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Peace Lily Betta Fish Bowl: Does It Work?

peace lily betta fish

Betta fish are generally kept in a well-prepared tank setup, containing all the necessary pieces of equipment like a water heater, air pump, and water filter. However, some betta owners prefer keeping their betta fish in a peace lily betta fish bowl as they like the view of it.

So the question arises – Is a peace lily betta fish bowl safe for a betta fish? It is always recommended that you buy a tank for your betta fish that is generally at least 5 gallons in size—however, some people like the ethnicity involved in keeping a peace lily betta fish vase. There might be several issues while keeping your betta fish in a bowl. For instance, the betta fish would not get enough space to swim about. Moreover, the absence of a proper water heater, filter, and air pump is a significant downside to this idea.

Why A Peace Lily Betta Fish Bowl Won’t Work?

As stated earlier, it is a general norm to keep a betta fish in a well-setup tank. Betta fish are highly aggressive and territorial in nature. Therefore, they need sufficient space to swim. A small swimming area can stress out your betta fish and may also lead to betta’s boredom.

However, if you try to keep your betta fish in a peace lily betta fish vase, you may run into some severe problems regarding the required size and water quality and proper filtration. Here are some reasons you should avoid keeping a betta fish in a vase.

Bowl Size

Perhaps the most obvious reason not to put your betta fish in a bowl or a vase is the size of the said bowl. The rule of thumb is to allocate at least one gallon of water for every inch of the fish. Betta fish generally grow to about 2 to 2.5 inches in length.

Thus, if all factors are taken into account, it can be inferred that a betta fish needs a tank at least 5 gallons in size. On the other hand, a bowl does not fulfill this requirement of your betta fish. Thus, a vase may be too compact for a betta fish to swim freely and can also lead your betta to get bored.

Lack Of Water Heater & Filter

To thrive, Betta fish usually need warmer water (74 to 82 degrees F). If the room temperature surrounding the vase falls within this limit, then a water heater is not required. However, if there is even a slight difference between room temperature and the required temperature, then a water heater is essential.

A peace lily betta fish bowl may be too small to install a water heater. Besides the water temperature, the water should also be free of any unwanted elements like ammonia, chlorine, nitrates, etc. The water should also have a moderate to slow current. To ensure this, a working water filter needs to be installed in your bowl, which is difficult due to the vase’s small size.

Water Surface Area

Besides the issues regarding the size and the absence of a water filtration and heating system, a betta vase also results in the reduction of the water surface area. Betta fish have a labyrinth organ, which is a special organ that allows a betta fish to breathe atmospheric air for a short time period.

For this reason, you may often see your betta fish visit the water surface. This is quite important as it prevents a betta fish from getting suffocated. A peace lily betta fish bowl has a very little water surface area to offer to the betta fish. Thus, it may lead your betta fish to suffocate.

Setting Up A Peace Lily Betta Fish Bowl

It is quite evident that you should avoid putting your betta fish in a bowl due to the above-mentioned factors. However, if you still wish to keep your betta fish in a bowl then you can look at the following points to increase the chances of success of the bowl.

Choose A Lily

The very first step in setting up a peace lily betta fish bowl for your betta is to choose the perfect lily for the bowl. The lily should be narrow in diameter to ensure that there is sufficient water surface area in the bowl. Moreover, try getting a relatively smaller lily with a well-developed set of roots.

Planting The Lily

Before planting the lily in the bowl, rinse the lily using water for some time to wash away the soil particles. While planting a lily, make sure to leave a sufficient amount of space between the water surface and the bowl’s opening to facilitate airflow. A gravel-based substrate is recommended as it is pretty low-maintenance.

Cover The Bowl

Perhaps the most crucial part of having a peace lily betta fish bowl is to adequately cover it as betta fish are notoriously good jumpers. You may use a plastic plant tray and cut a hole in the center for the lily to be planted. You may also make tiny holes around the tray to allow the betta fish to use their labyrinth organs.

Periodically Change The Water

Now that you have successfully set up a peace lily betta fish vase, you should take proper care of it. For instance, due to its low water content, there is a high amount of waste buildup within a short period. Conduct a water change at least once a week to ensure that such a waste buildup does not harm your betta fish.

FAQs on Peace Lily Betta Fish Bowl

Are peace lilies suitable for a betta fish?

There is as such no side benefit in keeping a betta fish with peace lilies. However, if you are wondering about keeping betta fish in a lily vase, it is strongly advised not to do so.

Can betta fish live in a bowl with a plant?

It is not recommended. A betta fish shouldn’t live in a bowl with a plant as it may lead to oxygen deprivation.

What kind of plants is safe for a betta fish?

– Java Fern
– Java Moss
– Betta Bulb
– Water Sprite
– Duckweed
– Marimo Moss Ball
– Vallisneria

Are peace lilies toxic to fish?

NO. Peace lilies do not as such pose any harm to your fish. They are not toxic to your fish.

Do betta fish need to be fed if with peace lily?

YES. Betta fish will always need a high-protein diet whether it is kept with a peace lily or not.

Do betta fish eat peace lily roots?

NO. Betta fish feeding on plant material like peace lily roots is a myth. It will help if you feed your betta fish a properly balanced diet.

Final Thoughts

Thus, it is strongly advised that you avoid setting up a peace lily betta fish bowl for your betta fish as it may prove to be too small for a betta fish and result in suffocation. However, it is still possible for you to go on with this idea as long as enough space is provided for your betta fish.