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Ragdoll Cat Vs Balinese Cat: Which Is Best?

ragdoll cat vs balinese

Ragdolls are adorable cats with distinct dog-like nature. They are compassionate, loyal, and beautiful to look at. Another species shares many similarities with ragdolls and often confuses people about which of these to adopt. It is Balinese. Hence knowing the difference between ragdoll cat vs Balinese is essential.

Ragdoll cat vs Balinese is a very prevalent confusion among people. Balinese and Ragdoll kitties are two of the most popular breeds because they have similar looks. If you aren’t well-versed in cat species, mixing up these two is possible. Balinese are often thin, with a long torso, high strong limbs, and a crescent skull with large ears, to name a few morphological features.

Ragdolls are physically more stout, strong, and contoured. Ragdolls’ heads are similar to a broad, moderately altered sword, while Balinese have a precise, nearly geometrical wedge-shaped skull. If you are searching “Is my cat Himalayan or ragdoll vs Balinese” then this is the ideal post for you.

Ragdoll Cat Vs Balinese: Differences

The ragdoll cat vs Balinese have so many similarities and look almost alike, but there are specific indications that could be used to differentiate between the two categories. We have pointed out a few.


Ragdoll Cat origin

Ragdoll cats are among the newer breeds on the market. In truth, this species did not exist until the 1960s. Ann Baker, an American cat producer in California, established the breed around this time. The idea was to create a kitty that was both attractive and affectionate. However, Balinese cats were not bred for any particular reason.

Balinese cats are a species of Siamese cats. The coat of the Balinese is moderate to lengthy, which distinguishes it from the typical Siamese cat. Breeders in the United States discovered an unusual recessive feature related to long locks in Siamese cats in the mid-nineteenth century.

The popularity of the Balinese cat indeed grew from there. Balinese was coined by producers who believed that the grace displayed by Balinese cats was akin to that shown by elegant dancers in Bali’s temples. Therefore, there is a difference between ragdoll cat vs Balinese in origin too.


Balinese Cat Origin

The Ragdoll has appealing looks. It has a vast, powerful physique with smooth, gentle, semi-long hair covering it. Ragdolls can be found in six different hues, notably red, brown, white, and their dilutes. As a pointed color breed, the body of this cat is softer in color than the paws, ear, mouth, and ears.

It is one of the giant cats you will encounter. While the hair may be extended or medium in length, the crown of the forehead, chest, and back are frequently notably lengthier. With its big, elliptical eyes in turquoise or sapphire, the Ragdoll is one of the most visually remarkable cats.

The Balinese cat is an elegant kitty with a long torso and intermediate length. It’s a bit feline with a stunning coat. Although it is a thin cat, it does not appear to be fading away. Their color variations are remarkably similar to Siamese cats for apparent grounds, but their lengthier coat hair separates them from standard Siamese cats.

The ears are an outgrowth of the triangular skull. The eyes are lovely and slightly tilted. They are usually dark blue, with the darkest blue hanging over the eyes’ edges. They are a distinct breed with characteristics that make them simple to recognize.


Ragdolls are famous cats because of their playful and friendly personalities. They are quiet, yet they also have a soft spot for humans and animals. In truth, the moniker “Ragdoll” stems from the idea that the kittens are so fond of physical attention that they fall floppy when lifted. They are sweet, friendly cats who are also very clever.

Some Ragdolls have learned to fetch the balls respond to their titles and listen to their owners. Ragdolls are harmless to play with, especially if you have children because they do not stretch their nails. Unlike other types, the Ragdoll prefers to be on the floor rather than in high places in the house. Hence you and your toddlers will be even safer. 

Balinese cats are gregarious, clever, and noisy creatures. Balinese cats are known for making a lot of noise, particularly when left unattended for a long time. These cats may be left alone for a long time because their exploratory curiosity keeps them occupied.

Balinese cats are charming and get along well with other cats, doggies who are cat-friendly, and children. They make a fantastic family pet and grow well in a dynamic family environment. So there is not much to say when it comes to temperament between a ragdoll cat vs Balinese.

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Caring And Grooming

Ragdolls are very basic to look after. The semi-long fur of this cat is smooth and soft, so grooming is little. One of the breed’s benefits is that it has no undercoat. As a result, wasting and clumping are significantly decreased. When the ragdoll is in its growing stage, her dietary habits must support her overall growth. To keep their innate inclinations on edge and avoid obesity, they require physical and mental stimulation.

The Balinese is easy to take care of cats that may be cared for in the same way as other cats. They are intelligent and lively cat species that demand a lot of training and playfulness. It would be best if you also fed her with fresh water because she is a very energetic cat that needs much of it. Balinese tend to become obese if their energy is not dissipated through joyful activity or a well-balanced diet.

Ragdoll Cat Vs Balinese: Whom To Adopt?

Ragdoll Cat Vs Balinese: Whom To Adopt

The best species for you is determined by the size of your apartment and how frequently you will be at home. Both the cats need a certain amount of affection. When space is a consideration between ragdoll cat vs Balinese, the latter wins for a small apartment because of its slim structure. Ragdolls require a little more room.

While the Balinese are a more individualistic species, the Ragdoll thrives on being the focus of attraction. The Balinese is the superior option if you want a low-maintenance species. Appearance is simply a question of personal preference. Ragdolls are heavier and more likely to grow larger than Balinese. As a result, your preference trend will aid you in determining which cat is best for you.

FAQs on Ragdoll Cat Vs Balinese Cat

What is the difference between ragdoll cat vs Balinese in the price?

In a comparison of ragdoll cat vs Balinese, ragdoll has an edge. A Balinese cat tends to be more costly than a ragdoll cat—Balinese cat costs around 650 USD, and a ragdoll costs around 500 USD.

Are ragdolls the most affectionate cats?

Yes, they are compassionate and are considered the puppy of the cat world because of this.

Which is better, a male or female Ragdoll cat?

Male ragdolls are kinder and more submissive than females, and they get off well with toddlers compared to female ragdolls. On the other hand, female ragdolls appear to be better to handle and less aggressive than males.

Final Thoughts:

We have to say this about the ragdoll cat vs balinese cat. They both are appropriate and decent pet choices. Nevertheless, it is ultimately upon your discretion and needs which of the two cats is best for you. Both the cats are almost similar in personality, but there is always one better for an individual.