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[Answered] How Often To Feed Betta Fish?

how often to feed betta fish

Having a betta fish as a pet is sure enjoyable. Nevertheless, this wild, tropical fish requires excess attention. What tank you use, the temperature range, how often to feed betta fish are some of the most important questions you should ask yourself when you have a betta fish as a pet.

Betta fish is very peculiar about its diet, tank, and water conditions. These things being not on optimum level can cause severe issues with your betta fish, including death. A betta fish’s diet is a significant role in developing its overall health and lifetime. A betta fish requires to be fed at least twice a day, not more than 4-5 pellets a day, spaced between 7-8 hours. In this article, we will dig deep into how often to feed betta fish.

How Often To Feed Betta Fish?

Often the instructions a betta fish owner is provided on how often to feed betta fish is deceptive. Therefore, it becomes necessary for us to put the correct information out there. A betta fish is aggressive predatory.

In their nature, they eat all they are provided as a part of their hunt. They grab on to any opportunity that they can on food. But this might lead to overfeeding that could severely affect your betta fish. It might even lead to death. Therefore, feeding the optimum amount is essential.

How often to feed betta fish is a valid question. But how much to feed is a priority as well. It is recommended that you feed your betta 2 to 3 pellets per meal. A very way to measure how much your betta fish needs per meal is to check for the size of its eyeball. Whatever is the size of its eyeball, take that as a measure? This will not be more than seven pellets per meal.

A betta fish should be fed not more than three meals per day. The suggested level is two meals per day. Overfeeding can lead to severe repercussions. A betta fish in its breeding stage needs a little more than usual. If one keeps their betta towards the warmer end to the temperature range, they should feed their betta slightly more than customary.

Each meal should have a span of 6 to 8 hours in between. This ensures that there are no large quantities of food in your betta fish’s stomach. This will rule out bloating and its consequences in your betta fish.

This is all contingent on the fact that the owner has met all other factors. For instance, the fact that the appropriate temperature and tank size are chosen is essential. Along with that, one must also consider the diet of other fish in the tank as well.

You might put food for one of the other tank members and betta due to its instinct to grab the food. Therefore, keeping a check on how often to feed betta fish is necessary. It should not be more and not be less as well.

How Often To Feed Betta Fish: Common Problems

How Often To Feed Betta Fish Common Problems

When feeding your betta fish is a matter of discussion, there are a few problems that you might face on how often to feed betta fish. Here are a few discussed below.

When Your Betta Is Not Eating At All

Fishes are no different from humans. It is our nature to avoid eating when we are stressed or sad. Likewise, when betta fish is anxious about its surroundings and habitat, it might avoid eating. A sudden change in the water conditions or tank can make it anxious.

A fish is often used in the ocean as its habitat. Even though you might try to keep the tank’s conditions as close to the ocean, your fish might not be happy. Common mistake owners make to keep betta fish in a small bowl. However, for a betta fish, a tank is much more appropriate.

This might cause depression in your fish. A standard indicator of depression in your fish can change its swimming patterns. If betta fish is not that active and might spit the food out, it is a sign of depression. Eventually, your betta fish will not like eating anything.

Age is also a matter of concern here. With age, betta fish tend to be less enthusiastic. They will lose interest in eating and therefore will consume less. These might be the reason why your betta is not eating. If betta fish does not consume anything for 14 days straight, they might die. Therefore, consult a vet if you feel they have such unusual eating patterns. 

When Your Betta Fish Is Overeating

When Your Betta Fish Is Overeating

As said earlier, it is natural for a betta to grab on to any opportunity it gets. Overeating can lead to an issue in the betta’s digestive system and lead to death. Along with that, obesity and bloating are unhealthy for your betta. With overeating, there come constant expectations.

This, if not cleaned properly, might lead to severe hygienic concerns in the tank. The only way to avoid this is to give your betta the recommended amount stated above. Therefore, keep a record on how often to feed betta fish.

With this, we come to the end of our blog on how often to feed betta fish.

FAQs on How Often To Feed Betta Fish

What should you feed your betta fish?

Betta fish are born carnivores. Therefore, they require a high-protein diet. They ideally contain betta pellets, betta flakes, daphnia, blood worms, and prime shrimp.

How many days can betta go with food?

A betta can go 10 to 14 days without consuming anything. However, this might differ for a betta fry. We recommend keeping one day per week for fasting in your betta fish’s diet if you aim for fasting.

How do you know if your betta fish is hungry?

The answer is, in fact, how often to feed betta fish. If you have a particular schedule feeding your betta and miss it, your betta is probably hungry. But betta fish usually eat anything they get.

How often to feed betta fish bloodworms?

Giving bloodworms in every meal could constipate your betta fish. Hence, we recommend giving your betta fish bloodworms not more than two times a week.

How often to feed a betta fish flakes?

Flakes for betta fish can be used as a routine in their diet. Therefore, like said earlier, twice daily with a gap of 8-12 hrs of flakes would be more than just sufficient for your betta fish.

How often to feed betta fish pellets?

While pellets are entirely safe for betta fish to consume on a daily basis, keep in mind that pellets expand in contact with water. This might bloat your betta. Therefore, do not give your betta fish more than 2 to 4 pellets per meal twice a day.

How often to feed betta fish peas?

Like every living thing, betta fish would love peas for a change. Nevertheless, you can give one pea in a week to your betta. This is contingent on the fact that you starve your betta the entire day you decide to provide it with a pea.

Final Thoughts

How often to feed betta fish? While it is a worrying question among pet owners, it has a pretty simple answer. Feeding your betta fish twice daily with 4 to 5 pellets per meal will be more than just sufficient. Betta fry, though, requires a little more nutrition than normal. This is because it is in its growing age.

They should be provided the food made for baby fishes. We recommend feeding betta fry 3 to 5 times daily in small quantities, like two pellets per meal. With the right water conditions, tank requirements, and proper diet, your betta will live a long healthy life.