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3 Best Betta Fish Wall Tank: House on the Wall

Betta Fish Wall Tank

Betta fish wall tank is a tank that comes with a twist, the twist here being that, well, you guessed it could be attached to the wall. These floating tanks make a good home for the Betta and also provide a nice aesthetic look to your home. 

Portrait aquariums, Wall aquariums, and hanging aquariums are some of the other names given to this type of Aquariums. They come in different shapes and sizes. This type of aquarium not just looks better but also helps save space. And Bettas are some of the few fishes that thrive well in a Wall Tank.

These types of fish tanks are also kept in offices, showrooms, and conference halls as it makes the place look more aesthetically pleasing. They look different from the other aquariums that are generally seen. These tanks are mounted on the wall at eye level, and the one side view helps it be on the focal point. 

Why should one get a Betta Fish Wall Tank?

Well, one of the best reasons to get a Betta Fish Wall tank is to save space. Saving space is not the only advantage a Betta Fish Wall Tank can give you. They also increase the overall aesthetic of the place. There are certain things to be kept in mind about which fish species are put in a wall tank. 

This type of tank only offers a minimal surface area which means that it can only be used for housing small tropical fishes such as Bettas. The surface area is the determining factor on how many bettas can be put inside a wall tank.

Things to consider before choosing a Betta Fish Wall Tank

Betta fish wall tanks are small wall-mounted aquariums, and because of their small sizes, they cannot be used to house many big fishes. They can be best used to house tropical fishes. Some of the other fish that can be housed in such tanks are Guppies and Goldfish, as it is fine for these fish to survive in water bodies which does not have much depth. 

The shape and size of the tank determine how many fish can be housed in the tank. They come in a basic rectangular shape, a half bowl shape, and a panoramic shape. The basic rectangular aquarium is available from a length of 3 feet to 7 feet with 4 feet in depth. These big tanks can be used to house bigger fish and more number of fishes. 

The Betts Fish Wall Tanks are not generally found in local pet stores. They have to either be custom designed or bought online. Online stores offer a wide range of wall tanks, and when bought, online they also come with a wide variety of mounting accessories. 

If one decides to get a large tank, they need to be treated like any other Betta tank. They need to have proper filtration, oxygen supply pumps, and proper lighting set up. 

In small tanks, some small, easy to care plants can be used, or a money plant can be placed inside the tank to provide oxygen for your fish. It is said that some tropical fishes can even survive in the root of these plants. 

One needs to remember that no other fish should be kept together with a Betta as they tend to get aggressive towards other fish, and especially in a closed space, it will be worse.

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Betta Fish Wall Tank

While the beauty of a wall-mounted aquarium makes a place look good, it is not always ideal for your little finned friend. While it helps a person save space and look perfect on a wall, experts often recommend getting one to put your Betta in.

Betta fish are known to get stressed easily. A minor change in the water condition will severely affect the fish, so a betta owner needs to make sure the conditions stay stable. However, this cannot be done in a Betta Fish Wall Tank as they are wall-mounted, and pretty small heaters or proper filtration systems cannot be placed inside it.

The small tank does not provide the fish with much swimming place, making the Betta get stressed easily. So extra care needs to be provided to Betta fish living in a Wall Tank.

Advantages of Betta Fish Wall Tank

  • A beautiful display piece for the wall.
  • Takes less space and thus saves space.
  • It is very easy to mount a Wall Tank onto the wall.
  • Can be kept out of the reach of children. 

Disadvantages of Betta Fish Wall Tank

  • A proper filtration system and heating system cannot be provided.
  • Has no lid which could make the fish jump out of the tank which could be fatal to them. 
  • Can only house one or two fish depending on the size of the tank.
  • Not easy to maintain water quality. 

Top Handpicked Betta Fish Wall Tanks

Sweetsea Hanging Wall Mounted Fish Bowl Betta Tank

Made of high-quality acrylic, which makes it durable and clear. These tanks are easy to install and make a good gift. It has a 9 x 9 x 4 inches size and comes in a round shape. However, these are pretty small for a Betta fish, and one needs to keep an eye to see whether the Bettas show any discomfort.

PRUGNA Wall-Hanging Fish Bowl Acrylic Wall-Mounted Plant Pot

They are one-gallon tanks that are also made from high-quality acrylic material, which makes them durable and strong. They come in 11.5 x 11.5 x 5.2-inch size and also have some stone and fake weed decorations. They are also very light and easy to set up. Since these tanks are also small, one needs to keep an eye on the Betta to stay happy.

Outgeek Wall Fish Bubble Wall Hanging Bowl

They are also made from high-quality acrylic, which makes the glass look clear and clean. They have beige paper attached to the back to prevent any scratches. They have a dimension of 9.06 x 4.53 x 4.53 inches, and they are easy to install. These tanks are also pretty small for Betta fish, and one needs to observe the fish often to check whether they are showing any signs of discomfort.

Construction of a Betta Fish Wall tank

They are generally made from clear, sturdy acrylic. They can be mounted easily using the fasteners which come with them. They are also made with lightweight materials, which let them stay on the wall easily. 

The top of the bowl is open for feeding, making it unsuitable for fish that jump.

Mounting of the Betta Fish Wall Tank

People think since these tanks are small, they can be mounted anywhere; however, that is not true. They should not be kept near a door or window or heating or cooling vents as these things could affect the tank’s temperature, and a betta always needs stable water conditions. 

They should also not be placed under direct light, making the water heated quickly and inviting unwanted algae. 

They should be placed so it is possible to change the water often as a filtration system can’t be placed inside it.  They should also not be kept too high or too low as if kept too high, the fish could jump out of the open-top and kill itself, and if placed too low, children could put their hands in the tank and hurt the fish. 

Is it good to have a wall-mounted fish tank?

A wall-mounted fish tank is an excellent choice for people who want to save their floor space. It also helps in increasing the aura of the space with living aquatic flora and fauna. However, knowing the details, such as the types of fish you can store in a wall-mounted aquarium, etc., must be known before setting up one. 

What is the recommended size for a betta fish wall tank?

Bettas need an aquarium that is at least 3 gallons in size with a filter. The bigger the size, the better, depending on how many bettas you plan to keep in the tank. Make sure to set up the betta fish wall tank at least a day before the arrival of the bettas. 

Is it possible to hang a fish tank on the wall?

If you are a fish enthusiast but lacks floor space to accommodate an aquarium, then a wall-mounted fish tank might be your best option. Wall-mounted tanks are usually installed into a wall between two rooms. These also make it easier to view your fish better as the tank will be on your eye level. 


While Betta Fish Water tanks are perfect to look at, it is not always advisable to let your Betta Fish live in them. There are a lot of reasons why they could make your Betta feel uncomfortable and stressed. However, if one decides to do it, some guidelines are to be followed, which have been discussed in this article. I hope it was helpful!