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The Ultimate Guide On Ragdoll Snowshoe Cat

ragdoll snowshoe cat

Ragdolls are often mixed with other breeds to have a new cat category, with mixed traits and personalities of two cats. There are Persian ragdoll snowshoe cats, ragdoll siamese snowshoe cat, etc. Owners are usually worried about the healthy breeding of the cats and prospering life ahead for their pets.

A ragdoll snowshoe cat is one such breeding between a ragdoll and a snowshoe cat. Ragdolls and snowshoes are usually of the same appearance and personality, yet they have slight differences. This particular hybrid is relatively recent breeding, and there are minimal data available on ragdoll snowshoe cats to draw any conclusive inferences about them.

As one would expect, the mixed breed is quite friendly, lively, and loyal to their owners, as both ragdolls and snowshoes have these personality traits in the union. Since snowshoe cats have an impression of being a little aggressive, we feel it is essential to lay down all the facts available about a ragdoll snowshoe cat before adopting them.

Ragdoll Snowshoe Cat: About

Ragdoll Snowshoe Cat: About


Individually, the Ragdoll and Snowshoe are colorpoint cats with lighter base colors and darkish-colored ears, face, tail, and paws. With a triangular face and oval eyes, the Ragdoll cats have moderate size heads and ears. The head of a Snowshoe can be a triangle or spherical regarding the size of a hazelnut. Their ears are sharp and are pretty far from each other. The legs are white as snow.

Their appearances are primarily the same when a ragdoll snowshoe cat is bred. The hybrid has the same stunning, sparkly blue eyes as ragdolls and snowshoes. A ragdoll snowshoe cat is typically born entirely white, with color appearing on the paws over the first few weeks of life.


Usually, a ragdoll snowshoe cat is a low-tempered cat. Even though both Ragdolls and Snowshoe cats are affectionate, lively family pets, each variety has distinguishable features, and each cat has its particular temperament.

Snowshoe Cats are highly social animals who like connecting with their community members. On the other hand, Ragdolls are recognized as one of the friendliest cat species. Their dog-like behavior has earned them the moniker “puppy-dogs.”

Both breeds loathe being left in solitary for long durations, and hence we believe that having a kitty buddy makes workdays easier to handle. So you can anticipate a ragdoll snowshoe cat to be loving and compassionate and someone who does not enjoy being alone and craves constant company.

Exercise And Training

Both traditional Ragdolls and Snowshoe kittens are energetic animals who require a lot of physical routines. Therefore your ragdoll snowshoe cat will need the same. The quantity of exercise needed for a cat is determined by heredity, nutrition, weight, sexuality, and general wellbeing.

A healthy mature standard ragdoll snowshoe cat needs two sets of 30-60 minute activity sessions averaging one and half hours of the actual workout. Because a Ragdoll snowshoe cat has a massive amount of energy and desire, it will need physical exercises regularly to keep comfortable and fit.

Remember to engage in mental activity to avoid harmful gnawing, anxiety, and other issues. Mental exercises will also keep the natural predatory instincts of your cat polished. Overall a decent mental and physical routine will keep your ragdoll snowshoe cat away from obesity and depression.

Size And Weight

snowshoe vs. ragdoll cats

Because typical snowshoe vs. ragdoll cats differ in body structures and forms, your ragdoll snowshoe cat’s height and weight will usually be determined by which parent they most closely resemble. Ragdolls are substantially larger than Snowshoes, averaging roughly 15-20 pounds versus 6-12 pounds for a Snowshoe.

Ragdolls are generally between 18 and 24 inches high. Male Ragdolls can measure anything between 12 to 20 pounds and also more. Female Ragdolls weigh approximately between 8 and 15 lbs.

Due to their muscly body structure, snowshoes are often classified as average-sized cats. Males stand 10-14 inches tall, while female counterparts stand 9-13 inches tall. According to their lineage, Snowshoes can range in weight from 7 to 15 pounds and not on their sexuality.

Hence you can expect the standard height-weight proportion of a ragdoll snowshoe cat to be 10 to 15 inches and weight to 10-13 pounds.


Like all the other characteristics of a ragdoll snowshoe cat, the lifespan also depends on the dominant parent gene. There is not much difference between both species’ mean lifespan, though. Ragdolls and snowshoes are known to live anything between 15 to 20 years, give and take.

Hence, a standard ragdoll snowshoe cat hybrid can be expected to live around 15-20 years. This will also depend significantly on how one grooms and keeps a cat, previous medical history, and genetic disorder. It is advised to brush your cat at least once or twice a week with frequent baths.

What Are Health Issues In A Ragdoll Snowshoe Cat?

What Are Health Issues In A Ragdoll Snowshoe Cat?

To fully comprehend all of the possible consequences for your cat, it’s critical to grasp the health problems of each parental species. Your cat’s wellness is influenced by their genetics and the nutrition, activity, and complete maintenance you offer. Addison’s illness, bloat, skin problems, infections, cardiomyopathy, and diabetes are all health risk possibilities for your ragdoll snowshoe cat.

Even the healthiest cats are susceptible to illnesses or ailments, and your Snowshoe Ragdoll cat hybrid is no different. Addison’s disease, in which the Adrenal Gland cannot generate adequate cortisol, is one of the most well-known names in the Ragdoll medical issues field. Allergies and cardiovascular disease are two of the most common problems that Snowshoe cats face.

Snowshoe Vs. Normal Ragdoll Cat:

BasisSnowshoe Ragdoll CatRagdoll Cat
Weight It can be lighter than a standard ragdoll depending on the dominant genesWeighs 15-20 pounds usually.
FaceCan be triangular or sphericalRagdolls have a triangular faces.
Temperament Usually friendly and social in natureDocile and compassionate
HybridIt is a hybrid between ragdoll and snowshoe.It is purely a single species.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What is the price of a ragdoll snowshoe cat?

Like every other hybrid cat, these can be expensive, too, because they are to be bred by breeders and your location. The typical adoption fee is 500 USD so you can expect anything above that, with no upper limit.

Where to find ragdoll snowshoe cat for sale?

You can contact your nearest pet store or cat breeder for a ragdoll snowshoe mix. You can also look online.

Do I need regular brushing for a ragdoll snowshoe mix?

No. It would be best to brush your cat twice or once a week to keep it clean. But it again depends on the coat type your cat takes after.

Final Thoughts:

A ragdoll snowshoe cat is an adorable, beautiful, and, most importantly, low, maintenance cat suitable for any household or individual. They have mesmerizing blue deep eyes, and their compassion and warmth make them the most cooperative pet for your house.