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Does Short Hair Ragdoll Cat Exist?

short hair ragdoll cat

Ragdoll cats are well known for many features like blue eyes, friendly nature, loyalty towards guardians, puppy-like traits, and many more. Among these features, a specific quality typical to all ragdoll cats is its hair, which is medium to long in size, which might seem high maintenance to many. So the question people generally ask is whether a short hair ragdoll cat exists or not?

The short and crisp answer is NO. A short hair ragdoll cat does not exist. It is a generic feature of a ragdoll cat to have long or medium size hair. It is probably a scam if someone sells you a fully grown, short hair ragdoll cat. You are either being provided with a mixed breed or a completely different cat. Ragdoll cats are medium- to long-haired with stunning blue eyes noted for their calm and pleasant demeanor.

On the other hand, a Ragdoll is a domestic cat that should be confined indoors. Nonetheless, it requires training and activity, so you may need to remove them. Because they have long hair, their hair and coat require regular brushing and maintenance. As a result, a short hair ragdoll cat can never be considered a pure breed.

Short Hair Ragdoll Cat: Hair Features

Short Hair Ragdoll Cat: Hair Features

The hair of a ragdoll is one of its most distinguishing characteristics. Ragdolls will typically have silky smooth, medium-length hair. Another essential attribute of the breed’s coat is that it does not quickly become tangled. It makes grooming them a breeze, as long as you get the appropriate equipment. It’s possible that your cat isn’t a genuine Ragdoll if their coat becomes tangled.

While the thickness and quality of their hair would still be similar, the color of their coats might vary significantly. Chocolate, turquoise, lilac, red, and cream are some of the ragdoll coat colors that have been documented. A ragdoll’s coat features a pointed design. That is, the skin has dark-colored dots all over it.

Ragdoll breeding regulations state that they must be “decently long-haired,” and any kittens with short hair will be rejected. Ragdoll kittens are, of course, short-haired, and the complete coat can take a few weeks to grow in. However, they are usually adopted at 12 weeks, when they have developed their long hair coat.

Short Hair Ragdoll Cat: Can I Cut Ragdoll Hair Short?

Short Hair Ragdoll Cat: Can I Cut Ragdoll Hair Short?

Even the thought of cutting your ragdoll’s hair seems brutal. A ragdoll’s hair is the most beautiful feature; why would someone want to miss the stunning long-haired ragdoll cat to a short hair ragdoll cat. Ragdoll cats shed their hair naturally and grow them back naturally. In summers, ragdoll cats shed their hair a lot due to the heat, and in winters, they regrow it. Their fur assists them in regulating their body temperature so that they can manage this on their own.

Above all, cats’ skin is hyper delicate, and they can readily be injured when being trimmed. They also don’t require it. There is almost seldom a sufficient justification to shave your cat. Shaving ragdolls can also affect the color of their hair. Numerous ragdoll owners have confirmed this fact.

If your ragdoll’s hair has become matted or has something trapped, only then should you consider trimming it? They may begin to matt if their fur has not been adequately cared for. Even so, only the twisted piece should be cut.

Therefore, if you want a short hair ragdoll cat, firstly drop the idea, secondly do not try cutting your pure-breed ragdoll cat’s hair, and lastly, try a cross-breed with a guidance of a professional breeder.

How To Take Care Of Ragdoll Hair?

How To Take Care Of Ragdoll Hair?

Ragdoll cat coat needs proper grooming and care. Since a significant danger, the long, soft, and fluffy hair of ragdoll faces is the danger of being tangled. To avoid such a thing, ensure you brush their coat once or twice weekly.

Fortunately, ragdolls are famous for being cuddly and enjoy being cared for, so brushing them twice a week should be pretty straightforward. Also, instead of using a metallic brush, attempt utilizing one with delicate strands when brushing them. Metal ones can damage their hair, and you prefer them to be as comfy as possible if you brush them routinely.

When washing the coat, you need not bathe a ragdoll cat every day or week. Once a month is sufficient in the case of a ragdoll cat. If you see your ragdoll cat hair getting dirty, you can also clean them before. So taking care of a ragdoll cat’s hair is not a high-maintenance task.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Do ragdolls get hairballs?

Since ragdoll cats have long to medium-length hair, they have hairballs in their feces. This is because they are hygienic animals and they lick and clean themselves. So many times, they ingest their hair while grooming themselves. Hence you may find an incidence of hairballs.

Why do I have a short hair ragdoll cat?

The coat of a fully matured genuine Ragdoll will be medium to long. A mature short hair ragdoll cat is probably a mixed breed with another breed, such as a British Shorthair.

At what age do ragdoll cats go all fluffy?

Ragdoll cats go fluffy around the age of 4 years. They grow their hair fully by then. However, the short hair vanishes in a few months.

Is a short hair ragdoll cat possible?

The Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) denies the existence of a short hair ragdoll cat because the natural trait of a ragdoll cat is to have medium to long hair. On top of that, a short hair ragdoll cat is not possible genetically.  

How to cut ragdoll cat hair at home?

If your cat has matted its hair we suggest just taking scissors and cutting the matted portion only. However, if many parts of your cat coat are tangled, take it to a professional.

What are some tools needed to groom ragdoll cats?

– Brush
– Nail clipper
Cat shampoos

Final Thoughts:

A short hair ragdoll cat hence is a scam. There is no such cat as a short hair ragdoll cat. The hair of a ragdoll cat is one of the unique features of a ragdoll cat which makes it distinct from other cats along with its features like blue eyes, pointed coats, and compassionate personality. If you want a short hair cat go for cats like the British Shorthair cat.