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Kuhli Loach and Betta: Best Friends Fish-ever?

Kuhli Loach and Betta

Can Kuhli Loach and Betta be housed together? That is the question we will be answering in this article. It has been said multiple times by various people and experts that Betta fish are very aggressive and should be housed alone. While that is the case, they can be housed in community tanks with certain other fishes most of the time. 

Betta fish can only be housed with very few fishes. They should not be housed with other Bettas or other fish belonging to the same species. Kuhli Loaches are an excellent option to be put in the tank with Bettas. Kuhli Loach makes a great tank mate for any species, particularly for Betta.

While Kuhli Loach can be housed with a Betta, whether Betta will remain non-aggressive or not is completely dependent on the fish’s personality. Even with a completely gentle fish, Bettas have been seen to show aggressive behavior. 

About the Kuhli Loach

kuhli loach

Kuhli Laoch is a fascinating fish belonging to the Loach family. They are known for their unique appearance and often get mistaken for an eel. They change the appearance of any tank they are in. They grow up to a length of four and a half inches and are pretty small fish. 

They are pretty easy to take care of. Kohli Loaches prefer smooth gravel or sand substrate. If the tank has sharp substrates, it could hurt the fish as the sharp edges can cause cuts and scratches, which could sometimes be life-threatening. 

Loaches need to be kept in groups of three or more to make sure they remain happy. They are also said to get along with all the bettas no matter how aggressive or violent they are, making Kuhli Loach a very compatible and one of the best tank mates for your Betta. 

Caribsea Super Naturals Aquarium Sand is one of the best substrate products available for Kuhli Loaches.

Overview of Kuhli Loach

FamilyLoach Family
Care LevelEasy
SizeFour and a half inches
Temperature 75-85 °F
SubstrateSmooth gravel or sand
Compatibility Rating10/10

Is it possible to house Kuhli Loach and Betta in a 10 Gallon Tank?

Kuhli Loaches should only be put in a tank with three or more other Kuhli Loaches to keep this fish happy. As these fish need to be housed together, a bigger tank is necessary to ensure their happiness. A bigger tank would provide more space for the fish to swim around.

Coming to the second point, it is effortless. Bettas are very aggressive fish, and it is not recommended to house these fish with any other fish in such a small space, no matter how calm and peaceful the other species are. While a single Betta can be housed alone in a 10-gallon tank, it is not advisable to put more fish in a 10-gallon tank with a betta. 

By providing a bigger tank of 15 gallons or more, you provide more swimming space for both the Betta and the Kuhli Loach, and this helps to keep the aggressive side of Betta at bay. 

Also, putting Kuhli Loach and Betta in a 10-gallon tank could result in heavy bioload, which would mean that the water in the tank needs to be changed often, multiple water changes in a week itself. The water changes could be tiring, and constant water changes could even adversely affect your fish. 

The bigger the tank, the more comfortable your fish will be. Kuhli Loach and Betta can live peacefully and comfortably in a 20-gallon tank. 

Can a Black Kuhli Loach live with a Betta

The simple answer is yes. Black Kuhli Loach can be put in the same tank with Bettas. Black Kuhli Loaches belong to the Loach family, and they are very peaceful fish that can be put in the same tank as a Betta. No matter how aggressive the Betta is, it is said that Loaches can live with them. 

As Black Khuli Loach belongs to the same family, they are also very peaceful and calm and very tolerable towards the Betta. 

Is Kuhli Loach aggressive towards Betta?

No, they are not aggressive towards Betta and are generally considered to be one of the best options to put in a tank with a Betta. Kuhli Loaches are said to be very calm and peaceful and are said to live very well with a betta. 

However, Bettas can get aggressive towards them. If one sees continuous aggressive behavior towards the Kuhli Loach, it is better to remove them from the tank and let the Betta live alone for the safety of the Loach.

How to take precautions to prevent the Betta from being aggressive towards Kuhli Loach

Kuhli Loaches are bottom dwellers, which means they will be living in the bottom strata of the tank near the substrate, and Bettas are surface dwellers and tend to stay there as they have labyrinth organs and need to reach the surface to breathe. 

They, however, do go around the tank and swim around late, and when they see other fish, they could get aggressive. One thing to do which would ensure they stay on the top level is not to provide bright lights; that way, the Bettas will remain on the surface to soak up the little light, and the Loaches will remain at the lower half.

Another thing that can be done is to have many hiding places and decorations to keep the fishes occupied. 

Another absolutely vital piece of information is always remembering that they should never be kept in a small tank. Bettas should never be housed in a small tank with any other fish.

Commonly Asked Questions Regarding Kuhli Loach and Betta

Can Bettas and Kuhli loaches live together in a single tank?

Bettas are very aggressive, which cannot tolerate a different species in their fish tank. However, bettas are seen to be very compatible with Kuhli loaches. So yes, bettas and Kuhli loaches can live together in a single tank. 

How many Kuhli loaches can be kept together in a single tank? 

Kuhli loaches are social fish, so they must be kept in groups with preferably 6+ fish. If they are left alone in a tank, Kuhli loaches get stressed, which is undesirable. 

Will a five gallons tank be enough for a Kuhli loach? 

Kuhli loaches are social fish, so they cannot be kept alone in a fish tank. They must be kept in groups, and for that, a five gallons tank is not enough. Kuhli fish must be kept in a fish tank that is at least 20 gallons in size. 


Everybody needs friends, so do our little friends in the aquarium, so it is completely natural to feel the need to put some company in the tank no matter how aggressive the fish might be. Even though known for their aggressive nature, Bettas can still have some tank mates, even though not that many, and Kuhli Loach is one of the best options as a tank mate for your Betta.

Kuhli Loach is known for its peaceful behavior and can live very well with Betta fish, no matter how aggressive they tend to be. However, if one does see continuous aggressive behavior from the Betta, it is better to leave them Bettas alone in the tank.

This article gave you more information about one of the best tank mates for the generally aggressive Betta. I hope this was useful!