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Do Betta Fish Sleep: When, Where, How?

do betta fish sleep

A ubiquitous question among betta fish owners is, “Do betta fish sleep?” This is because one can hardly find them napping. Well, due to its tiny size and napping habits, one might find it challenging to understand whether it is sleeping or not.

Well, the key to understanding whether your betta fish is sleeping or not is to notice its swimming patterns. Often it can be confusing whether your betta is sleeping or dead. To answer your question, betta fish do sleep. Like every other human, animals sleep too. The similarities are so on point that betta fish like to sleep in the dark. Today in this post, we will discuss all you need to know about do betta fish sleep.

Do Betta Fish Sleep?

Betta fish sleeping

Like most other human beings and animals, betta fish need some rest now and then. Betta fish sleeps like every other fish. However, the beautiful fish does not have eyelids, so its eye probably will not be closed.

Most pet owners to verify whether their fish is alive or sleeping tap on the bowl or tank. Betta, due to its wild and aggressive nature does not sleep as unconsciously as humans. They are partially aware of what is happening. So, by tapping, you might disturb your betta fish.

Sleeping betta fish will need oxygen to breathe. Therefore, even though it is sleeping, you will find a slight motion in the betta fish’s gills. This indicates that the fish is still alive. It might, though breathe slowly as we do.

Along with this, there will also be a slight loss of that vibrant color your betta has while sleeping. It is a very common question we get. Do betta fish sleep and lose their bright colors? Yes, they do, only for their sleep time. This is a defense mechanism that betta fish adopts. The loss in its bright vibrant colors will make it less detectable by potential prey.

There are various swimming patterns that betta fish likes to swim in. For instance, some betta fish like to sleep vertically, hiding under objects. Some even like to curl up and nap. You might find yourself wondering now and then, if you have a betta, do betta fish sleep upside down. Well, then indeed they do. They have unimaginable sleeping positions that may concern a fish owner. This was all we have to say about how to do betta fish sleep.

When Do Betta Fish Sleep?

We know how like humans’ sleep betta take rest now and then. However, it is an astonishing fact that bettas sleep at night as well. Betta fish like to sleep in dark. So, when the light goes down, betta fish prepares itself for sleep. Many a time, one might also find a betta fish sleeping during in afternoon. Don’t panic if you find your betta fish motionless among the leaves or the objects you put in the tank.

You must decorate your tank with enough toys and bushes. This gives your betta a private and secure space to sleep. Places that make betta less exposed to risk like, behind tank filters, on the surface top, for its nap. Hence, try to put sufficient toys, plants, bushes, and decorations for your betta fish in the tank.

Where Do Betta Fish Sleep?

As said earlier betta fish feels comfortable and safe sleeping in dark places. Therefore, you will often find betta fish sleeping behind the objects you have put in your tank. Most times, betta fish’s sleeping positions and places make the pet owners worry whether they are alive or not.

An omnipresent concern among pet owners is, do betta fish sleep on their sides? Yes, betta fishes also sleep on their sides. But this could also be indicative of some swim bladder disease, too, if it is lying there for a long time like that. In this case, you should consult a vet. Your betta might also sleep at the bottom of the tank. It is pretty common.

Suppose you notice your betta fish swimming at the bottom of the tank quite often. You must check the pressure of the current in the tank. The pressure could affect how do betta fish sleep significantly. Therefore, it is vital to keep the pressure of the current in check so that your betta fish does not swim away. Some may even choose to sleep on leaves.

How Much Sleep Do Betta Fish Need?

A very problem with how do betta fish sleep is the quantity. How long a betta fish sleeps should also be a matter of concern. There is no explicit amount mentioned for how much a betta should sleep ideally. However, if your betta fish sleep through the night and is active through the day, you have nothing to worry about.

Do betta fish sleep a lot? If, it is sleeping more than could be due to the following reasons:

  • May be the tank temperature is not within the range betta fish is comfortable in. Therefore, if the temperature is too cold betta goes into temperature shock, loses its metabolism and eventually goes to sleep more for energy.
  • You might be keeping your betta fish in dark for long hours. This will obviously make betta sleep more. He might think its time to nap.
  • You need to install enough toys and objects for betta to play with on tank. If you do not do so, your betta might get bored and go to sleep. Or your betta might just be lazy.

FAQs on Do Betta Fish Sleep

Do betta fishes hibernate?

Betta fish do not hibernate. If you find your betta fish sleeping more during winters, adjust your tank temperature. Make the temperature warmer.

Do betta fish like a light when they sleep?

While sleeping, betta fish prefers a dark and lights off situation. On the other hand, light is a good indicator of waking up for betta fish.

How to differentiate between a sick and sleeping betta?

If your betta is sick, it will show signs like sores spots on the skin of your betta. Along with that, if it is inactive and shows unusual behavior, consults a doctor.

How many hours of sleep do betta fish need?

Betta fish need a nap time of 12 to 16 hours to stay healthy, vibrant, and active. Hence, you will have to keep your betta in darkness for a minimum of 12 hours. We suggest letting your betta nap as you do.

Is betta fish sleeping near the heater bad?

No, not. If your betta sleeps near a heater, it could mean two things. Firstly, the overall temperature of the water is too cold for it. Hence he prefers staying near the heater. Secondly, he hides somewhere like the heated to defend himself from prospective prey.

Do betta fish move when they sleep?

Mostly, betta fish stay motionless when they sleep. One can observe their gill movements to be certain that they are alive. However, they may move or swim while sleeping.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, if you want to know do betta fish sleep? Yes, indeed is your answer. They sleep like every other human and animal. The nap it takes depends on the habitat you provide to them. Keep in mind, to give your betta fish the water conditions, tank temperatures, and diet it requires to make it comfortable. Add toys and decorations for your betta fish to make him feel like it’s a natural habitat.