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Retired Ragdoll Cats For Adoption: In-depth Guide

retired ragdoll cats for adoption

Ragdolls are the go-to cats for most cat lovers these days. Besides having beautiful blue eyes and pointed color patterns, they are also compassionate, friendly, and active cats, making them even more desirable to people. Some of us prefer retired ragdoll cats for adoption to provide them with better lives.

Adopting a Ragdoll is a big commitment, but it will be well good enough to justify it! Adopting a retired ragdoll cat is the best decision you’ll ever make, not just because ragdolls are adorable but also because you’ll be giving a homeless, unloved cat a home and all the nutrients it needs.

Many people are wary about adopting retired ragdoll cats because of the potential for health problems. True cat lovers, on the other hand, will see past it. There are numerous benefits to adopting a retired cat. Getting an adult cat allows you to acquire a detailed assessment of the cat’s behavior and choose whether it is the ideal fit for you and your family. So this post will provide you with a guide on retired ragdoll cats for adoption.

How To Look For Retired Ragdoll Cats For Adoption?

How To Look For Retired Ragdoll Cats For Adoption?

The best way to search for anything is online the web. However, sometimes trusted and credible acquaintances are preferable by people for quality purposes or moral constraints. Here are a few tips for your search for retired ragdoll cats for online and offline adoption.

Rescue Organisations

If you wish to acquire a Ragdoll kitten or cat, there are several reputable Ragdoll rescue groups to select from across the globe. When you discover a club in your region, call or email them to learn more about their accessible Ragdoll cats. Such groups include a haven for retired Ragdoll cats for adoption, intending to find them loving homes.

However, we advise looking for reviews online before going through with the adoption. Contact the people they have provided their service to and then decide. Sometimes Siamese and Himalayan cats are falsely classified as Ragdolls. Even though these organizations have a good cause, you do not want to end up with a Balinese cat when you wanted a ragdoll.

Facebook Groups

Ragdoll Cat Owners

This is a beneficial way of finding organizations, breeders, or people with a ragdoll looking for a home. Facebook covers a vast network of people all around the globe, and hence you might get just what kind of ragdoll you are looking for adoption.

Apart from providing a lead of retired ragdoll cats for adoption, these groups might also provide helpful guides and tips about retired ragdoll cats for adoption health and condition. They also offer reviews about which organization or breeder is trustworthy and which is a fraud.

Acquaintances And Neighbours

Call on your friends, family, and neighbors who you think might help with retired ragdoll cats for the adoption process. Inform them of what you are looking for, specifically. Ask them to inform you of any cat shows or owners they know of.

Animals Adoption Centres

Animals Adoption Centres ragdoll

They are generally similar to that of a rescue organization. However, the only difference is that it aims at just providing cats for adoption, unlike rescue organizations which also aim at rescuing animals. Four influential organizations help rescued animals get the home and love they need. Here are a few which can help you find retired ragdoll cats for adoption:

  • Ragdoll Rescue USA
  • Ragdoll International
  • Ragdoll Cat Rescue
  • Merlin’s Hope Ragdoll Rescue
  • Rainbow Ragdolls

Retired Ragdoll Cats For Adoption: Taking Care

Although retired ragdoll cats are pretty much like typical ragdolls in appearance, they might have different personalities or temperaments due to a trauma they might have faced. Therefore, they require a little extra care mentally as well as physically. Here are a few things to keep in mind while taking care of retired ragdoll cats.

Medical Check-Ups

It’s critical to regularly take your adopted cat to the veterinarian for check-ups almost every month a year. They could have developed a condition due to stress or their former living circumstances. As a result, if you don’t want to shorten the life of the poor, innocent cat, we recommend that you take it to the vet regularly. They needed to be treated both physically and mentally.

They demand a well-balanced, protein-rich diet. As a result, a veterinarian may present you with items that your cat may require. Expect your new Ragdoll cat to be wary of vets at first, but it will grow accustomed to them with time. Consider it an essential precaution that will allow you to keep track of your cat’s health.


Your cat, being retired or rescued, might need to adjust to the new change in surroundings. At first, your adopted cat may be terrified of everything, so be tolerant and sympathetic. Try to comprehend your new pet, and it will emerge and adjust to its new loving home in no time. Understand that your feline requires good socialization from you.

Spend as much time as feasible with your furry friend, petting and grooming it. Play with it alone, bring it toys, and avoid anything that may scare it. Once you feel that your ragdoll cat is now friendly and open to you, try taking it for a walk or playing with other cats. Try taking it to a cat show. Do not burden your cat with it all at once. Take baby steps with retired ragdoll cats for adoption.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What is the average lifespan of a Ragdoll cat?

A ragdoll cat can love for 15 years to 18 years in a proper and ideal condition. However, it might be much less if you have a retired cat.

Where to find retired ragdoll cats for adoption?

-Adopt a Pet
-Merlin’s Hope
-Pet Finder

How much do retired ragdoll cats for adoption cost?

Adopting a ragdoll can cost anything above 500 USD. However, if you adopt a rescued or retired cat, it might even be free of cost, but that depends on region, organization, and cat’s conditions.

Final Thoughts:

Retired ragdoll cats for adoption might not be an easy process. Even if you manage to adopt a retired cat, it might not be easy to get your cat to open up to you. Nevertheless, the compassion and love your ragdoll will provide you with will make it worth the effort and time you spent adopting it.