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Ragdoll Cat Holding: All You Should Know

Ragdoll Cat Holding

Ragdoll cats are compassionate and like being cuddled and pampered now and then. However, ragdoll cat holding is a tricky process. There is a reason why ragdoll cats are called ragdoll. It is because they go limp or ragdoll when picked up. Hence, they are to be picked and cuddled in a specific manner.

If there’s one thing Ragdoll cats are recognized for, when you lift them and carry them, they seem to become ragdolls. Ragdoll Cats are the most lovable cat species available for adoption. Most of them will want to be with their owners the entire time and will even try to get into their owner’s lap if they allow it.

Ragdoll cats are ideal for folks who merely wish to cuddle and enjoy their feline companions. The concern isn’t simply the limping; it’s also the weight and size. Hence, a specific procedure is required for ragdoll cat holding. Today, we will discuss all you need to know about ragdoll cat holding. Let us first understand the reason behind why they go ragdoll?

Ragdoll Cat Holding: Why Do They Go Ragdoll?

How to Hold a Ragdoll Cat - How to Pick Up a Ragdoll Cat
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Firstly, whether a ragdoll cat limps on being picked or not depends on different cats. Some do limp. Some do not. Therefore, not for all cat owners, ragdoll cat holding could be tricky. Ragdoll cats go floppy because it’s an innate reflex that keeps reminding them of when they were kittens, and their mothers would take them up, and they’d go flaccid.

This cat breed is gentle and meek, with a strong desire for human attention. They enjoy being cuddled, and when lifted, they go soft like a doll as they rest, gaining the nickname “floppy cats.” When kittens are carried by their mother by the scruff, they relax due to a reaction that helps them ease when gripped by that area.

When Ragdolls go sleepy in your lap, they remain exceedingly calm and comfortable, spreading their paws all over the place as if they don’t worry about anything. Their bellies are revealed as they go floppy when carried, which symbolizes confidence and obedience for the owner. This could indicate that they roll around because they feel at ease in your company and do not perceive you as a hazard.

However, not all of them will fall victim to the well-known flop because each feline, like all other varieties, has its attitude and disposition. While most of them will go floppy voluntarily, some will only remain so for a couple of moments.

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Ragdoll Cat Holding: How?

Positions that are unpleasant for your ragdoll cat or cuddling the cat in a manner that creates discomfort will be sensed by your ragdoll cat, and they will start doubting their trust in you. It would be best not to break this confidence because these cats become limp because they trusted you to nurture them correctly. Even though the cat is a ragdoll, you should handle its body with caution.

Here are a few tips on ragdoll cat holding.

Hold A Relaxed Cat

Holding your cat with caution is suggested. Do not make it uncomfortable. The best way to hold it carefully is to look for an opportunity when it is relaxed and wants you to pick it up. Do not force the ragdoll cat holding upon your cat. It will agitate them.

Look for a time when your ragdoll cat is playing or is resting beside you or maybe roaming around you. This will be the perfect time to pick your cat. It is in a happy mood and would like to connect with you. Try ragdoll cat holding in a sitting position. This way, your cat will be comfier. Avoid pressing its tails and keep massaging slightly on its head to make your cat feel pampered.

Take Your Time

We do not expect you to learn how to hold cats within a day or two, especially when you are a beginner. It is always better to know ragdoll cat holding correctly than to learn it somehow and make your cat uncomfortable and stressed.

Give your cat the time to know you and understand that you are not a threat to it. When you have bought a new ragdoll, adjusting to the transitions might take some time, and trust you. Hence, do not make a mistake in a hurry. Give yourself and your cat some time and space.

Avoid Getting Bitten Or Snapped At

Ragdolls, like every other cat, have predatory or survival instincts. Therefore, they might scratch or bite you if they feel that you are a threat. Avoid injuring its eyes or tails if you do not want your ragdoll to bite you.

Understand when your cat is ready for you to pick it up or cuddle it. Look for indications that will let you know whether or not your cat is ready. For instance, examine behind the ears of your ragdoll cat for an “L” shaped mark, which suggests that they are female kittens. If that’s the case, they’re eager for some love!

They also turn over in a distinctive way that makes them appear quite snug and cuddly. Befriending your ragdoll cat is simple if you remember the fundamentals. You’ll likely get more out of your relationship with your house cat if you master ragdoll cat holding or cuddling.

However, this does not imply that if someone does not hold their cat often or cuddle them often, they are any less of a cat lover. They care equally for their cat. It might so happen they tend even more because some ragdolls are just not ragdoll cat holding kind of cat. They understand it and avoid holding or cuddling them forcefully. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Do Ragdoll cats like to cuddle?

Yes, ragdoll cat holding or cuddling is a good way of taking care of your ragdoll. They are affectionate and like to be held, massaged, and pampered.

What if my cat does not like ragdoll cat holding?

Because every cat is unique, there may come a moment when your ragdoll cat refuses ragdoll cat holding. You can attempt to influence your cat to appreciate being carried by giving it food, catnip, or strokes in certain situations. You can also focus on allowing the cat to have its privacy. Do not suffocate it.

Are ragdoll cats clingy?

They are usually. Nevertheless, it again depends upon what kind of personality your cat has.

Final Thoughts:

Ragdoll cat holding can be a tricky process. You have to give time and be patient with the attempt to hold your cat. They will be inconsistent about whether or not they should trust you. Instead of imposing yourself on your ragdoll, let it come to you when it feels a connection with you.