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Do Betta Fish Hibernate? Betta Sleeping Mystery Solved!

do betta fish hibernate

Betta fish are, no doubt, mysterious creatures. We still do not know many things in detail about the betta fish. But one thing we know for sure is that betta fish do follow a sleep schedule, and they need to adhere to it. As bettas need considerable sleeping time, you might start to wonder, do betta fish hibernate?

To answer the question, do betta fish hibernate? Betta fish do not hibernate. If you see your betta fish sleeping for longer periods especially during winters then do not assume that your betta fish is hibernating. If this is the case, it may be due to a temperature shock. Thus, check the water temperature immediately. Betta fish need about 8-12 hours of light and 12-16 hours of darkness. They presumably sleep. So, do betta fish hibernate? No.

How Does A Betta Fish Look While Sleeping?

Before moving towards the ‘, do betta fish hibernate?’ part of the question, let us first know exactly how a sleeping betta looks. First and foremost, you should not compare the sleeping pattern of a betta fish with your own as there are different attributes involved.

A sleeping betta fish generally remains quite still while sleeping. The whole body, except the gills and the mouth, remains still. A betta fish uses the gills and the mouth for breathing. Moreover, betta fish do not have eyelids. Therefore, unlike humans, betta fish always open their eyes while sleeping.

Another way to tell whether or not your betta fish is sleeping is by looking at the time. It is generally recommended that you define a proper sleep schedule for your betta fish by regulating the lighting of the tank. Bettas usually need about 8 to 12 hours of light to be awake and swim actively.

Similarly, betta fish also need about 12 to 16 hours of darkness in the tank. Like most humans, betta fish also need complete darkness to sleep properly as recent studies have shown that bettas are capable of perceiving light. Thus, if your betta fish does not move during the nighttime, then it is probably sleeping.

Now the question arises, where do bettas sleep? There is no one actual or ideal location for a betta fish to sleep. This aspect varies from betta to betta. Usually, you may see your betta fish sleeping while floating.

Additionally, you may also notice your betta fish sleeping at the bottom of the tank. However, in this case, you should remember that if your betta fish is sleeping for a prolonged time at the bottom of the tank, it may be a symptom of a problem related to strong filtration or uneven water temperature.

Occasionally, you may also observe your betta fish sleeping on their sides. Well, if one day you see your betta fish lying on its side not moving that much then you would assume that there is a problem with the betta. You have no reason to panic as bettas sometimes tend to sleep on their sides. However, this should not be ignored entirely as it may indicate swim bladder disease.

Other times you may notice your betta fish squeezing themselves among tank objects or sleeping on leaves of the aquatic plants or hiding behind any tank decor. Thus, there is no particular spot for a betta fish to sleep. It completely depends on the betta’s preferences.

Requirements Of Betta Fish Sleeping

Requirements Of Betta Fish Sleeping

Having briefly discussed sleeping betta fish and what does it look like, now we can move towards some of the ideal conditions for a betta fish to sleep peacefully. Like humans, a good amount of sleep is significant for the upkeep of our health. The same goes for a betta fish.

As stated earlier, betta fish need about 8 to 12 hours of activeness and about 12 to 16 hours of darkness in which the betta fish usually sleeps. Thus, if your betta fish is getting around 12-16 hours of darkness each day, then you need not worry. However, this schedule must be followed each day to establish a process.

The requirements for a betta fish to sleep peacefully are not that vast. Besides favorable tank conditions and water parameters, a betta fish needs a proper tank lighting routine and sufficient hiding places within the tank. For instance, adding aquatic plants to your tank and setting a timer in your aquarium light can assure you fulfill both of these requirements.

Do Betta Fish Hibernate?

Do Betta Fish Hibernate too long

Now answering the main question, do betta fish hibernate? No. Betta fish are not hibernating creatures, and they should follow the same sleeping schedule, both in summers and winters. Your betta fish may also occasionally sleep during the daytime.

For instance, you may notice your betta fish not moving for a considerable amount of time during the night or the daytime. This might make you wonder do betta fish hibernate? As a matter of fact, betta fish do not hibernate, and if he is remaining still for a long time, it may be signs of temperature shock.

Betta Fish Sleeping For Too Long

Now, we have answered the ‘Do betta fish hibernate?’ part of the question. Even though a good amount of sleep is necessary for a betta fish, it does not mean that the betta fish should oversleep. If your betta fish is regularly oversleeping, then you should not ignore it.

Here are some of the most common reasons behind an oversleeping betta fish.

  • The water temperature is too low for a betta fish
  • Maybe becasue the betta fish is bored
  • The tank lights might have been switched off for a long time
  • Part of its natural behavior
  • The betta may be suffering from diseases leading to lethargy

So, do betta fish hibernate? No. They do not. Therefore, if you see your betta fish sleeping for more extended periods than required, then you should look into the above-mentioned contributors.

FAQs On Do Betta Fish Hibernate

What happens if the betta water is too cold?

If the tank water temperature is too low, then your betta fish will eventually enter into a temperature shock that causes its body to stop moving.

How long do bettas sleep?

Bettas need 12 to 16 hours of darkness each day during which they are supposed to sleep.

Why is my betta not sleeping?

One of the main reasons your betta fish may not be sleeping is that you might have kept the light on for a long time. Betta fish can perceive light which can interfere with the sleeping schedule of the betta.

Do betta fish hibernate?

NO. Betta fish are incapable of hibernating. If you see your betta fish still for an extended period, then ensure whether or not the water temperature is high enough for the betta.

Can fish survive in winter?

Fish can survive in winters as long as the water temperature in the tank is within the required limit. You may use a water heater to achieve this.

Final Thoughts

Thus, if you are wondering do betta fish hibernate then the answer is no. Betta fish are not capable of hibernating. Therefore, if you notice your betta fish oversleeping, immediately check whether the water is warm enough for your betta.