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Black Ragdoll Cats: Do They Even Exist?

Black Ragdoll Cats

Whether black ragdoll cats exist or not is a debatable topic among the ragdoll cat community. Ragdoll cats are defined as pointed, bi-colored breeds with blue eyes. However, a solid black ragdoll lacks the pointed pattern and does not necessarily have blue eyes.

Also known as African ragdoll cats, black ragdoll cats are innocent, friendly, compassionate, and loyal like any other standard ragdoll cat. It can even reproduce pointed ragdoll cats. Nevertheless, they are not considered ragdoll cats officially. Hence, they are not allowed by most cat shows.

The fact that they are rare is not because they are rare. It is because they are not preferred by breeders to breed because of the controversial topic of them even being a ragdoll or not. Many cat lovers do not like solid-color cats, so it can be expensive for breeders to breed black ragdoll cats; hence they are said to be rare. Today we are going to discuss more black ragdoll cats in this post.

Black Ragdoll Cats: About

Black Ragdoll Cats About
Credits: Rhae 2TheResQ

Black ragdoll cat personality includes being gentle, calm, and compassionate. Intellectually, these cats are exceedingly sharp. Cats are not only quick to take up new talents, but they also have a true sense of compassion. The most tranquil cats, though they can also be animated, are African ragdolls. They’ll willingly partake in any entertainment, including chasing balls if you toss them.

Ragdolls are well-behaved and a pleasure to live with. A solid color is not permitted under the Ragdoll’s formal species definition, similar to black Ragdoll cats. The pointed coat of the Ragdoll cat variation, which has a distinctive color combination like chocolate with light brown tips, distinguishes it from other cat breeds.

These pointed patterns are brought on by albinism that reacts to temperature. Ragdoll cats have unique blue eyes that are unusual in pure black ragdoll cats due to this sort of albinism.

Full-grown black ragdoll cats exhibit all the primary purebred traits, including a peaceful demeanor, enormous size, and velvety coat, even if they lack the distinguishing ragdoll markings. Black ragdoll cats can be bicolored and are commonly seen in the black and white color scheme, like the tuxedo ragdoll cat.

Black Ragdoll Cats: Some Facts Set Straight

Black ragdoll cats are even though procreation of ragdoll cats itself is not considered a part of the community. They have the same innate hunting, mental and physical characteristics as ragdoll cats.

Some less known facts about black ragdoll cats are:

  • The International Cat Association states that even though many breeders are now supplying all kinds of solid colored Ragdoll cats on demand and for sale amongst their pointed equivalents, you cannot still enter black ragdoll cats in legitimate competitions.
  • The name “ragdoll” refers to all existing ragdoll cats’ propensity to unwind and become floppy when picked up. It is thus identical to a typical ragdoll cat, except for a few aspects of its look.
  • Black Ragdolls have the DNA even if they lack the conventional pointed characteristic of a standard ragdoll cat. A typical Ragdoll and a black one will birth to pointed and black offspring. A probability is that when two black ragdoll cats are bred, they might create a pointed pattern offspring. 
  • They do not necessarily have a ragdoll cat’s blue, shining, innocent eyes. It might still be clear and beautiful, but the eye color can also be green or golden. Blue eyes are not guaranteed in the case of black ragdoll cats.

Black Ragdoll Cats: Taking Care

Black Ragdoll Cats: Taking Care

Dietary Needs

Having a pet offers several benefits. You will delight seeing your Ragdoll explore with its toys, leap about, and meow in your lap. You must attend to the requirements of your black Ragdoll cat. As a result, we have provided you with a few crucial guidelines.

Black ragdoll cats need a balanced, high-protein diet. So for black ragdoll cats, canned food is always preferred over dry food. While canned food is high in amino acids that a Ragdoll needs throughout its growing phase, cat food is essential for grains and other vitamins. Medication for nutrients is not required unless a veterinarian advises it. We recommend you feed your ragdoll cat enough when it is a kitty.

Physical Activities

These cats stand out from other cats in the cat community. Because they are energetic, unlike most other cat species, they resemble dogs in many ways. A dog’s commitment and their enjoyment of tricks go hand in hand. They have average mental abilities and pick up tricks easily because of this.

Additionally, they are vulnerable to obesity, so we advise not compromising on your black ragdoll cat’s physical activity. On the other hand, we do not advocate abusing your pet either. Everything should be done in moderation.

Grooming And Check-Ups

Ragdolls have unusually silky, lush, fluffy coats. Braids, tangling, and excessive shedding can be avoided by brushing your Ragdoll’s coat at least twice a week. A thorough bath is not required every day if the hair is brushed frequently. Additionally, it would be beneficial to periodically wash their ears with a wet towel and cut their toenails.

While bathing your cats, you must look for any early signs of an illness. Like any pets, black ragdoll cats need regular health examinations. Although they are not frequently exposed to dangerous situations, bringing them in for routine checkups is always essential. Any inherited or acquired medical issue could harm your cat’s wellbeing.

Black Ragdoll Cat Vs. Standard Ragdoll Cat:

Black Ragdoll Cat Vs. Standard Ragdoll Cat:
BasisBlack Ragdoll CatsStandard Ragdoll Cats
ColorSolid black. They are bi-colored, usually with light skin and dark color points.
EyesIt can range from blue to green to golden. Have only blue color eyes.
AcceptanceAre not accepted as a ragdoll cat now. They are accepted as a part of the ragdoll community.
KittensAre blackThe kittens are white.

FAQs on Black Ragdoll Cats

What is the black ragdoll cat price?

While ragdoll cats range from 450 USD to 2500 USD, a black ragdoll cat can cost on the upper edge due to limited breeding.

How long do black Ragdoll cats live?

They live up to 12 to 18 years. They can live a year or two more if proper health care is taken throughout their life.

What is the rarest Ragdoll Colour?

As said before, black ragdoll colors are not rare; they are just bred limitedly. However, the rarest ragdoll colors are fawn, chocolate, lilac, and cinnamon.

Final Thoughts:

Black ragdoll cats are gorgeous and cuddly. We believe they are ideally suited as a pet, although it is unclear if they belong to the ragdoll species. They exist in fascinating solid colors, have innocent yet aggressive eyes, and have all the passionate and dynamic qualities of a ragdoll.