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101 Facts About Seal Mitted Ragdoll Cats

seal mitted ragdoll

Officially, there are six authorized colors for ragdoll cats. They are chocolate, cream, lilac, flame, blue, seal, and lilac. Generally, they occur in three patterns: bi-colored, pointy, and mitted. One of the ragdoll cats that is most frequently seen is the seal-mitted ragdoll cat.

The ragdoll cat has four recognized patterns: pointed, bi-colored, mitted, and lynx. One of the four designs for a seal color ragdoll is the seal mitted Ragdoll. Ragdoll cats with seal points and white patches are known as seal mitts. White toes and a white jaw are among these characteristics. There may also be a white flare on the noses or between the eyes of some seal mitted ragdoll cats. According to the seal point, ragdoll breeders reviews, and seal mitted ragdoll breeders, they both will have the same demeanor and medium to long hair as other Ragdoll cats. In this post today, we will learn more about the seal mitted ragdoll cat.

What Is A Seal Mitted Ragdoll Cat?

What Is A Seal Mitted Ragdoll Cat?
Credits; Ragdolls vom Werbellinsee

Firstly let us clear out one thing, mitted does not imply a ragdoll cat bred with some other cat species. It is also not any kind of color ragdoll cat available. Mitted refers to a specific type of coat pattern common in cats. A seal point ragdoll’s behavior and temperament are the same as that of a seal mitted. They differ only in physical appearance.

A seal mitted ragdoll will have a white spot on its chin that runs the whole distance of its tummy and through the center of its torso. Their front and back, both the toes, are white in their extremities. Their back leg has a white patch extending up to their thighs. They might have a  flare, a tiny white spot on the nose, or in the area between the eyes, another characteristic of some mitted ragdoll cats.

A legitimate Ragdoll cat with seal coloring and the mitted fur style is known as a seal mitted Ragdoll cat. The Ragdoll species guidelines accept this color and pattern. Therefore, a mitted seal Ragdoll cat can compete in shows. Like all other species members, the seal mitted Ragdoll cat will have shimmering blue eyes.

The seal mitted ragdoll cat is born white. The kitten starts developing its color at around 10 weeks. When the ragdoll cat reaches 4 to 5 years of age, they start creating its seal mitted color pattern. It is believed that a seal mitted ragdoll cat was used to develop the ragdoll breed in the 1960s.

They will have medium-length to lengthy fur. As mature, they have balanced bodies that belong to the big cat group. They will also have a forehead that is smoothly rounded and a crescent-shaped head. 

How To Take Care Of Seal Mitted Ragdoll Cat?

How To Take Care Of Seal Mitted Ragdoll Cat?

Taking care of a seal mitted ragdoll cat is pretty much like the standard ragdoll cat. Here are a few ways to take care of your seal mitted ragdoll cat.

Physical Training:

If provided insufficient exercise, a seal-mitted ragdoll will get obese, which is dreadful. Seal ragdolls with mitted patterns are calm and don’t particularly like to jump. They have many characteristics of dogs. Like dogs, seal mitted ragdoll cats are devoted, but they also enjoy playing. They have strong mental powers and are fast to take up new skills.

Give your seal mitted ragdoll two daily 30-minute physical exercise sessions to prevent obesity and related health problems, including cardiovascular troubles. These training methods will hone your ragdoll cat’s natural predatory impulses and improve its physical fitness.


Give dry food that is high in protein to your ragdolls. However, you don’t want your cat to become so dependent on dry food that it becomes unwilling to take wet food. Try to get your cat used to eating both wet and dry food. Due to the breed, this adult ragdoll cat is more prone to obesity. This is because they tend to be indoor cats with few opportunities for exercise.

Obesity harms your Ragdoll in a way that is similar to how it hurts people. They are more susceptible to heart disease, digestive problems, and a bent spine. It would be best to feed your seal mitted ragdoll meals that are high in protein. It would help if you only gave your ragdoll cat what it requires to keep healthy. Consult a professional vet if you notice any sudden abrupt change in your seal mitted ragdoll cat.


Ragdolls have a dense, velvety coat that resembles silk. Groom your Ragdoll’s coat at least twice weekly to avoid tangles, clumping, and severe shedding. A full bath is not required if you brush your seal mitted ragdoll cat hair twice a week.

Additionally, you should regularly clip their fingernails and use a damp towel to wipe out their ears. Regular cat grooming is a fantastic approach to checking for illness signals in your cat. Examine the tongue, claws, jaws, and fangs for anything odd, and look for any discharges in the eyeballs.

Ragdoll cats require regular medical attention, just like any other pet. Your cat’s health may suffer due to a current or developing medical condition. Ragdolls may experience minor health problems, such as gum and intestinal disorders. Keep in touch with your vet.

Seal Point Vs. Seal Mitted Ragdoll:

Basis Seal PointSeal Mitted
NoseThe nose is wholly brownThe nose has a white spot.
ChinDark brown in color. White in color
LimbsHave no specific pattern; patches of brown seal might exist. Their front and back limbs are white in color, extending up to the thighs.
Torso and TummyIt has random points of brown.Essentially the tummy is white for this cat.

FAQs on Seal Mitted Ragdoll

What is the seal mitted ragdoll cat price?

Ragdoll cat price depends on the breeder you choose, your location, the cat’s age, health conditions, adoption, and many other factors. You can expect this cat to range from 500 USD to 1200 USD.

Are all Ragdolls mitted?

Mitted patterns are one of the four patterns ragdoll cats are available in. They are available in bi-colored, pointed, mitted, and lynx patterns. You can also find a tortoiseshell pattern in a ragdoll cat.

Is seal mitted ragdoll cat rare?

No, they are not rare. The most commonly available ragdoll color is the seal. The seal point is the most prevalent ragdoll cat as a pet, so the mitted version of the seal ragdoll is not hard to find.

What is a seal mitted Ragdoll with blaze?

A blaze is a unique white-colored stripe or a marking on a seal mitted ragdoll cat’s face.

What are some seal mitted ragdoll names?

Some names are:
– Coco
– Phoenix
– Lizzie
– Josephine
– Poppy
– Jasper

Final Thoughts:

A seal mitted ragdoll cat is a cat with a white or creamy body and dark brown patches over its body and paws, which are white on the extremities, along with the chin. It requires a standard ragdoll cat maintenance routine. With proper care, your seal mitted ragdoll cat could live up to 20 years.