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11 Week Old Ragdoll Kitten: All Must Know Facts!

11 week old ragdoll kitten

The Ragdoll is a different indoor cat species distinguished by its bold look and easy-going demeanor. Ragdoll cats are attention-seekers who desire to be around their humans for a significant part of the day. Adopting an 11 week old ragdoll kitten will necessitate much more attention than assuming an adult cat.

Ragdolls are believed to have a gentle, quiet, and friendly demeanor, making them perfect pets for families with little toddlers. A Ragdoll, especially an 11 week old ragdoll kitten, is not the ideal cat for you if you have a packed lifestyle that needs you to abandon the ragdoll kitten for lengthy periods.

The Ragdoll is a relatively large breed, with females measuring 8–15 pounds on average and males averaging 12–20 pounds or more. According to their breed specification, they are a vast, robust breed with a thick coat in many different recognized colors and patterns. All of these features, however, develop as they grow older. As a result, it’s critical to understand their qualities as an 11 week old ragdoll kitten.

11 Week Old Ragdoll Kitten: Care Guide

11 Week Old Ragdoll Kitten: Care Guide

Most ragdoll pet owners adopt their cat as an 11 week old ragdoll kitten. However, the standard age for adoption is around 12 to 14 weeks since a kitten requires the nourishment of its mother for development and growth. So here is all you should know about taking care of an 11 week old ragdoll kitten.


An 11 week old ragdoll kitten is in its growing phase. The kitten’s ears, limbs, and tail will begin to widen lengthier and more prominent, while their heads will shed their spherical form. The Ragdoll’s inherent, sparkling blue eyes will be more visible because their eyes will be fully open. By this stage, the coloration and patterns of the kittens’ fur will be well defined.

An 11 week old Ragdoll kitten will have abnormally huge ears and feet, which will develop over time. A healthy 11 week old ragdoll kitten should weigh roughly 1.7 lb (800 g). This age group of kittens will be pretty active as they start to communicate by playing with their fellow mates. They must be permitted to do so. When compared, an 11 week old ragdoll kitten vs 1 year old ragdoll cat weighs around 10-20 pounds.


Like human children who are not much aware of the world as a child, an 11 week old ragdoll kitten is likewise not much aware of the surroundings and might not be that good at socializing. They will only come to people if they make them feel safe and comfortable. Nevertheless, they will not take much time to unleash independence by this time.

By ten weeks or so, ragdoll kittens usually become ready to be adopted and gain their natural and innate specifications. At this stage, a responsible owner must familiarize the 11 week old ragdoll kitten well with its surroundings and activities it is allowed or not allowed.


By this time, the 11 week old ragdoll kitten must be accustomed to dry and wet foods. At this stage, your kitten needs more than just sufficient nutrients, which a mother might not be able to provide with her milk. Hence if an 11 week old ragdoll kitten is not yet shifted to solid food, it is high time they do.

It is also advisable to keep the diet pretty much constant here. Do not variate your diet much. Your 11 week old ragdoll kitten will suffer from diarrhea if you provide them with variety in your diet. If the diarrhea is severe, we recommend stopping the variation and consulting a professional.

Tips To Keep Your 11 Week Old Ragdoll Kitten Happy

Since an 11 week old ragdoll kitten is just a baby and might feel uncomfortable and unsafe around new circumstances. Hence, it is essential that you make your baby feel at home and safe. Please do not push it to play with other cats or pets. Give it time and space, and treat it with patience.

  • Provide a secure refuge for your 11 week old Ragdoll kitten to flee to as they adjust to their novel circumstances. They’ll wish to roam, enjoy, and get to understand their guardians and loved ones, with a safe spot to retreat to if they go outside of their routine. Their litter box and meals should be within easy reach of their safe place, but not exactly next to one other for hygienic reasons. 
  • Spend meaningful time with your new Ragdoll kitten to acclimate them to you, and gradually introduce other family members and pets. Physically grooming and caressing them will show how much you care for them and how much you love them.
  • Have some fun with your ragdoll cat. Provide a selection of ragdoll cat toys for your Ragdoll kitten. They’ll look for things to jump on, roll around in, lick, and mount. Ragdolls have a particular fondness for balls, so pile them high. To avoid weariness, though, diversity is essential.
  • Eliminate grain-based cat food in favor of the most protein-rich options available. Treat your cat for more than one entire meal during growth phases.
  • Frequent vet checkups are required to maintain your ragdoll kitten happy and secure, mainly if it is an 11 week old ragdoll kitten. Only Ragdolls are susceptible to certain diseases. They have a higher risk of renal, bladder, and cardiac disorders.
  • Ragdoll cat needs grooming correctly, especially at a young age as an 11 week old ragdoll kitten. Do not compromise on brushing its coat twice a week and bathing it once every month.

11 Week Old Ragdoll Kitten Vs 1 Year Old Ragdoll Cat:

Basis11 Week Old 1 Year Old
Size11 week old ragdoll kitten is still in its growing stage and has not developed fully. While 1 year old ragdoll cat is also in its growing stage it is larger than 11 week old kitten.
Ready for AdoptionIt is not suggested to adopt them at this age. Twelve weeks is the best age for adoption.A year-old ragdoll cat is more than ready for adoption.
WeightLess in weight compared to a one-year-old ragdoll cat. Heavier than an 11 week old kitten.
CoatCoat patterning, color, and hair are not that developed. Coat hair is not fully grown but color and patterns are visible.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How often should I wash my Ragdoll kitten?

You need not bathe a ragdoll kitten often. A mature ragdoll kitten needs to be cleaned once a month. Since an 11 week old ragdoll kitten does not go out much, it should be bathed once every 45 to 50 days.

What should I expect from an 11 week kitten?

An 11 week old ragdoll kitten is expected to be very social and active physically, but every cat’s personality differs. Please do not force your cat into social situations that it is not comfortable with.

Where should ragdoll kittens sleep?

Ragdoll kittens are fluffy and like to cuddle their owners or themselves and sleep. Therefore they can sleep anywhere cozy.

Final Thoughts:

An 11 week old ragdoll kitten is reasonably a grown and mature cat and requires minimal maintenance but requires more attention. Hence keep your ragdoll kitten close to you, give your cat all it needs, and pamper it—this way, you are giving it a healthy and prosperous life ahead.