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Must-Know Facts Of Ragdoll Tabby Mix Cats!

ragdoll tabby mix

Ragdoll cats are known for their bi-color, silky and heavy coat, with a docile yet lively personality. Ragdolls are the go-to cat for cat lovers due to their charming and passionate characters and deep, mesmerizing blue eyes. Ragdolls are subjected to a lot of inter-species breeding. One such breed is the ragdoll tabby mix.

As one would make out, the ragdoll tabby mix cat is a progeny of one parent cat ragdoll and another parent cat tabby. As one would presume, the cat has a mixture of the primary breed’s personalities and appearance. While the tabby cat breed is known for its dark and dense colors with stripes and patches over its body, ragdolls are usually available in light colors with points.

A ragdoll tabby mix has a mixture of both. It has a soft color body with dark tabs or issues, which can be stripped. A note about ragdoll tabby mix is scarce to breed. Hence, if you get hold of one ragdoll tabby mix, we recommend taking good care of it.

Ragdoll Tabby Mix: About

Appearance And Temperament

Appearance And Temperament ragoll mix tabby

The Ragdoll Tabby mix’s attitude is a combination of both parental races. They have the gentleness of Ragdoll cats and the friendliness of Tabby cats. Their actions are amicable. They seem to be quite serene and adorable. These cats are very active. They enjoy meeting new people. Ragdoll tabby mix cats can also be free-spirited and aren’t excessively needy.

They don’t ask for much, just your love and care. They make ideal pets because of their friendly and laid-back personalities. They can be great companions if you create an empathic connection with ragdoll tabby mix cats. They are super bright. Both parent breeds have excellent relationships with other animals like dogs, and their offspring are no exception.

Ragdoll tabby mix cats come in different shades and color combinations. They are primarily light-colored but have dark points. These points are more spread relative to a typical ragdoll cat. Ragdolls are restricted to blue-colored eyes. However, since the ragdoll tabby mix is a hybrid, they have eyes like blue, green, and golden colors. This is the major difference between a ragdoll tabby mix vs a normal ragdoll.

Size And Weight

Size And Weight ragdoll mix tabby

Ragdoll cats are magnificent creatures and are noteworthy for their size. Ragdoll cats are enormous, bulky, solid, and weighty cats, with the end going up to 25 pounds. By the point they reach their maturity at roughly four years old, the median Ragdoll cat weighs between 10 and 20 pounds. On the other hand, 6 and 10 pounds is the mean weight of a household tabby cat.  

The parent breeds’ sizes determine the weight of the ragdoll tabby mix. If the parent types are enormous, the resulting mix kitten will be as well. In mixed breeds, the size and weight are determined significantly by the dominant bloodlines.

In most cases, Ragdoll cats are larger than Tabby cats, and the ragdoll tabby mix is more inclined towards ragdoll size weight proportion. However, the size may vary depending on the female and male breeds chosen. Female ragdolls and tabbies are usually on the smaller side of the weight and size range.


Lifespan ragdoll mix tabby

Both tabby and ragdoll cats have long-lived lifespans. Hence, ragdoll tabby mix cats also have a prolonged lifespan. The mixed-breed could live up to 19 to 22 years. Again, the parent breeds health conditions, lifespans, and inherent characteristics play an essential role in determining how long your ragdoll tabby mix cat will live.

If you adopt a ragdoll tabby mix cat, you can expect it to live an average of 20 years. How long your cat will also depend on how well you take care of it. It would help if you gave your hybrid cat a proper diet with regular physical and mental exercise.

These cats tend to become obese when they mature because they are indoor cats. They do not like to climb much too. Therefore, to prevent obesity and diseases related to it, one must check the cat’s physical exercises. To keep their natural predatory instincts on edge, you must also provide them with routine mental games and toys.

Grooming your cat is also necessary to ensure that all possible health risks are kept to a minimum. We also recommend inspecting your cat now and then and taking it to regular check-ups with the vet. You provide your ragdoll tabby mix with a healthy and prosperous life with these essential maintenance habits.

Are Ragdoll Tabby Mix Cats Rare?

Adopting a ragdoll tabby mix is a pretty challenging opportunity. They are a rare mix breed indeed. They are usually bred on-demand only, and therefore, they cost high too. Generally, ragdolls or tabby cats are available in pet stores online or in physical stores. Nevertheless, the mixed breed of the two is rare to find.

Because they are rarely available, it is obvious they are costly to adopt. The price of a ragdoll tabby mix will be a minimum of 500 USD. The cost differs from region to region. Additionally, the flexible and adjusting personality, along with the low maintenance characteristics of the cat, makes it even more expensive.

We would recommend adopting these cats from a rescue shelter if they are available because a breeder or pet store owner might charge you anything beyond 500 USD. There is no upper bound to it. However, if you are fortunate enough to find one and purchase one, we would say that their adorable eyes and warmth will make every penny you spend on them worth it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where to buy genuine ragdoll tabby mix kittens for sale?

The particular cat breed is rare to find. Hence, you might find it online or in any rescue shelter or pet store if you are fortunate. If you want them particularly, we advise you to contact a breeder.

Does a ragdoll tabby mix have short hair?

Since a tabby cat has a short hair coat, one could expect the hybrid to have short hair. However, it depends majorly on which gene will be dominant.

Can ragdolls be tabby?

Ragdolls have a particular variety with coat points like a wild lynx or tabby. These tabby points will be more prominent if you have a ragdoll tabby mix.

Final Thoughts:

While a ragdoll tabby mix cat is a rare variety, you should take good care of it if you are lucky enough to acquire one. Although we promote taking good care of any pet yet, we would not want you to compromise it on any level with the rare hybrid in possession. Just keep good care of it, and you will provide the cat and yourself with a happy and lovely life ahead.