their fitness and wellbeing. They’re also a large species, and if you treat them too much without giving them any training, being overweight can become a severe issue. Weight maintenance should be a significant element of raising a cat of this species because fat kittens are more inclined to struggle from disease and sickness.

Provide mental and physical exercise three times a day for 30 minutes each. It prevents fat and improves your cat’s natural predatory instincts and cognitive abilities.


Her hair is medium to long, and although it doesn’t get stuck readily, it does get tangled and tough to handle. Healthy long coat hair develops with excellent nourishment. Thus brushing the coat at least twice a week is necessary to keep it clean. Baths are not required regularly, although they are advised once a month.

Check your cat’s paws, eyes, and ear for any infection or pus when brushing it. Clip their nails regularly. We also advise them to examine their mouth and teeth for signs of sickness.

Tortoiseshell Ragdoll Cat Vs. Tabby:

Tortoiseshell Ragdoll Cat Vs. Tabby:
BasisTortoiseshell Ragdoll CatsTabby Cats
GenderAlways femalesCan be both male and female
Color when bornThey are born whiteThey are born dark brown with a touch of green in color.
PatternsThey have pointed, lynx, or many varied other patterns. Patterns include spotted, classic, mackerel, and agouti.
SheddingShed heavilyComparatively sheds less.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Can ragdolls be tortie?

Yes, they can be. The ragdoll tortoiseshell cat showcases a tortoiseshell marking and color on her coat.

Are all ragdoll tortoiseshell cats female?

Yes, they mostly are female due to the genetic composition required. Nevertheless, there is a chance they can be males, which is a statistical improbability and more of a disorder.

What is a blue dilute tortoiseshell ragdoll cat?

A blue tortie ragdoll is when the Ragdoll that has a whitish blue body or somewhere a touch of grey on the body, with points or patterns blue-grey with highlights of cream in color.

Does a tortoiseshell calico ragdoll cat exist?

Calico is not usually considered a part of the ragdoll family. However, if one looks carefully, the Tortoiseshell and calico have similar patterns, and the Tortoiseshell is a part of the ragdoll cat community.

Final Thoughts:

A ragdoll tortoiseshell cat is the same as a typical ragdoll cat except for the markings it has on its coat which resemble that of a tortoiseshell. They require appropriate grooming and affection like every other pet. With proper nutrition and exercise, you will be ensuring your cat a healthy and prosperous life.