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A Guide On How To Keep A Blue Alien Betta

Blue Alien Betta

Every fish owner wants a betta fish that has vibrant colors and a fine exterior. What is better than one betta fish? A blue alien betta fish. It is a hybrid between two species of betta fish, and this is what makes it unique.

If we talk about breeding and taking care of a blue alien betta, the process of nurturing is no different from raising a regular betta fish. If the tank conditions and other parameters are optimum, then the blue alien betta will thrive, and you can admire its beauty.

Taking Care of A Blue Alien Betta Fish

Taking Care of Blue Alien Betta

As mentioned earlier, nurturing a blue alien betta is similar to taking care of a normal betta fish. As we all know, betta fishes are low-maintenance fishes, and there are only a few requirements to be fulfilled for them to survive in a tank.

Aspects like water temperature, water pH level, food and diet, and other nuances need to be at the optimum level for the health and safety of your betta fish. Like a regular betta fish, these conditions should be considered for a blue alien betta fish as well.

Additionally, if we were to talk about the personality, the blue alien betta fish, like all other aspects, has the same temperament as that of a regular betta fish. Therefore, an alien betta fish (especially male ones) is as aggressive in nature as a regular betta fish.

Now let us talk about the various necessities and conditions that need to be fulfilled to survive a blue alien betta fish.

Tank Parameters and Size

Tank Parameters

Tank parameters like water temperature, pH level, and tank size play an important role in determining the betta’s health. You need to make sure that the temperature and the pH are just about right for your betta fish.

A water temperature between 76 and 82 degrees F is optimum for a betta fish, thereby optimum for a blue alien betta fish. Thus, betta fish generally prefer warm water, and it is advisable to add a heater to your tank to maintain the level of warmth in the tank water.

pH level is also one of the most important water parameters to look into while adding a betta fish to your tank. Betta fish prefer slightly acidic water, and a water pH level between 5 and 7 is considered ideal for a blue alien betta fish.

Any level above or below the required amount can cause a rise in the stress level in the betta fish. This can, in turn, lead to fatal consequences like the death of your betta fish. Thus, it is strongly advised to check these levels at regular intervals and ensure that all the criteria are met before adding the betta fish.

If tank size is considered, then a minimum of 3 to 5 gallons tank is required and recommended. You should buy a bigger tank if you want to add other tank mates with your betta fish. Periodical cleaning and filtration of water is an integral part of setting up a betta tank.

As we all know, betta fish is highly territorial and aggressive by nature, but this does not mean they need to be alone in the tank. You can consider adding another fish in the tank with your betta as long as the temperament of the betta is light and the tank is big enough to provide both of the fish enough space.

Thus, adding another fish with your betta is possible depending on the personality of the betta fish. Bottom dwellers are generally preferred fishes to be paired with a betta fish. Thus, maintaining the right levels of such variables is a vital part of the nurturing process.

Food And Diet

Food And Diet of Blue Alien Betta

Besides conditioning your tank to the betta fish’s needs, you should also provide a balanced diet to your betta fish such that it receives all the necessary nutrients and minerals to survive. Betta fish is carnivores by nature, and a diet high in protein is recommended for your betta fish.

Live foods like brine shrimp and bloodworms are suitable parts of a betta fish’s diet. Additionally, daphnia and betta pellets are also great sources of food for your betta fish. Having discussed the type of food to feed your betta fish, let us now discuss the time interval you need to feed your betta.

You need to feed your betta once or twice every day and feed only that much quantity of food which it can consume within 30 to 40 seconds. You should also be aware of overfeeding your betta as they are highly susceptible to constipation.

Thus, feeding the right food at the right time and following a rigid feeding schedule is important. Overfeeding must be kept in check as it may cause fatal consequences for your betta fish.

Blue Alien Betta vs Regular Betta

As stated earlier, a blue alien betta is a hybrid between two wild bettas. Unlike a regular betta, a blue alien betta has a full face mask and iridescent colors all over the fins and the body. Blue alien bettas are also available in different colors other than the occasional “blue.”

Different alien bettas like the Green Alien Betta Fish, the Plakat Alien Betta Fish, the Black Alien Betta Fish, and others. Characterized by vibrant colors and a showy appearance, the blue alien betta is certainly as beautiful, or even more beautiful, as a regular betta fish.

Alien Blue Betta Price

A regular betta can be bought from any aquarium pet store for anything between $5 and $40. This rate may vary depending upon the rarity of the betta fish. In a blue alien betta fish, the price may be higher than usual as it is a rare color.

FAQs Related to Taking Care of Blue Alien Betta

Is alien betta aggressive?

YES. Alien bettas, like normal betta fishes, are aggressive and territorial in nature. They prefer solitude and are generally seen alone in a tank. You can add another fish with your betta if the tank is big enough.

How long does a blue alien betta live?

About 2 to 5 years. Depending upon the care you provide to your betta fish and the tank environment, an alien betta fish can live a longer life.

Is blue betta rare?

YES. Blue alien bettas are one of the rarest creatures to get. Even though it is a hybrid, producing a blue color betta is very difficult.

Final Thoughts

Looking after a blue alien betta is not so different from taking care of a regular betta fish. The tank and food requirements of an alien betta are very similar to that of a regular one. Therefore, nurturing an alien betta should not be hard if you know how to look after a regular betta.