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Top 3 Best Betta Filter To Look For

best betta filter

A betta fish is perhaps the most popular aquarium fish after goldfish. Thus, it is of utmost importance to maintain a habitable environment for your betta fish. To do so, you must make sure that your betta tank is equipped with the best betta filter there is.

A proper and efficient water filtration system must be added to your betta tank to ensure that that tank water is of the highest quality for your betta fish and is free of any unwanted chemicals like ammonia, chlorine, and nitrates. Thus, choosing the best betta filter for your betta tank is of the utmost importance for the health and safety of your betta fish.

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Why is a Water Filter Necessary?

If we were to inquire whether or not a water filter is necessary for a betta fish, then the answer is yes. A water filtration system is perhaps the most critical component of a betta tank. A water filter serves a variety of different purposes.

One of the most common purposes of a betta tank filter is to remove the tank’s excess and unwanted build-up of waste. Such waste consists of food leftovers, bacteria, fungus, ammonia, and chlorine. If allowed to accumulate in the tank, these wastes can cause serious harm to your betta fish.

Another essential purpose of a betta tank filter is to increase the oxygen concentration of the tank water. Perhaps one of the most critical features of a water filter is to increase the oxygen level in the tank for the survival of the betta fish.

A water filter also makes sure that the water in your betta tank is regularly cycled correctly. Periodical water cycling is vital to maintain the quality of the tank water. Tank filter also helps keep the excess bio-load in a betta tank if other tank mates with your betta fish.

The growth of essential and beneficial bacteria is also a much-needed activity for a betta tank. A proper water filtration system ensures just that. By keeping up the water quality in the tank, the water filter indirectly promotes the growth of such beneficial bacteria.

Thus, it is pretty evident that a water filter is a vital component for a betta tank setup. Therefore, it becomes necessary for you to add the best betta filter there is to your betta tank. To get a clear idea about the best betta filter, we have prepared a list of our top 3 picks for a betta filter.

Top 3 Best Betta Filter

Aqueon Quietflow E Internal Power Filter

Aqueon QuietFlow E Internal Power Filter is cost-effective, efficient, and simple to operate. Additionally, the installation procedure is quick and straightforward. The filter also comes with both hanging clips and suction cups to make the installation easier.

It also comes with the Aqueon dual-sided changeable cartridge with carbon that allows efficient filtering. The Aqueon Quietflow Filter also includes a bio holster that promotes bacterial growth for natural filtration and a coarse media sponge for extra mechanical filtration.

Customer Reviews

Customers who have tried out and installed the Aqueon Quietflow E Internal Power Filter in their betta tanks have left very positive views towards the product’s working. People have claimed that the filter works quite effectively and it has no side-effect on the betta fish. However, some people experienced problems installing the device properly.

Why it’s in top of our list?

Having weighed the various pros and cons of the Aqueon Quietflow E Internal Filter, it is safe to say that this water filter is the best fit for the #1 spot on our list. It shows effective results, is easy to install and is reasonably priced. The various cheerful customer reviews back this up.

– Efficient in its working– May make noise
– Easy to setup– Cartridge change is required every four weeks
– Low priced product
– Comes in different sizes

Lefunpets Sponge Filter

The Lefunpets Sponge Filter is an air-powered filtering system that is quite efficient in its working and lasts a long time. It is also straightforward to clean this water filter. To clean, disconnect all pieces of the sponge filter and compress the sponges in tank water.

The sponge material is soft and of good quality. The sponge filter ensures the proper removal of floating waste without sucking up your betta fish. It is also possible to change the readings of the filter to suit individual needs. It is ideal for a betta fish since the filter creates a low current that works the betta fish.

Customer Reviews

People who have purchased the Lefunpets Sponge Filter for their betta tanks are pretty satisfied with its working. Some people have said that it is the best betta filter available in the market. It is undoubtedly one of the best betta filter, especially for small betta tanks.

Why it’s not in the top?

The Lefunpets Sponge Filter is undoubtedly one of the best betta filters out because of its long-lasting filtration process and easy installation. It is also relatively easy to clean, but it is only suitable for small betta tanks. Customers have claimed that the product works and is recommended.

– Provides proper and long-lasting filtration– Suitable only for small betta tanks
– Quite easy to install
– Very cheaply priced product
– Easy to clean

Tetra Internal Power Aquarium Filter

The Tetra Internal Power Aquarium Filter provides easy 3-stage quiet filtration for aquariums. This submersible filter, being mounted on the aquarium’s interior rather than on the outside, allows easy installation.

The air pump that comes with the product creates bubbles that ensure proper filtration and an increase in the oxygen level in the tank. The water passes through ultra-activated carbon as well as a dual-sided mesh which traps debris and fish waste.

Customer Reviews

Customers who have used the Tetra Internal Power Aquarium Filter have shown a positive outlook towards the product. While some people claimed that the filter was too powerful for a betta fish, others said the filter worked perfectly.

Why No. 3?

The Tetra Internal Power Aquarium Filter is undoubtedly one of the best competitors among the water filtering products. This is because of its small size and carbon drive filtration system. However, it sometimes may be too powerful for a betta fish.

– Compact design– May be too powerful for a betta
– Comes with all the essentials for installation– Relatively more expensive
– Effective carbon filtration

Do betta fish need a water filter?

YES. It is certainly recommended to add a proper water filtration system to your betta tank. It keeps up the tank water quality, and choosing the best betta filter is essential.

How to decide which is the best betta filter?

It would help if you are looking for a betta filter that is sponge-based, effective, is long-lasting, and is reasonably priced. These factors need to be considered while choosing the best betta filter.

Can betta survive without a filter?

Maybe. A betta fish can survive without a filter in a small bowl. But in this case, regular water changes need to be done to maintain the water quality. However, a filter is always recommended if you are keeping a betta fish.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the best betta filter can be an overwhelming task. We have prepared the list of our top 3 picks for betta filters to make your job easier. All of the products mentioned above have their pros and cons. It would help if you analyzed various factors before purchasing.