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A Complete Guide On Ragdoll Bengal Mix

ragdoll bengal mix

Cat owners frequently breed two distinct cat species together to produce kittens with the desired traits. Siamese, Balinese, Snowshoe, and many other cat breeds have been crossed with ragdoll cats. The Ragdoll Bengal mix is one such mixed breed in the ragdoll world.

As the name implies, a ragdoll Bengal mix cat is a cross between a Bengal cat and a ragdoll cat. There are many distinctions between ragdoll cats and Bengal cats, as well as many similarities. The Bengal cat is known for being an active and athletic personality. In contrast, ragdoll cats are more relaxed and docile cats. Their similarities include being affectionate. Despite the rugged nature that the Bengal cat has and the giant size of a ragdoll cat, they are both friendly cats, and hence a ragdoll Bengal mix is also bound to be compassionate. This post will discuss the specifics of the ragdoll Bengal mix.

Ragdoll Bengal Mix: About

Ragdoll Bengal Mix: About

These cats have warm, loving, and joyful attitudes. They come in various colors, including black, brown, and chocolatey. Beca se of their cleverness, they are simple to train. Due to their modest shedding, they necessitate minimal management. Unfortunately, the ragdoll Bengal mix is not a hypoallergenic cat. Their amiable demeanor draws in children, other pets, and household people.

Bengal ragdoll mix cats are simple for owners to clean. The characteristics of your Ragdoll Bengal mix will be influenced by genetics. There will be mix-breeds that more closely resemble Bengal cats than Ragdoll cats and vice versa. Bengal and ragdoll cats are both loving and devoted to their owners. Therefore, a ragdoll Bengal mix will undoubtedly make a good pet.


Ragdoll Bengal mix has short to medium size coat hair. They take more after a Bengal cat when it comes to appearance. They can have the eyes of a ragdoll or a Bengal cat, whichever they take most after. Bengal cats have big elliptical eyes. A broad, moderate size tail with a black point fades at the base. Their belly is speckled as well. Ragdoll cats have round blue eyes.

The Bengal’s short-haired, thick fur, wonderfully soft and silky to the touch, adds to its untamed aspect. It is available in a variety of hues and patterns. In contrast, ragdoll cats have thick, long-haired, dense coats with color points. They are available in 6 colors and three patterns, color point, bicolor, and mitted.

The coat of a Bengal cat can be speckled with lateral lines or dotted sporadically over a lighter base. Some Bengals are known to have “glittered” coats. The fur appears to be dusted with fairy dust as it sparkles in the sunshine. The coat of the ragdoll Bengal mix is short-haired, with spots ans stripes like a Bengal cat, but the coat is dense and thick like a ragdoll cat.


The casual Ragdoll Bengal mix kittens are accustomed to living in tiny homes and flats. They are faithful and intelligent. The same as their parent species, these cats are lovable and friendly. The Ragdoll Bengal mix is a self-assured, chatty, sociable cat that is constantly on guard. Nothing eludes its attention. It enjoys playing with toys and doing fun activities, such as fetch, and is a pro at picking up new skills.

These felines form close relationships with relatives. These cats are calm, and they like to be pampered. Toddlers are also safe with these cats. This is quite obvious since their parent breeds are quite similar. But unlike ragdoll cats, ragdoll Bengal mix cats are agile and enjoy an active lifestyle.


Cats that are a Ragdoll-Bengal mix are calm. These are medium-sized to giant cats. They could weigh anything between 11 and 20 pounds. The primary factor in their size is heredity. In comparison to Bengal cats, Ragdoll cats are a little bit larger. Bengal cats typically weigh between 8 and 15 pounds, while ragdoll cats range from 10 to 20 pounds in weight. They have hefty, wild cat-like bones.

Health Issues

Health Issues to ragdoll bengal mix
Credits: Poppy Kitten

Contrary to other standard-size kittens, the Ragdoll Bengal mix cats have a long lifetime. Their average lifespan may be between 12 and 18 years on average. The Ragdoll cat has a longer lifespan than the Bengal cat. Even though Ragdoll Bengal mix kittens generally have excellent well-being, some genetic health issues could arise.

Lifespan continuously varies depending on several factors, such as injuries, medical issues, training, concentration, and nutrition. The health problems of distal neuropathy, hip dysplasia, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, and patellar Luxation are more common in Bengal cats.

In contrast, diseases like obesity, HCM, PKD, and urinary system issues are more common in ragdoll cats. Hence your ragdoll Bengal mix should be protected from all these diseases. Go for regular check-ups and observe any signs or potential symptoms of these diseases.

FAQs On Ragdoll Bengal Mix:

Where to find ragdoll Bengal mix kittens for sale?

You can always look online on websites like gumtree, pets perfect, findads, or cats of Australia. You can also contact local breeders or go to rescue shelters to look for a ragdoll Bengal mix.

What is the ragdoll Bengal cross kittens’ price?

The kittens are more expensive than the cats of this particular hybrid. Kittens can cost anywhere between 800 USD or 2000 USD, whereas cats can cause between 800 to 1200 USD. Adopting a ragdoll Bengal mix from a rescue shelter is cheaper than contacting a breeder.

Can cats be mixed with Ragdolls?

Yes, they can be. Like, ragdolls are bred with Bengal cats. They can also be produced with Persian, Birman, or Maine Coon cats. Nevertheless, you can do this only if you have a license for breeding cats.

Why is my ragdoll aggressive?

Ragdoll cats might be aggressive if they are a hybrid. Like in the case of a ragdoll and Bengal cat mix. This is because the Bengal cat is slightly agile in nature and might pass on the aggressive gene in your ragdoll cat.

What are some cute ragdoll Bengal mix names?

– Tiger
– Kaka
– Mowgli
– Simba

Final Thoughts:

The ragdoll Bengal mix is a hybrid between the ragdoll cat and the Bengal cat. They are intelligent, quick, compassionate, and athletic cats. They have short-haired coats with spots and stripes but are dense. They require minimal maintenance because they shed less. They should be provided with proper exercise, training, and playtime, a balanced diet, and proper nutrition for a healthy life.