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Top 3 Best Pellets for Betta [Recommended]


Before one gets excited about having and raising a betta, one needs to be aware of a few things, and one of the most important things to know is about the feeding and food given to Betta. Betta pellets are considered one of the most important Betta food, and in this article, we will discuss some of the Best Betta Pellets.

Bettas need a high-quality rich protein based balanced diet to thrive and live a comfortable, happy life. A properly balanced diet will help them have a long life and make them more vibrant and energetic. 

There are many Betta pellets available on the market today, and it is vital to know which ones to choose for your Betta.

Top 3 Best Betta Pellets

The Pellets by Hikari is considered to be one of the top choices of the majority of the Betta owners. These pellets are made after a lot of research into the nutritional behavior and the needs of the Betta, and therefore it ensures your Betta gets the balanced diet it requires. This pellet has Astaxanthin in it, a superior protein that will enhance the color of the Betta. 

The pellet also ensures the fish grows well and that it stays healthy. They also contain polyphenols which help in reducing the effects of aging. 

Considering how they provide a balanced diet for your fish, it is one of the best pellets one can give their Betta fish and contributes to the health of the fish.

Specifically made for Bettas and provides a rich, balanced diet.

Provides the Betta with all the necessary vital nutrients. 
A bit expensive when compared to other brands.

2. Ocean Nutrition Atison’s Betta Food

They are floating pellets, and they are made from fresh, high-quality ingredients. In addition to this, they also help in making the fish look more vibrant and enhance their color. 

As these pellets are made to be floating, that helps the betta owner clean the tank. They also do not dissolve with water, thus ensuring that the water remains clean. 

They are 36% dry mass which helps the fish grow faster, and 4.5 % fat provides the Betta with the necessary energy. These pellets are only for Betta. 

Floating pellets

Premium quality ingredients. 

It helps the growth of the Betta and enhances its color.
Some consider the pellets to be too small for the Betta.
Some fish don’t like these pellets, but that is a matter of preference. 

These pellets were made with the help of expert nutritional specialists. They replicate the food which Bettas eat in the wild. They provide proteins and plant nutrients for your Betta, and the added vitamins and probiotics help boost immunity.

They are also floating pellets which will help the natural surface feeding tendencies of the Betta fish. The ingredients are natural and simple for this reason. They can be fed to paradise fish and gouramis. 

They also come in the right size and are not expensive so that anyone can afford them. 

Made with the help of various nutritional experts.

They have all the vitamins and proteins needed for the Betta to thrive.

Not expensive
They don’t stay on the surface too long.

What are Betta Pellets made of?

Pellets are made specifically for each type of fish which would help boost their overall growth and immunity. They are generally made up of 30% protein which helps the fish grow very well and bring out their vibrant color. 

They also contain plenty of fiber and fat, which provides your Betta with energy. Pellets also are made up of different types of meat which provides the fish with the necessary nutrients

Do Betta pellets have an expiry date?

Like all other package food, Pellets also have an expiry date, even if that is not mentioned on the packet. The best course of action is not to buy pellets or any Betta food in bulk quantities, as the longer they last, they will lose their nutritional qualities. 

It is best to have Betta Pellets, which would only last for two to three months, and finish them during that period.

How often should I feed my Betta pellets?

It is advised to feed your betta two to three pellets twice a day with a gap of twelve hours in between. When placed on the water, the pellets will expand, and this would fill your Betta. The fresh food or freeze-dried food needs to be substituted for Betta Pellets once or twice a week. 

Do Betta Pellets sink?

Bettas are surface feeders, and because of that, the Pellets made for Bettas are floating Pellets, and one needs to make sure the Pellets they buy for their Bettas are floating pellets to ensure that the pellets don’t sink to the bottoms and rot.

Even bottom and middle layer pellets were caught before it reaches the bottom by the betta and eaten; however, it need not be the case. The pellets made for Bettas will be floating so they can feed on it completely.

Betta Pellets vs Flakes

Bettas don’t really prefer between them both and are fine with both the Pellets and flakes. However, Pellets are preferred slightly more than flakes by some bettas. Both of them provide a high-quality, balanced diet with rich nutrition such as proteins, fats, and vitamins needed for the overall growth and development of the fish. 

However, if they have tasted natural fresh food or frozen, dried food, they would not be eager to eat Flakes or Pellets again.

Betta Pellets ProsBetta Flakes Pros
Small size, no need to worry about swallowing.
Pellets can be found which can float and sink.

More nutritional content than flakes.

Easy to measure how much food you are giving your Betta.

Longer Shelf Life.

Have some good automatic fish feeders for pellets. 
It can be bought anywhere.

Very versatile. 

Good quality flakes provide high nutrition for the fish.

Good for a tank that has to feed a lot of fish.

Small in size hence best for smaller fish with small mouths.
Betta Pellets ConsBetta Flakes Cons
If left uneaten will sink to the bottom and cause water contamination. 

Fish could mistakenly eat substrates thinking they are sunken pellets which would affect the health of the fish.
Tend to dissolve in water.

Can lead to potential contamination of water. 

Does not have a long shelf life.

Due to the size and shape of the food, the fish could end up sucking in the air, which would cause some issues to the fish.

Hard to measure the quantity.

What are the best pellet foods for a betta?

Hikari Betta Bio-Gold Baby Pellets
Omega One betta food
Tetra baby shrimp sun-dried treat.
Tetra blood worms freeze-dried treat. Ocean nutrition Atison’s Betta Pro 75g

What do bettas prefer more? Pellets or flakes?

It is seen that bettas do not always like flakes. Pellets are a better fish food than flakes for bettas, and they also prefer pellets over flakes. However, pellets can sink over time, so feeding the bettas often and in enough quantity is important. 

What is the best fish food to feed my betta?

Bettas are fish that enjoys snacking on small insects and other similar meaty foods. Thus, frozen bloodworms are regarded as one of the best fish foods to feed bettas.


Bettas need a rich, quality balanced diet to ensure they live a full and happy life, and in order to provide the best quality diet for the Betta, many betta owners tend to get pellets for their Bettas. While this is a perfect substitute for fresh or frozen dried food, some things are to be kept in mind before getting Pellets for your Betta.

Some of the best betta pellets available today have been mentioned in this article to help you choose the best quality product easily for your Betta, along with some commonly asked questions regarding Betta Pellets. I hope it was useful!