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Do Ragdoll Cats Get Along With Dogs? Answered!

do ragdoll cats get along with dogs

Ragdoll cats are known for their friendly and social personality. They get along quickly with their owners and toddlers at home, show them compassion and make them feel safe. Ragdoll cats are known to get along with other cats, but do ragdoll cats get along with dogs?

The short and direct answer to this question is YES, indeed. Ragdoll cats get along with dogs very well. Hence if you are considering introducing a dog to your ragdoll pet, we will say go for it. Ragdoll cats get along with dogs because of the friendly, compassionate, loyal, and playful nature of both ragdolls and dogs. Ragdoll cats are even called the dogs of the cat community.

It is believed that dogs are a necessity for ragdoll cats. Dogs help overcome anxiety, keep your ragdoll cat occupied when you are not at home, and provide the much-needed exercise to ragdoll cats. Although there is a direct answer here, we suggest you consider your dog’s size, age, breed, and personality before bringing one home. Let us now discuss more on do ragdoll cats get along with dogs.

Do Ragdoll Cats Get Along With Dogs: Reasons

Do Ragdoll Cats Get Along With Dogs: Reasons

Cats and dogs are usually regarded to be mortal foes. In actuality, nothing could be further from the facts. Ragdoll cats get along swimmingly with dogs as their significant friends. However, there are certain exceptions to this rule. For example, you should avoid adopting a chihuahua with a strong territorial disposition. Your cat and dog may end up fighting each other to death.

While most cats get along with their dogs, one breed steps forth. The reasons why Ragdoll cats get along with dogs more than most cat species are listed as follows.

Ragdoll cats are friendly with everyone

Ragdoll cats enjoy meeting new people. They usually choose one human over the others, but there is enough love for everyone who decides to pamper it. Dogs, fellow kitties, toddlers, and visitors make friends with Ragdoll cats. This point says it all on do ragdoll cats get along with dogs.

Ragdoll Cats are the dogs of the cat community

Ragdolls are often referred to as puppies in the feline community because of their identical demeanor. Ragdolls are extremely lively and can be taught to play fetch. They also display a dog-like affection for those they care about.

They have the compatible with dog personality

Ragdolls are peaceful and relaxed cats, yet they can also be gregarious. They are also non-territorial, which means they are not hostile when other dogs cross their borders.

Ragdoll cats have a tough and sturdy coats

Because they can fight dogs, these cats get along well with them. Ragdolls have a huge frame body and powerful muscles, making them ideal for violent play.

Do Ragdoll Cats Get Along With Dogs: Introducing Dogs

Adopting a dog with a ragdoll cat at home might have its pros and cons, but you might want to follow a particular procedure to ensure the compatibility of how well do ragdoll cats get along with dogs.

Make your home dog friendly

Adding a dog house, smoothening the corners of furniture, having a dog litter box, and many other things that a dog needs should be in your home beforehand. Making your home ready for your dog also includes making your cat prepared for your dog. Take your ragdoll cat for a check-up to avoid any worms or infections. Make sure this is both ways; take your soon-to-be adopted dog for a check-up too.

Keep them in separate rooms.

It would be prudent to keep your dog and ragdoll cat in separate rooms for the first few days. Animals do not react well to surprises that are more of a shock to them. Your ragdoll might think of it as a potential threat and switch on its predatory instincts. In this situation answer to “do ragdoll cats get along with dogs” might not be yes.

You desire both pets to feel protected, but you also want them to be mindful that you have a second pet in the house. They can sense and smell one another despite the fact that they can’t see one another. Take small measures at first if you want a successful answer to do ragdoll cats get along with dogs.

Introduce them to each other

Following a few days, you can start introducing the two pets at length. Feeding your Ragdoll cat and dog on separate sides of a door. This enables both animals to link the meaningful feeling of a dinner with the new pets, which promotes loyalty.

You can also try exchanging their blankets, so they both get accustomed to their new playmate. When presenting two pets in front of each other, the scent is very crucial. Both animals can become accustomed to novel odors without being very irritated.

When dogs encounter a ragdoll cat for the first time, they can become too enthusiastic and startle your Ragdoll cat. Keep toys or goodies the primary center of your dog’s attention. Hopefully, the initial face-to-face meeting will go smoothly. However, it may take weeks, if not months, for both pets to feel entirely at ease.

Allow them to know each other

Tie the dog on a chain and let the cat explore. Allowing your dog off the leash for any purpose is never a good idea, and keep an eye out for signs of distress. Provide a toy and let both the dog and ragdoll cat study each other and the toy if all goes well and the dog is relaxed.

Keep a watch on the dog not only on the day of the introduction but for the next few months as well. Keep an eye on the behavior of both pets. When compared to a dog, the ragdoll cat is more sensitive to changes and may not respond well to its enthusiasm. Do ragdoll cats get along with dogs? Yes, they do, but slowly. Do ragdoll cats get along with dogs’ enthusiasm at first? No, therefore, take baby steps.

FAQs on Do Ragdoll Cats Get Along With Dogs?

What are the best dog breeds for ragdoll cats?

Golden Retriever
– Pug
– Labrador Retriever
– Beagle
– Irish Wolfhound

What are the best cat breeds for ragdoll cats?

– Persian Cats
Siberian Cats
– Ragamuffins
– Birman Cats

Are Ragdolls scared of dogs?

Not really. This is a very common question “do ragdoll cats get along with dogs?”. Well, they do, but every cat has its own disposition. Some ragdoll cats might be scared.

Do ragdoll cats need a companion or feel lonely?

Ragdoll cats will require affection and attention. They do feel lonely. If you stay outside your home for the better half of the day, leaving your cat alone at home, then a companion would be needed.

Final Thoughts:

With this, we come to the end of our post on doing ragdoll cats get along with dogs. Generally, ragdoll cats like to play with dogs and are quite enthusiastic with their doggy mate. Nevertheless, keep an eye on the behavior of both your cat and dog and separate the two if you see signs of depression.