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How To Take Care of a Red Ragdoll Cat?

red ragdoll

Ragdoll cats are perhaps one of the most popular cat breeds out there for the majority of households. This is due to a variety of different factors, including temperament, general grooming, and overall appearance and personality. Among the most demanded ragdoll breeds is the Flame Point Ragdoll Cat or simply the Red Ragdoll.

The red ragdoll cat is one of the 6 most common and traditional ragdoll cat colors. From a behavioral point of view, this cat is quite well-mannered and tends to be shy and to himself. Additionally, they depend on their owners and require a lot of attention and affection. Moreover, these ragdoll cats also get along well with other pets in a particular household. They are also fairly easy to groom due to the absence of an undercoat which minimizes hair shedding.

Red Ragdoll Cat: Specifications

Red Ragdoll Cat: Specifications

Pattern & Color

As we all know, there are six traditional ragdoll cat colors, including blue, lilac, chocolate, cream, flame, and seal. As the name suggests, a flame point or more conventionally called the red ragdoll, exhibits color patterns representing a flame.

The overall body color of the red smoke ragdoll cat is creamy white. On the other hand, the paws and the nose are of light pink color. It is only the extremities that are red or orange in color. A flame point ragdoll also comes in five patterns – mitted, bicolor, colorpoint, lynx, and tortie.

Behavior & Personality

Red ragdoll cats are said to be very dependent on their owners in the sense that they tend to be close to their owners most of the time. Thus, constant availability is necessary on the part of the owner. Owners describe ragdolls as a very energetic and curious breed. Owners typically find their flame point ragdoll kitten lounging on their blankets or a sofa in the living room during the day.

Similar to how young toddlers are when they first join the world, a flame point ragdoll kitten is not particularly well-aware of its surroundings and might not be very adept at communicating with humans. They will not approach people unless they are given reasons to feel safe and comfortable.

The red ragdoll kitten grows up to be a loving and intelligent cat. They are somewhat rebellious, and much prefer to cuddle or be treated than perform tricks. Most flame point ragdoll kittens get along with youngsters and other animals as long as they are handled gently and delicately.

Other Attributes

Flame point ragdoll cats can grow up to 12 to 16 inches in length and weigh anywhere between 14 and 20 pounds. Their average life span ranges from 13 to 15 years. They are also characterized by blue eyes. Its name, flame point ragdoll cat, refers to the warm tone. As they get older, their red and orange patterns will gradually emerge.

Taking Care of a Red Ragdoll Cat


Ragdoll cats are generally in good health. A flame point ragdoll kitten has not been linked to any particular health problems. Due to their absence of an undercoat, red ragdoll cats have a unique trait that helps them shed less fur over time.

Brushing will also stop mats from forming. If mats do develop, they must be cut out with scissors. They might need to have their nails clipped once every quarter or so to keep them from breaking, flaking, and becoming dangerous to others.

Dietary Needs

Dietary Needs Red Ragdoll Cat
Credits: The Cat Butler

Flame point ragdoll kittens must be comfortable with both dry and wet food. At this stage, your kitten needs more than just adequate nutrition, which a mother’s milk might not be able to provide. So if a flame point ragdoll kitten has not made the changeover to solid food, the moment has come.

Maintaining a fairly regular diet in this situation is also a good idea. Do not make significant dietary changes. Your flame point ragdoll kitten will not have diarrhea if you feed them a diversified diet. If the diarrhea is severe, we advise stopping the variation and seeing a doctor.

Exercise & Training

Red ragdoll cats are clever and can also be educated to do tasks like “come-sit-stay,” although they can be temperamental and initially resist training. They will understand what you want if you are persistent and patient with them.

To keep them occupied when they are not feeling sluggish and to prevent them from getting fat as they age, these cats should be given engaging toys or something to keep them busy. They do not require a lot of exercises because they prefer to lounge around all day, nap, or cuddle with their owner. It is safe to say that the flame point ragdoll cat is very lazy and highly prefers leisure.

Other Pets

These cats do not like hunting for their food and have a low prey drive. Therefore, if you have any small pets in your household, you need not worry about the ragdoll cat harming them. Additionally, they are quite friendly and mild-tempered in nature. Thus, they would also go along well with other non-aggressive pets.

FAQs on Red Ragdoll

How rare is the red ragdoll?

The odds of you finding a red ragdoll kitten or cat in your ordinary cat store are very less. Therefore, you may say that the red ragdoll or the flame point ragdoll cat is quite rare.

What is the price of a red ragdoll?

Due to their rare heritage, these cats can go for significantly steep prices ranging between $1000 and $2500. However, this depends on a variety of different factors, including health and quality.

Are red ragdolls good for families?

Yes. Flame point ragdolls go along well with most households with a calm and comforting environment. As they require constant owner’s attention, they should not be kept alone for a long period of time.

What are some names for red ragdolls?

– Leah
– Ruby
– Sabrina
– Beatrice

Final Thoughts

Ragdolls are an increasingly popular breed of cats, especially for households. They are commonly available in 6 different colors, including red. Red ragdoll cats are very easy to take care of and will certainly prove to be a good addition to your family.