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A Universal Guide To Plakat Betta

plakat betta

With a multiplicity of betta fish options for pet owners come, the most demanded betta fish species is plakat betta. Their picturesque and gaudy appearance makes them an eye-catching member of your tank. The fish itself comes in varied, chromatic categories, making it vogue among fish owners.

Plakat betta is typically available in southeast Asia, along the coasts of Cambodia, Vietnam, and Thailand. Betta fish fights are so omnipresent in these countries that they are also known as Siamese fighting fish. They show similar traits as their violent fellows. Plakat, roughly translated implies biting fish. Hence, the name suggests how violent plakat betta can get in fish fights. Therefore, one should never keep two bettas of any category in the same tank. With such a short temperament of the fish, it becomes extremely crucial to know how to provide a peaceful habitat. Hence in this post, we will discuss all you need to know about a plakat betta.

About Plakat Betta:

Plakat betta is scientifically known as betta splendens. It is the species name given to them. They are available naturally and bred by the breeders and therefore are available in unique, multicolored forms. Nevertheless, they are not bred with the objective of the kaleidoscopic progeny but for the diverse fighting skills, strength in the mouth, the intensity of bites, the strength in fin, etc.


Appearance of Plakat Betta

It has primarily similar features to the essential betta fish. Its body is short and cylindrical like most other bettas. However, plakat betta has a differentiated mouth. Its mouth is slightly turned upwards. The pelvic and anal fins are like every betta, but the tails are moderately shorter than usual.

They are not limited to any color combination. Countless, vibrant color combinations and permutations are available due to breeding. Male betta overshadows females when it comes to the vibrancy of the colors. Hence, a male betta is no doubt a priority for buyers.


Usually, betta fish could go up to 5 to 7 inches. Nonetheless, since plakat betta lies on the lower extreme of the length range for a betta, they are not more than 3 inches on average. Female tends to be even shorter in size.

Life Expectancy

They have an average life of three to five years. However, it is always contingent on the tank conditions and water parameters you provide your fish. If the variables affecting betta fish’s life expectancy are not met adequately, you might have a short lifespan.

Taking care of plakat betta is essential to prevent any mishaps.

Taking Care Of Plakat Betta:

Since this specific betta fish is on-demand, there is a lot of misleading information among fish enthusiasts about plakat betta. We have provided all the information about the betta habitat you need to know here.

Tank Size:

Never opt for a fishbowl or any other container for the betta. They are territorial and require space to swim and exist. Purchase a minimum of 5-gallon tank for a prolonged healthy life for your fish. Anything less would stress it out and deteriorate its health. Don’t introduce a tank mate, especially a betta even though you do purchase a minimum of a 20-gallon tank.

Betta is a surface breather and therefore swims on a surface level. Acquiring a shallow but wide tank would be prudent. A large tank also leaves scope for excellent filtration and heater, both of which are necessary for your fish. For a betta, we would suggest buying a sponge filter. It is cheap, and your betta would thrive on its gentle current.

Water Quality:

These fish are incredibly flexible and may flourish in typical tropical fish settings. They need water that is between 72 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. As a result, install a heater to maintain a comfortable temperature. Furthermore, because of their natural habitat, they prefer a somewhat acidic pH level. A pH of between 6 and 7.5 would be ideal.

Above all, remember to keep the water clean. Even though betta plakat are built to endure stagnant water because of their wild character, we do not recommend it. If adequate water cleansing is not done, your fish’s lifespan will be cut in half or less.

Diet Requisites:

Diet Requisites plakat betta

A plakat betta requires a balanced diet between dry foods and live food. They are predatory and feed on insects, mosquito larvae, bloodworms, shrimps, and other microorganisms in the wild. Therefore, an abundant protein diet is a must for a betta.

Feed daphnia, shrimp, bloodworms along with flakes pellets to your wish. Feed twice or once daily in small quantities. Do not overfeed them. Overfeeding will lead to bloated fish, which is unhealthy.

Tank Decorations:

To aim for you must be to clone the original habitat for your fish as far as possible. Typically they hide among the plants and shrubs in the shallow, brackish, salty water they reside in. Therefore it is obvious they like to hide in the dark.

Install enough live plants and shrubs in the aquarium. Along with that, make sure to install toys for your betta to play with, hide and reproduce in. This will also replicate the dark environment they want. Toys that you can include are floating logs, rings, balls, bubble nests, hoops, etc.

They do not have any specific requirements for substrate or lighting. Nevertheless, maintain sort of dim lights because they like swimming in the dark, but sufficient lights that they do not doze off. One can use sand or gravel substrate.

Plakat Betta Vs Halfmoon:

Plakat Betta Vs Halfmoon:
BasisPlakat BettaHalfmoon
FinsShortfin, maybe an inch making it easy for them to fightHuge round fins give the betta fish a breath-taking look, like a flower.
Colors Not restricted to any color combination. Available in a variety of color combinationsGenerally available in bright red, orange, blue, green, and blue colors.
Size They are smaller in size compared to other bettas. They can grow up to 3 to 5 inches.
TailsShort-tailed, help them swim faster for a fightHuge tails compared to other bettas.

FAQs on Plakat Betta

Are Plakat bettas aggressive?

Yes indeed. They were born to fight and hence are highly short-tempered and aggressive. During fights, they can kill a fellow fish.

Is koi betta a plakat

A plakat betta is a category of betta fish species, and koi betta showcase all the characteristics required to be classified under plakat. They are short in size and have smaller fins with a bright exterior.

How much does a plakat betta cost?

It costs anything between the range of $3-$5.

What are some plakat betta tank mates?

Tankmates you can keep with plakat are:

Cory Catfish
– Barbs

Final Thoughts:

Even though plakat betta is aggressive and is naturally born to fight, they are universally demanded by fish enthusiasts for pet keeping. They are the epitome of the plethora of beautiful betta fish found out there. One will ensure a healthy and prolonged lifespan for their betta pet with the optimal tank parameters.