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Ragdoll Kittens For Sale In Melbourne

ragdoll kittens for sale in melbourne

Ragdoll cats are highly in demand by families and individuals because of their social and active nature, dog-like personality, and adorable looks and eyes. After you have decided that you want a ragdoll, the first step is to search where to find ragdoll kittens for sale in Melbourne.

While ragdoll kittens are available online on sites like perfect pets, gumtrees, etc., some individuals might be particular about which type of Ragdoll they need, be it a tuxedo or a hybrid of munchkin and Ragdoll. In this case, individuals might need an excellent breeder to provide the specific breed they need.

Many breeders sell cats like Balinese or other hybrids instead of the particular species you want. Hence choosing a decent and trustworthy breeder is a necessity. There are specific characteristics of a good breeder, and we have provided you with a guide on selecting a fine breeder. Are you looking for white ragdoll kittens for sale in Melbourne? This is the post you need.

Tips On How To Find Ragdoll Kitten For Sale In Melbourne

Tips On How To Find Ragdoll Kitten For Sale In Melbourne

If you’re thinking of getting ragdoll kittens for sale in Melbourne, the most crucial action you have to take is to identify a reliable breeder. We advocate buying a cat from a breeder instead of a pet store since you never understand the reliability of the breeding or if they were handled decently. Ragdoll cats are large, puffy, and adorable. Here is how you can choose a reputable breeder.

Attend Cat Shows in Your Area

Going to a nearby cat show can help you find the best Ragdoll kitten to add to your household. Ragdolls are a renowned species. Therefore there will almost certainly be at least one registered. Meet ragdoll cat enthusiasts and inquire about their experiences with ragdoll adoption and specific breeders or pet retailers. This allows you to encounter new Ragdolls while learning more about the species.

Ask your neighbors to inform you if there is a cat show nearby, and look for cat shows online. Also, ask people you meet there to tell you of any ragdolls they know to adopt or ragdoll kittens for sale in Melbourne.

Look For Breeders

Make a list of breeders you would want to adopt an act from. Before making that list, make a list of what you are looking for in a breeder. Search for breeders online and make sure they satisfy all the requirements you need in a breeder. Review your breeder precisely. The Ragdoll cat producer you select must have a solid record, which you may verify on the web.

Presently, the internet allows for more openness among service providers, and cat breeders are no exception. Examine breeder complaints, poor reviews, or disadvantages, and then shortlist the breeders accordingly. Consult the breeder’s clients online and see what they have to say. Contact pet stores providing ragdoll kittens for sale in Melbourne and ask them questions about their ragdolls.

Visit The Breeder’s House

Visit The Breeder's House in Melbourne

Before deciding on a breeder who provides ragdoll kittens for sale in Melbourne, visit breeders who provide ragdoll kittens for sale in Melbourne. This is an excellent approach to observing the breeding cats’ living conditions and how the cats are nurtured. Check to determine if the area is reasonably tidy.

Observe the cats’ behavior at the breeder’s residence. Inspect to see if the cats are friendly or if they flee when you attempt to pet them. Examine the Ragdoll cats on exhibit for their overall health. Red eyes, sniffing, nasal congestion, swollen stomach, and filthy ears are all indicators of potential flaws in the breeder.

Ragdoll Kittens For Sale In Melbourne: List Of Breeders

Rose-colored Ragdolls

Ragdoll Kittens For Sale In Melbourne: List Of Breeders

Rose-colored Ragdolls is a recognized and respectable breeder that is fully certified, providing ragdoll kittens for sale in Melbourne. This breeder offers a plethora of information about their cats and kittens and guarantees that they all find loving homes. Vaccinations are also provided for the first eight weeks. They even give their honest opinions on the health issues and challenges one can encounter when adopting a ragdoll.

Customer Reviews:

Customer feedback has been more than positive for this particular breeder. They only have a few reviews, but they are all positive. However, there were also complaints about how a few kittens at the breeder’s center appeared to be unwell. But we think that they are the best providers of ragdoll kittens for sale in Melbourne.

Ragalon Ragdolls

The Ragalon ragdoll breeding organization is roughly 100 kilometers southeast of Melbourne. They have focused their efforts as certified ragdoll breeders for over two decades, not only on conserving the original form and personality of the lovely ragdoll cat but also on furthering the evolution of the chocolate and lilac coloration through an authorized color experimental program. They take part in cat shows frequently.

Customer Reviews:

The particular provider of ragdoll kittens for sale in Melbourne has had no negative reviews until now. They have been praised a lot by their customers for their services. These services include providing healthy kittens, proper care and vaccination of ragdolls, and appropriate advice on how to take care and groom a ragdoll.

Silhouette Ragdolls

Silhouette Ragdolls is a family-run breeder who is dedicated to moral breeding. They have offered ragdoll kittens for sale for more than a decade in Melbourne. These cats grow up accompanied by children and other animals, allowing them to adjust to different environments quickly.

Silhouette Ragdolls is committed to producing healthier Ragdolls from classic lineages. Every cat is authentic to its character, with the laid-back disposition, shape, blue eyes, and extroverted demeanor highlighted. They focus on a small selection of Seal, Blue, and Lilac colors. 

Customer Reviews:

They have had very few reviews yet, but are exceptional in their services. They provide hybrid as well as purebred ragdoll kittens for sale in Melbourne. They have had many cat shows and awarded many reputed awards in the cat community. They are entirely legal and certified breeders and providers of ragdoll kittens for sale in Melbourne with nothing but positive reviews.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How much do ragdoll kittens cost in Australia?

Adopting a ragdoll kitten for sale in Melbourne is between $800 to $2000, depending on the region and the type of Ragdoll you need.

Can you get Ragdolls in Australia?

Of course, you get ragdolls in Australia. There is a list of breeders who provide ragdolls for adoption, and you can always visit online websites or pet stores nearby.

Can Ragdoll be an outdoor cat?

Yeah! Ragdoll cats are allowed to go outdoors with the approval and under the guidance of their owners. It is not good to leave your ragdoll cat out unaccompanied because they are still vulnerable to risks.

Final Thoughts:

So, we have established that you can look for ragdolls for sale in Melbourne from the breeders mentioned above and online websites like cat kingpin, perfect pets, or gumtree. You can always visit the nearest pet stores but make sure they provide you with healthy ragdolls.