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Why Go For The Marina Betta Barracks?

betta barracks

Betta fish are known to be naturally aggressive and highly territorial in nature. They mainly show their aggression towards other betta fish. However, some prefer to keep more than one betta fish in a single tank. Ideally, it is not feasible for you to do so, but the Marina Betta Barracks can undoubtedly make it possible.

Betta fish are called Siamese Fighting Fish for a good reason. This stems from the fact that betta fish are said to have a bad temperament and prefer having their own space. This aggressive nature of the bettas is mainly noticed when two betta fish are put together. Thus, it is not at all advisable to put more than one betta fish together in a single tank. However, if you really want to keep more than one betta fish in a single unit, then Marina betta barracks is the way to go.

Marina Betta Barracks

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Product Description

If you are looking to keep more than one betta fish together but cannot do so because of the resulting aggression between the betta fish, then you need not worry as we have got a solution for you. You should get the Marina Betta Barracks.

The Marina Betta Barracks allow you to keep not two, not three, but up to four bettas together! Well, that is quite a handful of bettas at your disposal if one tanking unit is concerned. Thus, the Marina Betta Barracks allows you to host up to four different bettas in a single tank.

To ensure that all the betta fish have their own designated space, the whole tank is divided into four compartments separated by detachable and durable dividers. The compartments are just big enough for an average betta fish to thrive in.

Betta fish are also excellent jumpers and have been seen to jump out of the tank from time to time. To prevent this from happening it is generally advised to cover your tank with a proper lid at all times. The Marina Betta Barracks is not only divided into four different compartments, but its top is also covered by a lid.

The fact that the dividers that segregate the tank into four different compartments are not fixed, but detachable goes a long way in increasing the habitability of the tank. For instance, you might see four betta fish as an overburden, therefore, preferring only two betta fish.

Now, you may infer that the remaining two compartments have become redundant. However, this is not the case as these dividers can be detached. Thus, you may make room for a lesser number of betta fish by removing the dividers and creating more space.

The tank is made completely out of glass which is not only durable but also allows the owner to admire the beauty of all the bettas. The Marina Betta Barracks also comes with suction cups that ensure the unit is easily installed.

Customer Reviews

People who have used the Marina Betta Barracks have mixed views regarding the product and its working. For instance, some people had no problem whatsoever in keeping more than one betta fish in this tank. On the other hand, some people claimed that the compartments were too small to hold a betta fish.

Some people faced issues involving the packaging of the product. Many people also suggested that the tank would have been great if it had a working heater and water filter. Overall, if the instructions are followed carefully, you should not face any problem setting up and maintaining the Marina Betta Barracks.

Why Choose The Marina Betta Barracks?

What is better than having one betta fish? Having up to four of them! The Marina Betta Barracks allows you to do just that. This tank is divided into four different compartments to host four different betta fish. Moreover, the divider separating these compartments is detachable.

It fairly optimizes the tank space. Additionally, this tank comes within the same price range as the tanks that can hold only one betta fish at a time. Thus, it is quite an economical purchase. If you are a betta fish enthusiast, then you should try out the Marina Betta Barracks.

Pros & Cons

  • Can hold up to four bettas at a time
  • Quite reasonably priced
  • Detachable compartment dividers
  • Covered with a lid to prevent betta jumping
  • Comes with a suction cup for easy installation
  • Ensures clear visibility of the bettas
  • Compartments may be small for the bettas
  • May stress out some of your bettas
  • Does not include a heater or a filter

Keeping Two Betta Fish Together

Besides the Marina Betta Barracks, there are ways in which you may keep two betta fish together in one tank. As betta fish are particularly hostile towards other betta fish, keeping two of them together is usually not recommended. However, it is certainly possible to carry it out.

The only problem you need to look into while keeping two betta fish together in a tank is the tank size. Each betta fish requires a minimum of 5 gallons to themselves. However, in the case of multiple bettas in one tank, at least a 20-gallon tank is feasible.

Male betta fish are relatively more aggressive than female bettas. Therefore, keeping two male betta fish together is a much more challenging task than keeping two female ones together. As a matter of fact, female bettas may be kept in sororities of 4 to 5 female bettas as long as the tank is big enough.

Therefore, if you are looking for a way to keep two bettas together in a single tank, then get as big a tank as possible to provide each betta fish with enough personal space, thereby avoiding any sort of confrontation.

How To Build Betta Barracks On Your Own?

Preparing a DIY Betta Barracks for keeping multiple betta fish is quite simple. All you would need are water containers and a water pump. The procedure is quite simple. The containers must be big enough to hold only one betta fish at a time. Thus, get the containers according to the number of bettas you want to raise.

Using a water pump, prepare a system where conditioned betta water is supplied to each of these containers equally. To ensure this, install the water supply at a higher level, preferably above the containers. This water should be properly conditioned according to the betta’s needs.

Now, if we talk about the betta barracks working, the working is pretty simple and obvious. The water pump will continue to supply properly conditioned water to the containers, each containing one betta fish. Using this method, you may save yourself from looking after each container individually.

FAQs on Marina Betta Barracks

Can a male and female betta fish live together?

A male and female betta fish can temporarily live together during the breeding season. After the breeding process is complete, it is not safe to keep a male betta and a female betta together in one tank.

Do betta fish get lonely?

NO. Betta fish are naturally territorial and always prefer to be alone. Thus, they are not capable of getting lonely. However, they may get bored over time.

How many bettas are in a female sorority?

You may keep about 4 to 6 female betta fish in a sorority.

Final Thoughts

Thus, it has already been inferred that the betta fish are solitary creatures that prefer to be alone. However, if you want to keep multiple bettas together in a single unit, then the Marina Betta Barracks is the way to go, as it can house up to four different bettas at a time.