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Top 3 Best Sponge Filter For Betta Tanks

sponge filter for betta

Filtration is a significant factor in keeping your betta fish healthy. Filtration ensures that the water conditions required for a better fish are met. The best way to provide a suitable filtering mechanism for your Betta tank is to use a sponge filter for betta.

Most people don’t like to opt for a response filter for Betta tank. This is because the sponge filters unattractive appearance might add a negative factor two one’s interior. However, a sponge filter is the best option one could use. It is economical and, in the case of the Betta fish sponge filter, is more secure because it won’t damage the long fins of your beta. Besides, sponge filter for betta provides a better biological filtration to your tank and the appropriate current for a betta fish to swim.

With so many sponge filters available in the market, it becomes difficult for one to decide which filter to choose. Hence, we have formulated a list of the best sponge filters available.

3 Best Sponge Filter for Betta

XINYOU XY-2822 Air Pump Double Sponge Water Filter for Aquarium (1-Pack)
XINYOU XY-2822 Air Pump Double Sponge Water Filter for Aquarium (1-Pack)
Sponge filters provide both mechanical and biological filtration; Provides the ideal location for bio-filtration colonization.
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AquaCity XINYOU Corner Filter Aquarium Fish Tank Internal Air Driven Filter with Media XY-2008
AquaCity XINYOU Corner Filter Aquarium Fish Tank Internal Air Driven Filter with Media XY-2008
Supply the water with much needed oxygen, For tank size up to 5-20 Gallons
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XINYOU XY-2822 Air Pump Double Sponge Filter For Betta

Product Overview

The sponge filter comes in black color and will do anything but provide an ugly look to your interior. It is not huge in length. Therefore, it would be a perfect go for your décor compared to other sponge filters. This sponge filtering product can filter both mechanically and biologically.

Plug an airline into the device to supply your fish with oxygenation and water cleaning. The sponge is infested by bio-filtration, which provides a bio-filtration component to aid the nitrogen cycle.

Furthermore, the sponge filter for betta actively cleans the water by capturing heavier garbage items while avoiding juvenile trapping fish. They can be used as an additional filter or as a reproductive filter. They can also be used as a prefilter by attaching them to an exterior or top filter.

Customer Reviews

The product has received nothing but positive feedback from its users. Customer reviews suggest how glad they were that the inexpensive filter worked naturally and perfectly. It did not need any artificial chemical to filter the water and was not even difficult to maintain.

The fact that it is entirely natural intrigued many customers because they were confident that there were no unnatural elements that could harm their fish present in the tank. Nevertheless, rookies had a few concerns about setting up the filter and the space it takes up.

  • Cheap and effective filtration
  • Beautifully designed unlike most sponge filters for betta
  • Chemical free filtering
  • No danger to your betta or their fins.
  • Takes a lot of space
  • Difficulty in setting up the filter

AquaCity XINYOU Corner Sponge Filter For Betta

Product Overview

Like every other sponge filter for betta, air bubbles from an additional air compressor or an internal water pump are used to pump the water through the filter. Water is pulled out of the lifted pipe or pump, water enters the filter to substitute it. Technical filtration is provided by the upper layer of the white filtering pad.

The black bio-sponge provides biochemical filtration in the second layer and ceramics circles with pebbles. They aid bacterial colonization—the aid of the microorganisms in breaking down toxic chemicals like ammonia and nitrite.

The sponge will need cleaning now and then. When the sponge gets filthy, roughly every 2 to 4 weeks, it should be washed. By carefully rinsing the sponge with water from the tank rather than tap water, you can preserve the healthy bacteria.

Customer Reviews

The customers claimed that the product’s unique design does not get in the way of their interior. The filters do not suck their betta into it through the current flow. According to the reviews, the filter is a perfect, safe, inexpensive filter to clean tank water.

Nevertheless, people were somewhat concerned about the light plastic that made the filter’s foundation. Therefore, many people added more rocks at the bottom for the filter to balance.

  • Not space taking
  • Enhanced water quality
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Cheap and cost effective
  • The white color sponge makes the dirt quite evident
  • Plastic bas makes it light weight.

Aquarium Technology, Inc. Hydro-Sponge Filter For Betta

Product Overview

The biochemical sponge filter provides both inorganic and organic filtering. Insert an air pump into the device to supply your fish with both ventilation and filtration. Physicochemical and biochemical filtration are both provided by these heavily loaded purifiers.

Lift tubes with a width of 1″ flow more water than most other sponge filters and can be operated with either a prefilter or an air stone. Furthermore, the sponge filter for betta mechanically collects waste particles. Under the filter, the elevated sponge minimizes dead space. The sturdy foundation keeps the sponge in place.

Customer Reviews

Customers were delighted with the product. They were fascinated with the ease of installing the product. It is easy to clean and maintain. The low and gentle current makes it an ideal sponge filter for betta.

Nevertheless, the primary concern of the sponge filter was its price. Relative to another sponge filter, this one is slightly expensive. It was also a little to decide which filter would be best for the size of their tank. However, the prize is still less than other HOB filters.

  • No noise emission
  • Natural and devoid of chemicals
  • Durable and reliable
  • Easy to set up the filter
  • People have had issues with the size
  • Comparatively expensive to other sponge filters for betta

How to set up a sponge filter for betta?

You will need a sponge filter, air pump, airline tubing, check valve, and air stone to set up. Your sponge filter will come with a sponge foam, suction point, a weighted base. And lift tube. Follow the following steps:

  • Attach the tip of your airline tube to the lift tube.
  • Ensure the tube goes through the plastic on the top of your airline tube.
  • Remove the plastic strainer from the sponge foam and detach the bullseye.
  • Attach the strainer to the bottom of the airstone.
  • Now connect the strainer to the wieghted base.
  • Connect the sponge filter to the tank and squeeze any bubbles in the foam.
  • Place the air pump outside the tank and cut the tubing to such a length that it reaches the air pump.
  • Attach the check valve to prevent overflowing of water in the airline tube.
  • Connect the power cable of air pump in a loop form, so that water doesn’t contact teh plug.
  • Your sponge filter will start and producing bubbles within seconds.

FAQs on Sponge Filter for Betta

Are sponge filters good for betta?

Sponge filters are entirely safe for betta fish. Small and weakfish like betta can thrive on a sponge filter, as they can’t withstand strong current from other filters. The low and soft current makes the sponge filter completely secure for a betta tank.

Can I keep a betta without a filter?

The filter is a necessity for any fish. The same goes for a betta fish. Your betta fish might survive a little without a filter. However, you are cutting your betta’s lifespan by not installing proper filtration, even if you change the water frequently.

Do sponge filters keep the water clear?

The sedimentary layer in the sponge filter ensures that the water passed back into the water is devoid of any waste particles. This makes it a safe, natural, and low-priced way to filter your betta tank.

Is a sponge filter enough for a betta fish?

While for any other fish, a sponge filter might not be enough, for betta, it is sufficient. Your betta fish will thrive on a sponge filter’s gentle current.

Why use a sponge filter for betta?

The heavy currents of HOB filters might be detrimental for your betta fish. It can affect the swimming patterns and fins of the betta. But with the sponge filter’s soft current flow, you have nothing to worry about.

Final Thoughts

Even though a sponge filter for betta might seem like a bad idea for your interior, it is the best for your betta. Besides, the sponge filters mentioned above are nothing but extremely attractive to look at. With a good filtering system, you ensure your betta clean water and proper ventilation. Ultimately, you promise your betta a healthy and long life with a sponge filter.