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100+ Ragdoll Cat Names: Choose the Best Name For Your Cat

ragdoll cat names

Ragdoll cats are known for being fluffy, relaxed, and friendly behavior. They have dazzling blue eyes and fur as soft as silk, with color-pointed coat patterns. They are one of the largest cat species known for their puppy-like characteristics. Adopting this great pet comes with substantial responsibilities, one of which is choosing among the ragdoll cat names.

Choosing ragdoll cat names among the vast list available could be difficult. Naming your ragdoll cat is a big deal. I am sure no ragdoll cat owner wants to name their cat a primary cat name like Fluffy, Mini, Tinker, and many more. Everyone wants their ragdoll cat names to be unique, meaningful, and something which signifies a particular trait of your cat’s personality. Giving your ragdoll cat a name is a massive responsibility, among other things, as a ragdoll cat owner. Hence, we have made a guide today to help you pick the perfect ragdoll cat names for your pets and have also provided a list of ragdoll cat names.

How To Choose Ragdoll Cat Names?

If you search “ragdoll cat names” on the web, you will find hundreds of websites with millions of names that you can name your pet. Nevertheless, it is all about one name that clicks you, and finding that name could be a monotonous and challenging task. Therefore, why not name your cat yourself? Here are a few ideas to name your ragdoll cat.


Ragdoll cats are known to go limp when picked up. They are thus named after rag dolls. They are also known to be extremely friendly and social. They are trustworthy and playful animals. Well, this could be a characteristic common to all ragdoll cats. But some traits could be peculiar to your ragdoll cat.

One could always use these personality traits to name their ragdoll cat. For instance, if your cat is more of a ruler and adamant personality (not generally ragdoll cats’ quality), you could name it Zeus. Suppose your cat portrays a royal and elegant outlook toward everything. In that case, you could easily call it royal names like Harry, Rupert, William, or in the case of females, Caren, Kristien, Diana, and many more.


Color is the best way to name your cat. Ragdoll cat names based on their color is a pretty ordinary technique people adopt. Even though it is a standard method, you could always be creative in naming your cat. You could always call your cat not the color but something which resembles the color.

For instance, if you have a lilac point ragdoll, instead of naming it lilac itself, you could always go for Lavender or Clematis or Bellflower, which resembles the color points of your ragdoll cat. Likewise, for a blue point ragdoll cat, you could always name your cat Sapphire, Celestite, Azure, Blueberry, Ocean, or anything that resembles the color blue.

Eye Color

While the officially accepted ragdoll cat is a bi-colored, pointed, blue-eyed cat, sometimes, due to crossbreeding or solid ragdoll cats, one could have a ragdoll cat with different colors eyes.

One could easily choose ragdoll cat names based on their eyes. While mostly, they are blue, so you could name Aqua, Sky, Topaz, or Angelite. If your cat’s eyes are green in color, you could always go for soft names like Oak or maybe a little firm name like Kadir, which is green in Arabic, depending on your cat’s personality.


You could always name your ragdoll per your cat’s gender. A female ragdoll cat is more of a calm and soft personality. Being a female indicates delicateness yet empowerment. Therefore you could always choose a name like Rihanna or maybe Diana, which describes both being delicate yet empowering.

Male ragdoll cat names could be more strong yet indicate care. For instance, naming your cat Zeus, Darius, or Mr. Clint seems royal and robust. There are other things too, which you can consider while naming your cat. It is not necessary that since your cat is a male, it should have a strong name. You could go for a delicate name too.

Ragdoll Cat Names List: Gender

Ragdoll Cat Names List: Gender

Ragdoll cat names must always follow your cat’s gender. At the same time, gender doesn’t matter much when it comes to ragdoll cat names. Nevertheless, many owners prefer giving delicate ragdoll cat names to females and more manly and sturdy cat names to their male ragdoll cats.

Male Ragdoll Cat Names:

  • Leo
  • Milo
  • Rasputin
  • Dan
  • Archibald
  • Charles
  • Kadar
  • Winston
  • Bart
  • Dwight

Female Ragdoll Cat Names:

  • Lucy
  • Celeste
  • Cece
  • Dahlia
  • Ann (after the original ragdoll cat breeder)
  • Tatiana
  • Judy
  • Blair
  • Tiffany
  • Sabrina

Unisex Ragdoll Cat Names:

  • Blueberry
  • Marley
  • Wesley
  • Harper
  • Seashell
  • Munchkin
  • Hooman
  • Velvet
  • Sparkles
  • Snowy

Ragdoll Cat Names: Based On Color

Naming your ragdoll cat based on their color is probably the best way. The color of your ragdoll cat is what is visible to others, and that is what is the best way to define your cat and create its identity.

LiliesCharoite GrapeGarethJasperDaisy

FAQs on Ragdoll Cat Names

What is the cutest cat name?

There are so many cute ragdoll cat names—for example, muffin, fluffy, whiskers, Leo, Simba, Chalie, etc.

What are some posh ragdoll cat names?

Some posh ragdoll cat names are:
– Tiffany
– Crystal
– Gem
– Elsa
– Dante
– Mars
– Jupiter
– Mufasa

What are some names for blue-eyed ragdoll cats?

Some names for blue-eyed ragdoll cats are:
– Mae
– Nina
– Indigo
– Ocean
– Kyaneos
– Azurite
– Neel

What are some ragdoll cat names beginning with the letter ‘C’?

Some names beginning with c for ragdoll cats are:
– Caesar
– Cheddar
– Coco
– Cuddles
– Chestnut

Final Thoughts:

With this, we come to the end of our post on ragdoll cat names. Naming your ragdoll cat is probably the best part of adopting a ragdoll cat. Think and observe your cat and then name it. You do not have to name it right away. Addressing your cat with its name during training and further is essential. This way, your cat gets accustomed to the sound of its name and knows it when its owner needs them.