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Best Ways To Set Up A Female Betta Sorority

Betta Sorority

When a few female betta fish are kept together in one tank, the mechanism is called betta sorority. Betta fish are usually very aggressive and territorial in nature. Hence, most people avoid keeping betta fish together except for mating purposes.

Male betta fish are highly avoided in the same tank. Most of the time, this leads to the death of either fish. However, there have been instances of female betta fish staying together working. If you opt for betta sorority and keep a group of female fish together, keep in mind some signs of aggression or stress. If your fish show indications of stress like stripes on their body, or aggression like flaring up frequently for a week straight, we advise you to forget betta sorority. But if you want it to work, here are a few things we have discussed to practice for the betta sorority to work.

Betta Sorority: What Is It?

There has been a constant debate about the betta sorority in the fish community. Betta sorority was a successful experiment, while for some, it wasn’t. Hence, it is conclusive that it depends on betta to the betta.

Like male betta fish, female counterparts are also territorial and aggressive typically. Nevertheless, female betta fish tend to live in complete harmony. One of the primary keys to a successful betta sorority is the number of fish kept and the tank conditions.

We suggest not to keep more than four or five fish in your tank. Do not keep less than four bettas in the tank to avoid bullying of weak betta. Yes, betta fish can dominate and bully their weak mates in aggression. We also recommend keeping betta of varied colors in the tank. That is to avoid getting two female bettas of the same pigmentation. This way, they will feel less threatened.

Keeping young females of the almost same age together would be more prudent. This way, it is less likely for one to dominate another. Also, choose fish that are familiar with each other to avoid a fight. It would be prudent to introduce all the betta sorority female fish simultaneously in the tank.

Finally, keep an eye on the signs of stress, anxiety, and aggression among the betta fish. IF you see striped or flared up fish within a week or two since the commencement of betta sorority, consider it a red flag. Stress could make your fish extremely sick, and your fish could die. In most cases, the sickness spread, which could lead to a genocide of fish.

Guide Towards Betta Sorority

Betta Sorority Example
A BETTA SORORITY Credits: Aqua Girl Talks

For the betta sorority to succeed, one must maintain good tank conditions and dietary needs along with the points mentioned above. Here are a few steps to practice after bettas are introduced in the tank.

Tank Size

With every fish introduced in the tank, add 5 gallons in your tank size. Ideally, for a single betta, a 5-gallon tank is appropriate. Hence for betta sorority, we prefer to take at least a 20-gallon tank. The more space you provide your betta fish, the less threatened they feel, the more harmoniously they live.

It is also wise to go for a tank that is big in length than in height. Betta fish are usually surface-level creatures. They breathe on a surface level. Hence, it would be pointless for you to bring a betta tank that is significant in height. This would eventually cause conflicts among betta fish.

Water Conditions

300-gallon BETTA SORORITY Credits: Fishing Fantasy

The water conditions are crucial for betta sorority. An ideal water temperature for betta fish is 78–85 degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore, keep the temperature of the water at this level. The pH should be in the range of 6.8-8.5.

Install a heater in your tank for a regular check on the temperature. This prevents any fluctuations in water conditions. Any inappropriate water conditions can cause betta anxiety and sick betta. Some indications of betta stress are pigmentations loss stripes or spots on the body.

Dietary Needs

Bettas are carnivorous and need rich protein meals to survive. Preparing a nutritious diet and an excellent eating strategy for your betta fish is highly advised. Betta flakes, pellets, bloodworms, daphnia, and brine shrimp are good additions to a betta fish’s diet.

Newcomers to the aquarium are likely to be anxious initially and have a little hunger. Make sure you’re not overfeeding your betta sorority. Betta fish are prone to being overfed thanks to their ravenous appetites. As a response, betta fish should not be overfed. Your betta fish should only be fed modest quantities of food once or two a day. Food waste will end up at the bottom of the tank and decay, contaminating the water.

What are some advantages of betta sorority?

While betta sorority can be challenging, a few advantages are attached to it, which might make it worth it. Some of them are:

  • Your tank will be highly colorful and vibrant.
  • Probabilities of breeding increase.
  • Betta tend to become less aggressive as they become part of a group.

Betta Sorority: Male vs Female

The main issue that arises during betta sorority is distinguishing between males and females, which is problematic. Hence consider this table below. It will help you differentiate between the two genders.

PigmentationMale betta tends to have a more vibrant and bright color. They lose their vibrancy in stress.Females have a relatively less dull color. They become bright when they are under stress.
OvipositorMale betta fish do not have one or might have a fake one.It is located on the underside of females, this spot help in releasing eggs.
ShapeMale bodies tend to have long thin bodies.Female bodies are generally short and thick body.

FAQs on Betta Sorority

How many bettas can I have in a sorority?

Have a minimum of 4 betta fish. Try to keep the number between 4 to 6 betta fish in a tank.

Can I keep a male with a betta sorority?

Yes, you can. Nevertheless, keep an eye on any indications of aggression among the betta fish community.

What fish can live with betta sorority?

Fish like shrimp, neon tetra, guppies, African dwarf frogs, guntea loach would be some peaceful fish that could be added to your tank.

Final Thoughts

Betta sorority has conflicting outcomes mostly. Therefore, if you are thinking of introducing betta sorority, keep the tank conditions required and dietary needed by betta. The betta sorority will have a high chance of being a success.