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Calico Ragdoll Cat: Do They Even Exist?

calico ragdoll cat

The tortie Ragdoll is another common name for the calico Ragdoll cat. Since the fur mimics a tortoise’s spotted body, “Tortie” is an acronym for tortoiseshell. Although the tortie Ragdoll is the recognized variety most similar to a calico Ragdoll cat, the calico and tortie patterns are genuinely distinct.

The tortie or calico ragdoll cat has a coat that blends two colors other than white, usually strongly integrated or even in more extensive patches. Ragdolls with white bodies and tortie color points may resemble calicos because they will only have coloring at their points.

A well-liked purebred cat species, ragdolls, have light-colored bodies and heavier-colored points. Ragdoll breed guidelines allow for tortie points but not calico points. Torti-colored Ragdoll cats are invariably female. Rarely do they have males. Even if a male calico ragdoll cat is born, he won’t live more than two or three years due to a hereditary condition. A calico ragdoll cat can be either purebred or of mixed ancestry. Let us know additional information on a calico ragdoll cat.

What Is A Calico Ragdoll Cat?

What Is A Calico Ragdoll Cat?

One of the most uncommon and distinctive cat varieties you might ever possess is a calico ragdoll cat. Major cat organizations acknowledge the Ragdoll cat as a sweet, loving breed. When lifted, they tend to become floppy like rag dolls. Hence their name is derived.

Ragdolls are renowned for their coziness, tenderness, and affection. They are devoted to their human caretakers and are affectionate and amusing. They also have lovely blue eyes and coats ranging from medium to long.

Whether or not a Calico Ragdoll cat is recognized as a Ragdoll variation is a long debate. However, the tortie design and the calico pattern are incredibly similar. And the Ragdoll breed standard accepts tortie ragdoll color points! If your Ragdoll has two other colors in addition to white, some might not accept her as a ragdoll cat, while some might.

There is something peculiar about using her whenever referring to a calico ragdoll cat because they are primarily females due to genetic composition. A calico ragdoll cat can be a mixed breed or a purebred. Hence, temperament, appearance, and other features will depend on the dominant parent breed for a mixed breed.


Calico Cat Appearance

The calico ragdoll cat or tortie point is available in all 6 colors typical to ragdoll cat species; cream, lilac, flame, blue, seal, and chocolate, the most common being seal point ragdoll. Albinism is temperature-sensitive and influences all Ragdolls. The more pigment a hair contains, the cooler the skin is at its base. This results in coloring at the pointed areas of your Ragdoll’s mouth, ears, toes, hind legs, and tail.

Except for its fur pattern, the calico ragdoll cat resembles the conventional ragdoll cat in looks. They have the innate blue shimmering eyes of a ragdoll cat. Based on the parent breed, it has a tortoiseshell hue and may have pointed, lynx, or another patterning.

Aside from white, the two colors that make up a Ragdoll Tortoiseshell cat’s coat are either thickly mixed or appear in more prominent places. They are typically white at birth but later acquire their points. They are huge and typically weigh 15 pounds.


Ragdoll cats typically have a sweet, friendly, and sympathetic demeanor. Although not clinging, these cats are reputed to be family-oriented. They are clever, observant cats who require a lot of mental stimuli to remain content. But a lot will rely on whether your calico ragdoll cat is a purebred or a mixed breed. It might also differ based on a calico ragdoll cat’s temperament, state of health, and environment.

She is believed to enjoy playing in the company of other cats and animals like dogs and getting along with people and children. Ragdoll cats have gained the nickname “dogs of the cat community” thanks to their playful and active personalities. They might be a little aloof during the first few months of adoption. With patience and care, they will eventually come around.


Similar to a typical ragdoll cat, a calico Ragdoll could be predisposed to various health issues. A significant worry is a hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM), in particular. It causes the heart’s walls to thicken, which affects how the heart works as a whole. Infections, obesity, and kidney problems are further potential health problems. Therefore, it’s essential to get regular checkups.

Such problems in your ragdoll cat can be prevented with proper grooming and diet practices. Give them enough dry and wet food in sufficient amounts, four times a day on average. A calico ragdoll cat should be bathed appropriately monthly and brushed twice daily.

FAQs On A Calico Ragdoll Cat:

Can Ragdoll cats be calico?

Although a calico ragdoll cat is not officially a part of the ragdoll community, it is similar to a tortoiseshell ragdoll cat. It, therefore, can be considered a part ragdoll community.

What is the calico ragdoll cat price?

A calico ragdoll can cost anything between 500 USD to 2000 USD. Keeping in mind the location, health conditions of your cat, her age, or the breeder, the price may vary. They are not readily available. Hence you can expect it to be on the upper scale of the range.

Where to find the calico ragdoll kittens for sale?

One can contact a local breeder or pet store to purchase or adopt the calico ragdoll cat. One could quickly go online on websites like gumtree, Mr. and Mrs. Pet, or Kijiji and adopt cats.

Are all calico ragdoll cats female?

Yes, they are primarily female because it results from genetics. However, there is a statistically improbable chance that they will be males, which is more of a problem. The males will live not more than 2 to 3 years because it is a wrong genetic mutation. 

Final Thoughts:

With this, we end our blog on a calico ragdoll cat. A calico ragdoll cat is identical to a regular ragdoll cat, with the exception of its coat’s tortoise-like patterns. They need proper grooming and love, just like any other pet. Your cat will live a long and healthy life if you provide it with a balanced diet and regular exercise.