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8 Reasons Why Betta Fish Staying in corner of the Tank

Betta Fish Staying in Corner of the Tank

Betta Fish staying in the corner of the tank happens for various reasons; however, that all points down to one glaringly obvious fact. The fact is that the Betta fish you own is unhappy. However, before one decides to go ahead and make some changes to the tank, one needs to find out why the Betta is behaving the way it is. 

A minor change in the water body could result in the Betta fish getting stressed, and this would weaken their immunity and make them fall sick. So it is vital to make sure the Fish remains calm and happy. Other reasons include incorrect water pH, temperature, hardness, and ammonia. 

If one finds their Betta Fish always staying in the corner of the tank, that is a sign that the Fish is unhappy. 

However, it does not mean that the Fish being unhappy is always the case of the Fish staying in the corner of the tank. There are some other reasons, which will be discussed in this article. 

What is the reason Betta Fish stays in the tank’s corner?

betta fish staying in corner

1. Unhappiness 

One of the main reasons the Betta fish stays in the corner of the tank could be because of stress and unhappiness. Bettas are generally seen to show this behavior when they feel unhappy.

If the case is unhappiness, a few things can be done to make the Fish feel happy. Bettas need to feel comfortable about where they are living. Recreating their natural habitat is one way to make the Fish feel more at home and happy. A few plants, resting places, and hiding places go a long way when it comes to the happiness of the Betta.

Proper heating and filtration system to keep the water conditions stable also makes the Fish feel happy and comfortable; therefore, the Fish won’t be stressed. 

2. Not enough Hiding Places

Hiding places make the Betta feel safe and secure, and any tank without such hiding places makes the Betta feel stressed and threatened. So in order to make them feel safe, one needs to have enough hiding places. 

A lack of hiding places could make the Betta push itself to the corner to keep itself as far away from the other creatures of the tank as possible and make itself feel safe.

The solution to this is straightforward and obvious. One needs to add more Hiding places to make the Fish feel safe, secure, and happy. 

3. Filter Current 

If the filter current is too strong, the betta could move towards a corner to avoid the strong streams. 

The solution is first to try and regulate and adjust the filtration system’s outflow, and another method one could use is to add a sponge filter to reduce the amount of water outflow. 

4. Bright Lights

Bettas like a cool shade of light, and the light in the aquarium are very bright, which could make them uncomfortable, and to protect themselves from these bright lights, they could sometimes be seen moving towards the corner.

Turning the lights off or switching to less bright light is an option, or add enough hiding places so the Fish can stay away from the light.

5. Water conditions

Water conditions are something that should always be stable in a Betta tank, and any variation could make the Betta act differently from how they behave normally. If they are hanging around in the corner where the heater is, it could be because the water is too cold, and they want to soak all the heat available.

One can check the water conditions using various other testing kits available and fix the issues. If the water temperature is too cold, one can increase the heater temperature or get a better heater. 

6. New Fish

If a fish is newly introduced to the tank, it could take some time for the Fish to get used to the tank, and it could feel vulnerable at first, which could be why the Fish is hiding in the corner of the tank. 

The only thing to do in such a situation is to give them time to get used to the new surroundings. 

7. Betta is hurt or sick

Betta Fish hides when they feel stressed or vulnerable, and they feel vulnerable when they have hurt themselves or when they feel sick, so if your Betta is seen hiding in the corner of the tank, then the reason could be because they feel ill or they are hurt.

When they feel sick or hurt, they feel vulnerable and need to keep themselves as far away from the other Fish in the tank as possible to feel safe.

8. Crowded Tank

Make sure you have a big tank and the number of fish including Bettas has a good amount of space to swim and to make rotations. If you have a small tank then there is a huge possibility that betta will take a corner and will remain there to claim their territory.

As Betta fish are very aggressive it is highly recommendable to keep only a few friendly fishes with them and make sure each one of them have their personal space.

Betta Fish is not socializing

There are a wide variety of reasons why a Betta fish will stay away from other fishes in the aquarium. It could be because they are territorial or because they feel unhappy and depressed.

Another reason the Fish tends to stay away from other Fish is that they feel bored. 


Is it normal for a betta fish to stay in one spot?

Yes, it is normal for Betta Fish to stay in one spot and are not avid swimmers. As they come from marshes and ponds, which have little to no movement, they are used to it and adding on to it. Their long fins don’t let them swim freely for long.

Is it normal behavior for a betta fish not to move?

The most logical answer to why a Betta fish is not moving is sleeping or resting; however, that need not always be the case. Unhappiness, stress, the Fish being hurt or sick, change in water quality all can make the Betta fish very lethargic.

How do I tell if my Betta is stressed?

If the Betta fish swim without any aim and show dull coloration and closed fins, they could be experiencing stress and unhappiness. They also tend to crash to the bottom of the tank and rub against the substrate when they feel stressed.

Do Bettas stay at the top of the tank?

Generally, Bettas are seen at the top of the tank so they can easily come to the surface to suck oxygen from the surface. They could also be seen staying at the top of the tank when the tank is crowded or because of the inadequate temperature of the water, bladder issues, and shortage of food.

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Keeping the Betta happy is something every Betta owner wants to do. Betta Fish Staying in Corner of the Tank generally indicates that they are unhappy. Finding the cause of the unhappiness helps one revert the Betta back to happiness. There are other reasons as to why a Betta Fish would stay in the corner of a tank. 

The possibilities as to why Betta Fish stays in the corner of the tank and what to do when they do that have been mentioned in this article. I hope it was useful!