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Why Your Bettas Need a Betta Heater? [Answered]

Betta Heater

Having a Betta fish in your tank is a great choice, and it makes a great addition to one’s aquarium; however, to make it remain as beautiful as it was on the first day, you need to provide it with the right conditions to thrive. The water condition is something essential to be taken care of if one owns a Betta.

Water temperature is a crucial part of the water condition that needs to be taken care of very well. To ensure the temperature remains stable, it is necessary to have a water heater fit inside the tank. That is why every Betta owner needs to have a Betta Heater.

What is the purpose of Betta Heater? It is not a new piece of news that Betta needs very specific tank conditions to live a comfortable life and thrive. This why every tank needs a Betta Heater. A big tank and proper water conditions are needed for a Betta to live happily. 

Betta fish are tropical fish, and one needs to replicate the tropical conditions as much as possible to keep the Betta happy. 

Betta fish prefers a range between 23°C and  28°C (74 and 82  °F), and any sudden fluctuations in the temperature level could make the fish get stressed easily. 

Does every Betta tank need a Betta heater?

The simple answer is yes. As mentioned before, the Betta fish prefers a particular range of temperature to be happy. If a Betta Heater is not available in the tank, the tank’s temperature could vary, which would result in the Betta getting stressed, which would affect its health. 

Betta fish are very delicate fish, and if the water temperature is at a level that makes them feel comfortable, it will make them feel safe and happy. However, it is not just about providing the right temperature but also about keeping the desired temperature level stable without any fluctuations. 

The water temperature of the tank is most often affected by the surrounding temperature. To ensure that does not happen, one needs to use the right Betta Heater.

Various studies have shown that when the temperature goes down, the Betta fish shows dormant behavior. They will have problems trying to eat and swim, and sometimes it might even be fatal. 

There will be health problems even if the temperature goes above the preferred range. 

Ideal Temperature for Betta Heater 

Betta fish prefer to live in temperatures between 23°C and  28°C (74 and 82  °F), and the desired level should be kept constant to keep the fish happy. It is recommended to get good quality heaters which will not get overheated. 

Consider placing a thermometer inside the tank to make sure you can see what the water temperature is at all times. 

Top 5 Best Betta Heaters

Before buying a Heater, one needs to be well aware of a few things. In this article, five of the best Betta Heaters will be listed.

1. SZELAM 25W Smart Mini Aquarium Heater, Betta Fish Tank Heater

This heater comes with an intelligent circuit board which makes it stand out. The board enables this heater to provide constant heating using the temperature sensor. They also show the water temperature. 

This heater is also super energy efficient and works well within the set range, and there is no need to adjust the temperature manually. 

The heater has an automatic temperature regulator and is very easy to use, and is made using quality material. 

Easy to UseMade using quality materials.

Can be fully submerged

Energy efficient
A few complaints have been made about the gradual change in temperature over time.

2. FREESEA Aquarium Heater Fish Tank Submersible Heater 

This heater offers different power ratings. There is an option to choose between 50W, 75W, AND 100W. It basically comes down to the size of the tank to choose which one goes the best with the tank.

It also has easy-to-use controls and shows temperature on display. It also has automatic temperature control. 

Easy to use

The safety feature automatically switches off the
heater once it reaches the desired level.

Has amazing customer service and warranty.
The length of the cord is small. 

3. SunGrow Halfmoon Betta Heater, 10 Watts, for Small Tanks, Fully Submersible Aquarium Heater

This is a waterproof heater that is fully submersible. It is generally recommended for a 1.5-gallon fish tank.

They also maintain the desired temperature for Betta to thrive. The heater comes with a  suction cup which makes it easy to attach the heater to the side of the aquarium glass. 

Reaches the required temperature and keeps the tank stable.


Has suction tubes
No display to show temperature. 

4. Penn-Plax Aquarium Heater Fully Submersible

Quality top brand product. Has indicator light that shows whether the heater is switched on or not. They have an in-built electronic thermostat that stops the temperature from going above the desired level. 

They can be placed in whatever manner one wants inside the tank. They are also fully submersible. They are pretty small so do not take much space inside the aquarium. 

Easy installation

Indicator light to show whether the heater
is working or not.

It can be kept horizontally or vertically.
Some complaints have been made about the durability. 

5. GOOBAT Mini Betta Heater for Aquariums, Submersible Heater

These heaters are perfect for large tanks. They work great up to 10-gallon aquariums. This works great to reach the desired level and keep it that way. They offer the best durability as they are made with high-quality PPC plastic. 

They also come with a light indicator which shows whether the heater is on or not. 

Stong material

Suction cup for easy installation available

Completely submersible
No digital indicator to show temperature. 

How To Install A Betta Heater To A Betta Aquarium?

One has to do before thinking about installing a betta heater to a betta tank to buy a good betta heater. Going through the reviews of the above-mentioned betta heaters will help in selecting the best betta heater that is perfect for your purpose. 

It is advised to buy a submersible betta heater. They are easier to install in the betta tank and can heat more gallons of water faster. Also, make sure to check the heater for any cracks or breaks that may have caused during transportation. It is important to check that there are no exposed wires before setting up the heater. 

After making sure that the heater is fine, one can now move to the installation process. Finding a good position for the betta heater is important. It can be even between the plants inside the tank to keep it well hidden. 

There will be a suction pipe attached to the betta heater. Use it to attach the betta heater to the tank surface. If the betta heater lacks a suction pipe, there at least will be a mounting bracket that you can use. Once it is attached to the betta tank, the betta heater is ready to use. 

Using Betta Heater 

After installing the betta heater in the water, allow it to settle in the aquarium water for about 20 minutes. This has to be done to allow the casing to adjust with the temperature change. Otherwise, the glass casing might fracture. Please consult the manufacturer’s manual of the betta heater and follow the instructions provided in it. 

Most betta heaters have a dial that helps in adjusting to the correct operating temperature for the aquarium. It is also recommended to monitor the betta heater for about 24 hours after installation if something goes wrong. 

Is a heater necessary for a betta?

Bettas prefer the temperature to be constant at all times and to be at the desired level. To ensure the water temperature stays that way, a heater is necessary, so it is recommended to have a heater in one’s aquarium has Bettas. 

Why is my betta fish on the heater?

Generally, Bettas do that when they feel too cold. They move towards the heater, the warmest area in the tank, and rest there to soak up all the heat. The betta will become more active and move from the heater after the temperature is restored to normal.

What happens if a betta’s water is too cold?

The cold water causes the Betta fish to have reduced metabolism, and when that happens, they generally become less active and may only eat less food than it generally does.


Various models have been mentioned above to help you choose the best heater for your little friend. One thing to be kept in mind is that buy a model that suits your needs the most. 

One needs to ensure the tank’s temperature remains stable and does not go above or below the desired level. Check on your Betta. If you see it growing well and happy, then it means the heater is working well for your betta.

Everything about Betta heaters, various models, how to use and install them has been mentioned in this article. I hope it was useful!