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How To Make A Ragdoll Cat Sit? Know-How Now!

how to make a ragdoll cat sit

Ragdoll cats are one of a kind. They are best known for their jolly, enthusiastic, and “puppy-like” nature. The most important thing about adopting a Ragdoll cat is training it. It requires training to enhance its mental and physical traits. An essential part of its training is to know how to make a ragdoll cat sit.

The answer to how to make a ragdoll cat sit is straightforward. Training. Making a ragdoll cat sit is not a challenging task. All it requires is a little trick. You will need to train your kitty with food rewards and clickers to make your ragdoll cat sit.

Ragdoll cats are pretty much intelligent cats and will learn quickly. It is a good practice to train your cat to listen to you; the best way to do this is to gain their trust. They are large and muscular cats, and if you think you could do without training them, you might be mistaken. They need the training to sit, eat, or stay if the situation gets out of hand. Therefore in this post today, we will give healthy tips on how to make a ragdoll cat sit.

How To Make A Ragdoll Cat Sit?

How To Make A Ragdoll Cat Sit?
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With the growing popularity of ragdoll cats in the market, there are many to an unlimited number of tools and training accessories available over the counter to training your ragdoll cat. It would be best to observe your cat, about what it likes and does not, and then choose its preferred training tool.

These tools will help you in how to make a ragdoll cat sit training. Let us get on with the steps to make a ragdoll cat sit training.

A Clicker

A clicker is an instrument available in the market that, when pressed, makes a clicking noise. Or else you can slip snap with your fingers or make a sound from your mouth. This is a way of gaining the cat’s attention and training it to sit whenever you click the clicker or make a sound.

You can also use the term “sit” along with the clicker to make your cat sit whenever you say so. This way, you are actually making your cat sit on the instruction to sit. Cats will learn the sound and do accordingly what you instruct. How to make a ragdoll cat sit has a quite simple training process.

Treat Training

The best way we find to train your cat is to bribe it with treats. It is not precisely bribing but offering treats to your cat is a part of the rewards for following what you say. By doing what you want, the ragdoll cat trusts you, and by giving it food, you are gaining its trust. That is why the best way how to make a ragdoll cat sit is to use food to gain its trust.

You can try anything else as well, something which your cat likes. Be warned that in the quest to train your cat through treats, do not overfeed it. Overfeeding might be dangerous for their health. Therefore, we suggest teaching them with a small teaspoon or just a tiny quantity of treats.

Train Your Cat To Sit

Train Your Cat To Sit

You will know how excited your cat will become when you bring her food. As soon as you get her food, we suggest taking a small teaspoon of the treats you have made for your beautiful Ragdoll and tapping it on an elevated surface as in a chair or a table, and saying, “climb.” This way, you will be training your cat to climb and sit simultaneously.

After the cat has followed your instruction, feed it the teaspoon of food you just tapped. This way, you are telling your cat that you will be providing it food if they follow your instructions. Next, retake a teaspoon of food and place it over their head, and you will find that they will sit if they don’t just help them out by gently pressing their lower back downwards.

Once your cat knows what it has done, again place the teaspoon over its head and as soon as it sits, make a click sound from the clicker or snap your finger and say “sit.” Then provide your cat with a teaspoon of food. Do this two or three times. This way, you are instructing your ragdoll cat to sit. After a few sessions, you will notice that your cat will sit whenever you make a click sound. Or whenever you say “sit,” your cat will sit.

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Tips On How To Make A Ragdoll Cat Sit:

Tips On How To Make A Ragdoll Cat Sit:

When you are training a ragdoll cat to sit, there are a few things that you must be careful about. Here we have mentioned a few tips to follow while how to make a ragdoll cat sit training.

  • If training your cat to sit with food rewards, be cautious of not overfeeding it. Overfeeding is a prevalent problem with ragdoll cats, and it could lead to severe heat issues in your cat.
  • We recommend keeping changing your rewards for the cat. Do not always provide food but for something that your cat loves. For instance, ragdoll cats love playing with balls. Hence train it with a ball too. This way, you are not habituating your ragdoll cat to feeding whenever they hear the click sound or the sit instruction. You want to train your cat to sit on “sit” and not feed.
  • Keep 2 to 4 such training sessions daily, amounting to 30 minutes in total. Once you feel you have mastered how to make a ragdoll cat sit training, try training your cat for something else.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What tricks can you teach a Ragdoll cat?

You can train your ragdoll cat to sit, stand, wave, fetch, stand on two legs, come when you call them, and many more. You can use a similar training process as to how to make a ragdoll cat sit training.

How do you bond with a Ragdoll cat?

Spending precious time with your newborn Ragdoll kitten can help it become used to you. You should also gradually introduce other family and friends and pets to them. Sometimes offer the infant some warmth, whether verbal, physical or both, depending on how the cat feels.

Are Ragdoll cats hard to train?

Ragdoll cats are playful and straightforward to teach. They understand quickly and have a high level of intelligence. They can pick up games like hide-and-seek and fetch from their parents. They love humans and will welcome theirs at the doorstep and follow your training instructions diligently. 

Final Thoughts:

With this, we have come to the end of how to make a ragdoll cat sit. The process is quite simple. All it requires is time and patience. You ragdoll cat will learn swiftly. But every cat is different, so maybe your ragdoll cat takes a little more time to learn how to sit.